Has an anime or an anime scene ever made you cry or at least shed a tear? Tell me user, what was it?

Has an anime or an anime scene ever made you cry or at least shed a tear? Tell me user, what was it?

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I loved this magnificent bastard

No. Never.




I cried in Clannad:After Story where the running child in the OP is revealed to be Ushio. Dunno why that moment in particular, it just got me.
Also Miyako's calls in Ef:A Tale of Memories and the last conversation of Yuuko and Yuu in Melodies.
Also near the end of Kanon 2006 where Makoto in fox form passes briefly.
The sadness and longings of tender young girls makes me get emotional easily.



Is this considered anime? Anyways, I started sniffling when old dude got blasted.

I love the melodrama that only anime can provide.
No other medium kills off main characters as often.

If you don't feel you're not a human
If you can't empathise you're not a human

If I had to choose one time I choose Nuriko from fushigi yuugi
Everyone hated him until that episode but then everyone cried

All the time to be honest more times than I can be bothered to recall

sometimes I forget to blink and my eyes start watering

When user posted poorly hid rec thread on Sup Forums, I cried.

I still don't remember the name of that show that made me cry like a little bitch...

few times

Reiner's (from SNK) life story made me tear up a little. Didn't help I was listening to a stupid emo song while reading it but his life is one big JUST

Of course the scene with him about to blow his own brains out was ruined by way of 1. he would probably survive and 2. that extremely lewd image of him pulling the gun out of his mouth with a saliva trail.


S2 when?

Gurren Lagann and only that.

going merry sacrifice

I tear up just thinking about it

once, the last scene in Angel Beats when the entire cast was saying farewells and when the MC and that other white haired girl (forgot her name) parted ways

I cried for 60 minutes after Plastic Memories.

Angel Beats,Your lie in april,clannad after story,



This gave me a feelbomb

Soul Eater ending. And I'm not sure what exactly was it that got me so emotional. Maybe I was just very sad the journey was over.
Now it's only manga that makes me cry though

A recent one, completely caught off guard.



This being the most recent.
I get emotional very easily.

this entire episode.


The end of Sakura Quest got a few tears out of me.

I cried watching amama to Inazuma several times. Must be my biological clock.