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>subliminal images
so deep

Thats not what subliminal images are, fag.

For anyone who hasn't been exposed to this, I'm sorry


Fuck off

What the fuck is your problem?

the intro to devil man crybaby

That was fucking horrendous.

Urgh. How is it the second opening was so garbage when the second ending was the best in the series?

>Miyako with Happy Mask Salesman face
I still haven't started playing Majikoi, is that an indicator that I'm about to lose my testicles?

>shilling a youtube channel
Fuck off you worthless moron.

Sorry, wrong link:


Okay, Ahmed.

You tremendous faggot

Mami's a muzzie? I guess his shit taste makes sense now.

Nah, I'm from Southeast Asia. And no that's not my account, I linked to the account by accident instead of the video and I didn't realize my mistake until it was too late.

>Nah, I'm from Southeast Asia
In other words, a place with hundreds of millions of muslims. Doesn't give you a right to advertise your channel here, Mohamoud.

I'm pretty sure he's from the Philippines.

what do you consider to be good openings then? be honest

>taking your trip off to back yourself up
Could you be any more pathetic?

No. You just don't lurk often enough, which I guess is a good thing in this case.

tastes are different i guess
not bad but i like the ones that i reffered to much more

All is forgiven due to that hot fire ED

>preferring kill me baby
What an idiot.

Any opening made just with scenes from the show itself. I hate that kind of half-assed thing

Ok here's an actual bad opening:


I bet he could suck a golf ball through a garden hose

This is early 00's as fuck but actually kind of good

An actual waste of 80 seconds airtime, how wonderful

I can't believe I liked this when I watched it.

Yeah I love it, I've listened to it a lot

certainly not that

is it worth it to watch this for the dota reference?

What the fuck is wrong with you?

I guess you can't expect anything better if the shows themself suck massive arse.

>not liking SONS OF BITCHES

Especially when the first one was so good

This one is putrid:

ED was great, though.

It's wierd because the show had a pretty good OST otherwise.

You son of bitch.

Good show, trash opening.

I feel like everyone in this thread is trolling.

this is bait

This opening is great, fuck you.

Do localized openings count? Because my country is pretty much known to rape every opening there is.

>Unironically not liking Jinn
Kill yourselves

I don't think I've ever seen a thread with so many top tier OPs.

>opening is so boring it puts you to sleep
>ending gets you hype as fuck

Who thought this was okay?

just because it's lazy doesn't make it bad , the music is kinda good

Wait, is this supposed to be one of those threads where we say something is shit but it is actually great?

What makes you think that?

Pretty good bait desu senpai


Other posters, are you even trying?

Gentlemen, I give you the worst OP of all time.

I hope you mean the animation, Reckless Fire is fucking rad.

Jesus Christ what the fuck.

>HEY, I also hate NGE please accept me
That's not even what subliminal images are


Pretty cool actually.

I think you meant the nano.RAPE endings.

no that OP is shit

feels like it misses the point of the series entirely IMO

Wrong thread.


I've never seen such shit taste not being called out on sight

Why? This is the shit openings thread so it fits here.

Ending is hype as fuck at least.


This is a ironic thread to fool newfags


What they did in the show with the source material was putrid. Then they brown filtered the shit out of it to make it even duller.

The whole series was surreal. Starting with that suggested bound loli orgasm scene. wtf?

But they didn't adapt source material.
>implying this gets you pumped the fuck up for some bot on bot violence


nothing tops this