Overlord II

>be traveler
>on a mission to save my people
>go to talk to Red Eye tribe
>wanna talk to chief
>get acting chief
>pretty sure these bastards are giving me the runaround
>roll with it cuz lizardman future at stake here, fuck it.
>yell "Yo B I'm comin in y'all better got bottoms on" at curtain
>get a weak "It's open" in reply
>brush aside curtain
>acting chief 10/10 qt
>she's bottomless
>bohemian rhapsody starts playing somewhere in the background
>knees weak, arms are heavy
>stagger inside
>try to say macho 80s movie one-liner in my deepest lizardman baritone
>squeak like baby raptor from Jurassic park
>a pot of marinara sauce falls from the ceiling splattering us both with Italian goodness
>she asks why I'm here
>ask her to marry me
>wet noodles and Parmesan cheese rain down from somewhere in the rafters
>she looks at me like nigga wtf is u doin
>tell her to answer that shit later secretly asking god to kill me now
>keep talking hoping it'll get less awkward
>talk about war tactics and shit
>she opens up about personal insecurities
>throw her a single Don Juan line about how pretty she is
>a meatball rolls out of the shadows and comes to rest amid noodles
>suddenly she just spills all this emotional baggage on me
>do my best to continue channeling my inner lizard latin lover
>console her with some keep on keeping on bullshit
>somehow manage to get laid
>come out of all of this with solid alliance with Red Eye tribe

So, who's else is ready to watch Heinz Ooal Gown turn the lizardmen into ketchup and waste this poor bastard's efforts?

This shit is even worse than season 1

>>squeak like baby raptor from Jurassic park

Next episode they have a Lizardman drinking party. Welcome to season 2 of Overlord

he gets killed but is resurrected anyway.

is there better pleb filter that lizards?

Pic related's filter at episode 1 is tops everyone elses. Anyone who couldn't stand the first few minutes doesn't deserve to watch anime

I enjoyed the lizard bois defense more than any other part of the manga and I don't even want to fuck them!

>ainz killing lizards that did nothing wrong and are trying to survive
Ainz a shit.

>inserting his own morals to pure evil entity

I bet this lizard is way better in bed than Ainz.

Best shitpost i read in a while

speed-reader here. Why is the MC gunna kill all the lizard people again?

they will make good undead, mostly

I guess this confirms that the Nazerik squad is just full of evil cunts. and here i thought they were just misunderstood.

Ainz is playing 5D Gungi. Your humie brain would never comprehend his divine actions

Not that user but it wouldn't bother so much if they weren't still trying to pull out that muh isekai'd salaryman angle. If he was only evil skeleton dude, I'd be fine with it.
It didn't tip you off when Ainz went meh after the adventurers were killed last season? This shit is just a tamer Re:Monster, but still a shitty power fantasy. Call me when one of his big lieutenants is dead for good and it's his fault.

But I'm just a skellington wearing a flesh suit. Don't hate on my fetish.

Just think of Ainz as a different person from the salaryman and you'll be fine.

no one dies for good unless Ainz can't be bothered to ressurect them so

>Ainz went meh after the adventurers were killed last season
speedwatcher-kun please

>I'm going to kill you because you ruined my plans about using what's his name and his group to improve my reputation.
He didn't give a shit back then, he doesn't give a shit now. At this point I'd rather follow lizardbro's adventures with his waifu. What's so fun about watching a permavirgin emotionless overpowered jerk?

did you miss the part where he takes revenge for them by torturing Clem?

How about you read the fucking novels? Half of the volumes are not even centered around Ainz and the ones that are fun because of his internal dialogue, it's straight up comedy.

>So, who's else is ready to watch Heinz Ooal Gown turn the lizardmen into ketchup and waste this poor bastard's efforts?

but... i liked the lizard people

too bad

He tortured her because she wasted his effort of invest time and effort in those shitters to help him spread his fame.

waited years for s2 and this is what we get


It must be hard for brainlets to pick up on hints if the Anime MC doesn't outright start sobbing over lost nakama

yeah ive noticed that people fail to see the little things when it comes to this anime

spoil me LN readers, what comes of this lizard shit

It is literally the same as some mafia hitman breaking your legs in retaliation to you breaking the leg of the godfather's table. Ainz dished out punishment for wasting his time and destruction of his pawns.

cocytus gets a harsh lesson in actually using your fucking brain.

>makes donkey noise

it actually sets in motion a lot of things about 6 volumes down the line

I wish the anime designs looked as good as So-bin's art.

I'm pretty fond of gesu snake-faced Albedo

> “Really? Well that’s a shame~ It’s fun to piss off those people who get all emotional when their friends come up. Oi, why aren’t you getting mad? You’re no fun! Or could it be they weren’t your friends?”

>“…Well, under the right circumstances, I might have done the same thing as you. So blaming you for it would be hypocritical.”

>Ainz slowly raised his greatswords:

>“…Still, they were tools for building my reputation. Once they returned to the inn, they would have spread word of my deeds to the other adventurers. They would have told everyone about how the two of us were heroes who drove off the Wise King of the Forest by ourselves. And now you’ve gotten in the way of my plans. That greatly displeases me.”

I just need a video of that screech, that was a lot funnier than it should have been.

better question, where to read the LN?

Ainz is demonstrating the proper way to respond to baiting shitposters

It is pathetically easy to find where to read it, fuck off.

get it from godoka

what's the equivalent of "yiff" for lizardfuckers? skreeee?


>Demi's love and devotion expressed through his hard work, making a bone throne just for Ainz
>"Nah I'll sit on this vamp instead"
What the fuck Ainz.


Nabe is cute.


nabe is best

I can already tell I am going to drop this show. LN fags, can you just tell me how/why Ainz was transported to the game world?

This is your last chance to avoid the spoilers but he got transported to read the LNs faggot

As an experiment conducted by one of the eight companies that dominate the future Japan that Satoru lives in

its never brought up or explained and he questions it for a full minute before never bring it up again, also it only happened to him when the server shutdown despite probably several people being logged on.

This whole thing is just a field test for Nazarick's military capabilities. Ainz picked lizardmen cause they're not part of any nation state, so he can do a mock war against them without raising any alarms from nearby powers. The whole incident with Shaltear spooked him because it shows there are powers out there that pose a very real threat to him and Nazarick, but he he has no idea who exactly they are or how many such powers exist. So he needs to make sure Nazarick's forces are up to snuff in case they end up going to war. He wants to see if he can rely on undead summons or if he has to commit more valuable resources to a war effort, so for his first experiment he pits an army mainly comprised of summoned skeletons and zombies, essentially free minions he can replace at virtually no expense, plus a few higher tier summons, and committing only one valuable NPC to the conflict (Cocytus). Essentially it's him battle testing Nazarick's minimum war potential.

So is she actually strong or she's just talking shit?
Is she stronger than Evileye?


>it only happened to him
Blatantly false. Multiple other players have been transported as well
>but that was hundreds of years ago
Why should they all have been transported to the same point in time.

He remembers Ninya all the way up to Volume 11 and mentions paying back a debt to her in Vol6 when he takes in Tsuare. I'm not saying he loved them or anything but it went a bit beyond just chess pieces else he would have just forgotten them long ago.

Fine I'll pick up the LN but tell me where this starts I don't feel like re-reading whats happened.

She's half as strong as a player.

She's much stronger than evil eye. Everyone in her group has top level ygg gear so they rofl stomp the rest of the world. She's part player the equivalent of lvl ~90 with lvl 100 gear

>All this buildup for cannon fodder trash mobs
I don't want to feel attachment to these characters since I already know they'll end up dead thanks to spoilers, but I can't help but want to root for them. Damn them for making cool lizard people.

Nothing really he just wanted a skirmish vs the lizards, they are completely irelevant after this point
big plot point one of has a baby though so that's sweet. I guess if you like babys or something.

Yes for NW standards at least.

You realize he's autistic enough to memorize like 800 spells right?

N-not stronger than my cute vamp obviously.

i feel like this would have been an easier thing to explain if they just made it another "squall is dead" kind of a thing
idk maybe something with the vr headset being on while the server shut down caused some kind of a short in the circuitry frying his brain

What is sex with Crusch Lulu like?

>Blatantly false
nice headcannon

Direct and to the point

>Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) suffer from complex impairments including deficits in language, communication skills and difficulties with social interactions. ASD is also associated with difficulties recognizing faces.

it's perfectly autistic to remember MMO spells and forget some person you met ever existed

Judging by the lack of scales, she's probably just a big fleshy tube sock. I mean, she doesn't seem to have scales, but I could be wrong since I am no anime lizard biologist.

Best side character of 2018, hands down.

3 episode per volume confirmed.

what the fuck are you on

He wants to add 2 of them to his pet collection but decides against it cause "it would be wrong" or some shit.

It's 13 episodes and covering 4-6, though.

>what is X
>who is X
>why did X do Y

Snake ladies are my fetish, so I'm all for it

Nice so we get to see the conclusion of the Sebas-sex slave love arc.

In which volume did the battle between the Empire and the Kingdom happen?

What is TGOALID?

which one

Where Gazef died.

All I could think when I heard that "courting growl." Does this make me a bad person?
I don't suppose it really matters either way - the fact I'm actually excited to see CGI lizards fighting CGI skeletons already makes me irredeemable.

9 iirc.

Who is brain uglass?

Sebas going all Punisher on the Six Arms was great.

Reading is gay.

Why does ainz act like a cool guy one second and an evil autist the next?


I prefer when he beat the fuck out of that fat soldier.

what is the empire
where is the kingdom
what does Ainz Ooal Gown mean
who was that mysterious masked gentleman Momon was fighting in the OP

What was so bad about it? I didn't watch that show

ED was fucking amazing tho

Just like I predicted.
The season finale will be Momon Vs. Jaldabaoth like season 1.
Sebas Vs. six arms, how long will it take?

>who was that mysterious masked gentleman Momon was fighting in the OP
I didn't catch that can you share a screenshot?

just link me to a damn website

It looked like Demiurge in a mask but I don't know shit since I haven't read the LN