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Damn thanks dude my internet is way too slow to dl the whole magazine












And that's it.
Fuck all happened this chapter, wish I didn't get spoiled by chink leak.

Thanks user.

There are so many good faces this chapter.

Finally, a chapter without Fatsuki joke.

>Rice gone
>Itsuki's cheeks are full
Can anybody stop her?

Stop this slander.

What does Yoitsuba mean here? Does she like him or not?

>I like you (lie) (also a lie)

So I like you is the lie and when she says that saying I like you is a lie she is telling the truth?

Goodnight, sweet prince.

Yotsuba is fucking stacked.

Thanks. Was this on baidu?


No idea. I just downloaded the magazine raw.

Mind sharing from where? It's easier for me when I start TL earlier in the day

At least use protection!

For anyone missed it, there was a chapter 21 joke scanlation that was posted on Reddit. Some funny parts (also I am not a pervert but I want Nino to sit on my face).


Lying face.

Truth face.

Pic related

She likes him. She remembers him from the start and fell for him when she was younger.

They all are.

It's a harem manga and he's the MC

If Miku likes him so much then why did she poisoned him?
Checkmate, Mikufags.

She didn't plan to give him food at all, it was supposed to be for Yotsuba.

Wait, you were fucking right. Holy shit.
Then again
>trying to poison the Chess master
10 years too early.

I honestly can never remember any of the quintuplet's names.
Glutty, Lacey, Drowsy, Milfy and Gothi.

Are suspenders supposed to hang to sides like this?

They are if you want to and can afford it.

It's a strategy. When you have four identical sisters, you need to push your assets to find a mate.

I want to see a face off between Ichika and Yotsuba.

Not him but I always use 13dl
Also raws are 1600px this week so try to get the chapter done fast everyone.

As far as I understood, he's basically describing her (that she's bad at lying and other things) in response to her question why she's his 'friend' (ally or w/e). So she responds by saying she likes him but it's a ruse -- she says it was a lie meaning she can lie. It makes a little more sense if you get the gist of the events that happen this chapter.

Excellent pout face for my pout face collection.

Question for Yotsubafags.
Do you guys prefer her being simple dumb genki or two-faced chessmaster?

Has the pout pic been updated?

TL and PR soon, who can typeset?

This chapter slightly changes the ranking but 3 is still queen

3 > 4 > 1 > 5 > 2

I did it. 3 hour rush. The rest (next part) is up to you, TC.

Good job mate. Hopefully there's a free typesetter now.

simple dumb genki


dumb genki two-faced chessmaster.

I can do the editing if you can't find a typesetter, but I won't be able to work on it for another 6-7 hours due to IRL stuff, so that's probably not ideal

Uh huh. It's similar to me, except I'll be busy with my other series today, with batoto dying tomorrow and all.

That's because all their stupid redirects to bitcoin sites don't count as chapter views
and if you go direct to the chapter page page(change "manga" to "read" add a "-chapter-20" just before .html
that doesn't get counted either because it doesn't go through their counter

Yotsuba is Milfy?


>That's because all their stupid redirects to bitcoin sites don't count as chapter views
What's with that shit anyway? I thought their ads were already cancerous enough but this one ramped it up even further.

I have to get ready for work like right now.

Yeah that's fine. Work comes before this project anyways

Oh yeah, I found this in another thread. This where we uploading now?

In what thread did you find it? What's that?

From the thumbnail, I thought this was the girl from Akame ga kill. The one who got decapitated.

If there's any decapitation in this manga, the girl in the OP will probably be the one performing it

Alright, I PR/TLC 6 pages and now I have to go~

I may be a brainlet / autist, but was there any overt signs that Yotsuba is a 4D chess master this chapter?

Or could things have just turned out extremely conveniently for her by chance?

Also on this page, why would saying "It's a flavour I like" be an effective lie? What's the difference between saying that and "it tastes oishii?

>Tearful nino
I want to make her cry.

>but was there any overt signs that Yotsuba is a 4D chess master this chapter?
You mean apart from stringing her sisters around like a fiddle?

I want to lick her tears.

picked up

She's having a giggle and showing him there is more to her than meets the eye? Dang, I kinda wanted her to genuinely like him.

Why is Nino crying Sup Forums?

So the sisters still hate studying huh? Did they learn fuck all from mid term exam results?

Lost to the cock.

The site from pantsu-dev

I would also want to.

>only one panel of Ichika this week


>not doing your own


What does he mean by this?

># Five Branches Bride This 21st episode is featured in the magazine! Four leaves are unusually large success! I can see a new side. That event that just came out from the next will start!
Thank you google-chan.

Ichika's strong to Fuutarou's charms and always has the upper hand. His head pat had no effect.

Not sure. He is is just hyping us up for the next arc.

>Lay down on your bed
>Open your phone browser
>Click pic related

So the author is hinting that Yotsuba is more than a simple, enki girl.

This face looks more sadistic than anything. I cant buy that she likes himj, I suspect she is asshurt about something.

Huh? It's up already? Looks weird.

Surely the next one will be about her.

Two-faced chessmaster. I want her to show to least progress in her studies for several chapters only for us to learn that she's some sort of savant who can learn things instantly under certain conditions (i.e. with her eyes closed, while under physical duress, while sleeping with Fuutarou, etc.)

I'm sorry Mister Nakano it seems Yotsuba is actually a genius however she's only to achieve tat state for 1 hour after orgasm.

She did get the second most twitter likes. She does need more development/screentime because has she done much since the festival arc? She should go on a date with him.

Anyone will be typesetting?

>make a harem
>all five girls have the same body type
>all five girls have sameface
>all five girls have the same hair color

1 - white mage
2 - black mage
3 - dark knight
4 - thief
5 - monk

Is Ichika filming a live-action adaptation of that anime from Negi's Vampire Killer one-shot?