Are backgrounds really necessary?

Are backgrounds really necessary?

Bleach is in color?

That Miura and Vagabond guy drawing backgrounds. We can't focus on the characters with them on it!

it's genuinely a stylistic choice, not saying I don't prefer detail over it or that it's lazy but still.

If you are OP: this is not what you stated.

This particular example is poor id say

The background is superb and fits the scene perfectly but so would no background at all

The idea being that theyre focusing entirely on each other in the fight

He's not OP, I am.

So with that idea you can scrap all the "superb background that fits the scene completely"? How good is something that can be scrapped entirely?

I didnt put it as eloquently as it went in my head so let me try again

- Calm, serene, focused are words that come to mind
- Good parallel with characters' motivations and actions in the scene
- Contrast with the actual mood which is Guts splitting from the group (sad, inner turmoil are some words that pop up in my mind)

No Background:
- Very similar to above, white canvas brings words like order, clean, focus to mind
- Parallel with their focus on nothing but each other and winning
- Contrast with the hectic / chaotic plot if Guts leaving

Bag on Kubo for beint lazy all you want but if that specific scene from Berserk had no background then it'd work just as fine. Like when the sweat beading down a characters face is the focus, or when sound cuts out except for wind/dripping water/other ambience

Also to add is that it is interesting to see backgrounds stripped away as characters focus, or have backgrounds fade into perspective as characters become aware of their surroundings

Now do a Kyoani version.

There is one with Violet.

Focused? That's not Kubo's opinion.

Elaborating: the reasons you listed as to why backgrounds are good clash with Kubo's opinion. For Kubo they are a hindrance.

I meant making a version where everything but the characters is heavily blurred. Also increased base white level.

I'd do it myself but unable right now.

I am talking about this part: Calm, serene, focused are words that come to mind.

IIRC Kubo released a few pages/chapters in color periodically. Also may have been fan colorized.


not all the time but you do need some backgrounds to give your reader a sense of the world a frame of mind.

take pic related if they had made it without a background it would just be boring

Depends, black white contrasts look cool.

I can't pay attention to the characters. Too busy viewing water.

It's the official colored version. Many manga have got one

Yeah because he never drew backgrounds ever in his life right? This guy has a month to draw a chapter on a never ending hiatus and can't think of an ending for his manga after 3 decades but that doesn't matter at all!

Different authors have different ideals.

While many place emphasis on the environment the character is in, some choose to highlight only the characters and ignore the background as they see it as a distraction from the situation at hand.

No backgrounds looks really weird in color.

That's the least of Bleach's problems.

If you're retarded and can't understand a simple moment in a shonen manga then it's not Bleach's fault.

Honestly prefer the blank background in this instance but that's just me.

>Bleach is DARK and DEEP

For me background is important as it establishes the place/location of the character. As long as that is done the subsequent panels can be empty since the readers already knows where the character are. Only when the character move to another new location a new background needs to be put in.

There are also times when character interact with the background but depending on the artists it can be fully drawn or just draw only the thing/items i.e drawing a swing in the playground or just drawing the swing when the panel before it shows the characters at a playground.

But not drawing background at all for the entirety of the manga is lazy and there are already tools to at least help s artists with that like background tone or software like Clip Studio Paint.

>I’m a brainlet
Checks out.

this moment was so good, it killed the shounen genre.

Explain how adding a background doesn't completely ruin the absolute badassness of this scene.