Black haired girls are always mark of best girl

Black haired girls are always mark of best girl

Mostly true if they have long hair or a hime cut.

You just posted a counter example

They are 90% best girls but lose 90% of the time

Himecut on long black hair is always unfair advantage, its overkill!

Yukino is the best girl girl though.

>implying he did
Please leave.

Yomi, Homura, and Yukino along with all of their clones have a best girl rate of 90% at least.

Himecut is god tier and is one of the most used design on a black-haired Japanese ideal beauty girl. For good reasons, I might add.



Finally a good thread


Why did you post a blank image?

Literally a God.


But Aisa has a hime cut, long black hair and is a kuudere

>meme fang
Doesn't do it for me, always preferred the calm and rational kuudere.

>not liking both
Yukino has a bit of tsun in her. And it's cute.

You're god damn right

Even better when its voiced by Asami Imai.


I want to FUCK Yukino's forehead.

Its funny how most artists draw Ebino with blue hair.

How does that work?

What color eyes go best with black hime cuts? I'm torn between purple and red.

Its either red, blue or purple for me.


You rub your pee pee against it.

Well, she is in top 3.




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Too bad 9 out of 10 times their personality is as basic as their appearance.

>preferring the boring inoffensive demure waifu archetype
Your taste is as bad as his.

Yes, almost always.


As much as I automatically like any black hime cut haired girls in any show, I agree. A dork/sadist with decent amounts of character development would be better.


>best girl
No no no, best girls. Gotta embrace the yuri love.


Dark green or dark red

Yup. I don't necessarily dislike black hair, but the cut-and-dry personality types that are frequently inflicted on it makes me wary about the design by association. It's always great to stumble across one that isn't a typical ideal beauty/yamato nadeshiko/femme fatale.

Wow, thanks for validating the premise of this thread.

>Name starts with a K.
>Always become best girl out of cast without any K names.

forehead >> tranny hair

is baiting still a thing?

Yes, idiots like you are easy to bait in Sup Forums.