Rance replace the MC of the last anime you watched

How is it changed?

It's now self-insert hetshit.


>Black Clover
It would definitely be improved.

stop making this gay thread

>Macross Delta
Yes please, crush those villain sues

>Killing Bites

Furry harem seems weird


>Kaijuu Girls
Ok, you have my attention.

You already did this thread not long ago user. Don't spam.

>Devilman OVA
Would Rance fuck Akira's boipucci?

Why are Rancefags always insufferable autists who more than likely didn't even play the games le epic rape man is based on?


Darling in the FRANXX probably gets a decent bit better.

alice mamika meteora and selecia love rance

Rance rapes the boyband until they runegasm and become slaves to the hyper weapon? Sign me up.

>dagashi kashi
he sells candy I guess?

we don't do this here, lurk more newfag

Actually kill yourself.

>yuru camp
they unzip the tent and rance is naked waiting


>Hero academia

Lots of pussies gets destroyed, we finally get an interesting main character, although the entire thing would have to be rewritten because despite all the heroic feats Rance has, he's not a good person or has very strong heroic traits. Also, it would be hilarious to make him clash with characters with retarded ideas of what heroism means like stain with how effective and gives no fucks he is about his main drive behind his heroics

shut the fuck up faggot.