Did he just get friendzoned?

Did he just get friendzoned?
Asking for status-quo seems like a way of saying lets just stay friends.

She literally marries him and has a daughter.

Then why status-quo? I am getting mixed signals here. Just confess that you want his semen.

She wants to keep playing with him until they finish highschool

Nobody tell him

But a highschool boy has needs. Needs that evolve the closer he gets to finishing. The status quo cant remain.

So when do we get to the sexual bullying.

The fuck are you talking about, sounds like bad translations. She'll tease him until he snaps and ravages her, just as planned.

The art style reminds me of Kirino Kousaka

Do your worst, Sup Forums.

Don't tell me that chapter was just a joke or something


Fuck it, I am too lazy. Someone add some hentai doujinshi of those two doing lewd stuff.

We'll get there.


>older senpai taught her mating presses and now she wants to teach nishikata

Thanks not the type of sexual bullying I was thinking. I was thinking more like

>Her describing or doing something mildly sexual, like eating a banana or something with the intention of giving him a boner
>When he gets a boner she ask him what he is thinking
>When he avoids she point out he has a boner
>Tells him that he is lewd
>After a short pause, says but I'm fine with that. I can help you with this
>Another pause then just kidding
>sticking out her tongue and twirling it a bit before laughing at the fact he's red and blushing.
>He runs off to the toilet
>She makes a joke using the time to fap
>Asks him how it was when he's back.

>he doesn't know


holy fuck I need to go to sleep.

But before I go to sleep I leave you with this question. in that scenario at which point does he just break and rape her?

Never. Even if he tried, she would keep teasing him until the performance anxiety got to him and she had to take the lead.

I keep getting all sorts of conflicting information about this show, I don't even know what to believe anymore.

It's for cucks.

Read the manga

Yeah I am leaning more towards the NTRfags, she does seem like someone who would do that shit. Plus the other camp likes to say stuff like which leads me to believe that they're hiding something.

The status-quo is that she's in control and calls the shots. Therefore, the status-quo ends when she wants.

They're fucking 12 years old.

I want anime-only faggots to die. Just read the manga or don't, you dumb dicksucker.


See, they could never ever give a straight answer. That's all I need to know that he does get NTR'd.

He gets NTR'd but he doesn't know it.
The kid isn't his.

This girl is pure filth, worse than Kayo.

B-but my femdom!

I want this meme to die. The only """evidence""" was a mistranslation by a single group, that has since been disproven many times over.

Is NTR really a part of femdom?

I don't see why not.

Sure thing buddy. Keep telling yourself that.

Sure thing, user. Next you'll want her taken off Sup Forums's shitty waifu chart.

That type of sexual teasing will happen in or after highschool after they kiss/have sex.

>she does seem like someone who would do that shit
No she doesn't

>Implying an innocent girl like Takagi would have sex before marriage

Cucks got blown the fuck out in every Takagi thread about the manga for months. All during Sup Forums and Japan's massive NTR fap phase.

What made it hilariously sad was the mental gymnastics they did after getting teased.

It's not, don't let the shitposter in here confuse you.

You are easy bait btw, but the group said they dont do magazine translations despite it being the whole point of the chapter. What matters is what's in the raw, so the only thing NTR secondaries can do is make up delusions.

Vanilla found a way, and the battle is already over ever since the second adult chapter.



I'd iji her genjou if you know what I mean.

What was it again?
>'NTR fags read Takagi to get cucked out of their own fetish'

>stealing a girl from someone else makes you a cuck
The absolute state of virgins

Playing make believe for a vanilla series, the more pathetic answers I've heard was 'Nishikita brother' or 'someone with the same surname'. On top of disregarding base genetics with their dopey looking kid. Vanilla wins baby, your fetish will turn full circle anyways the deeper you go. You're just a little too green here.

>falling for Takagi's bait

Not using green text properly, baby mistake.

>replying to greenposters

Too easy.

So in conclusion, she made him raise another man's kid without his knowledge but it's okay because it's just a prank?


There is nothing wrong with having an NTR fetish. It's perfectly fine to apply your fetish to manga characters. In this case, it's ambiguous enough to be possibly true.

I don't know why I did this but at least it took me 5 minutes in paint.

It's just a prank, bro!

>fucking 12 years old
You bet they are

Status Quo means "I wanna be with you so I can tease you forever" she did get that.

She's saving the sexual bulling for after marriage.

wow, he's actually kind of muscular.

So are these three and they fuck like crazy.

Why wouldn't he be? She literally sculpted her ideal husband through teasing.

>the state of NTR fags
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA hows it feel to get teased?


Forgot the hand.