Is a/ ready for Godzilla in half an hour?

Is a/ ready for Godzilla in half an hour?

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Will this be the same as what will be released on Blu-ray?

I'm ready but I don't have netflix so I'll just wait for a mega or something :(

>dat elf David.

don't have high expectations desu

kinda hyped, but I heard this wasn't too hot in Japan.

Isn't that mostly because it ends on a masive cliffhanger?

2 hours later and still no sub rips. Guess nobody cares about it.

Man, the MC really hates Godzilla

>Nothing on HS
I wonder if someone else will rip this.

It's hard to follow an act like Shin Godzilla.

Jesus christ is this supposed to be a comedy?

That is the most inappropriate song choice I have ever heard in a movie trailer.

Well. It was awful.

>Spend whole movie fighting Godzilla
>Defeat him
>lol jk, that wasn't the real one. The real one is right here, and he's six times bigger than the one you just fought

When does the next episode come out?

It'd be worth it if each episode ends with a sequentially larger Godzilla, until it's determined that the entire universe is but a single cell in the brain of the true Godzilla.

Apparently May in cinemas so probably around July/August.


That's some pretty great turnaround time.

Yeah. The movie that just came out today was released in theaters on November 17 so it took 2 months to end up on Netflix

Good. Once they're done with it maybe we'll finally get more Sidonia.

Where does this Godzilla place on the power ranking?
Both the one killed and the one that wakes up

>Mamoru Miyano
>Junichi Suwabe
>Yuki Kaji
>Takahiro Sakurai

The cast is stellar. It's a must watch for me.

Netflix is so fast. Are they trying to kill cinema releases?


Watch your mouth, boy.

I was a huge Godzilla fan before I got into anime. I plan on watching it.

He forgot his pills at breakfast.

Can't wait for CG haters to turn up.

Why is the MC so mad?

Because he is voiced by Miyano.


In space no one can hear you scream.

You forgot our goddess KanaHana.

Whose goddess?

Stockholm syndrome.

>only rip on nyaa is 480p

Why didn't you ask aliens for help?

Just finished watching it in 4K HDR. Holy fresh fuck, why can’t more anime look this good? The only other thing I’ve seen that was even 4K was S1 of Gundam Thunderbolt. I think Sidonia S2 is now too but I watched it when it came out so haven’t really felt the need to rewatch.

Blame! looked better, but it's like, my own opinion.

Honestly forgot Blame! came out. Still need to watch it.

They changed a lot about the story

Wait so its a movie?

So he's an alien? Expecting anything from universe-known losers wasn't a good strategy.


The black guy looks more alien than Sakurai desu.

>Shin Godzilla
>hard to follow

Is that a Vulcan?

that's sad

I really like the idea that not only 1, but 2 different alien species show up to asking to immigrate if they kill Godzilla but both fuck it up and end up basically being incorporated into the human race.

It's basically knights of Sidonia if guana were godzilla and sidonia came back.

There are some rips out FYI

Oh my fucking god the subs arent the same as the dub

Well, yes. It was critically acclaimed and a tremendous financial success. Godzilla: Monster Planet is certainly a step in another direction.

>You forgot our goddess KanaHana.

She's like the only female character in the movie

What the fuck, Urobuchi?!

Literal space jews!

This was a nice shot. Looks like a matte painting,.

Why? Your mindhive mentality is what's sad here.

Waifufags BTFO.


Even the Blame movie had some secondary females

This feels like an uninspired blockbuster Hollywood casting job

How much Urobutchi is it?

Get on with the times, gramps. Any Hollywood blockbuster nowadays would have several strong female characters who don't take shit from a man. How old are you anyway?

Like, Rakuen Tsuiho level of Urobuchi.

Pic: plamo when?

it was shit

only two monsters in the movie, one of them being some generic dragons that are never explained and are awful looking.

they could have made a traditional godzzilla movie with godzilla fighting other monsters, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

hur dur hes a plant

hur dur aliens

hur der 20000 years

hur der earth changed

fuck this movie and fuck whoever made it. I didn't think anyone could make a godzilla movie worse than shin gojira in terms of god awful plot and character development, but they fucking did it.

you sound mad

>I didn't think anyone could make a godzilla movie worse than shin gojira in terms of god awful plot and character development
>shin gojira
>god awful plot and character development
Yeah nah, how about you go eat a giant bag of dicks and then kill yourself?


A what?

Holy shit, Butcher sucks dicks. 7 years from Madoka and he wrote nothing good in all this time.

Madoka was literally the only good anime he ever wrote.

Eat shit. Adventures of Duck & Co. were great.

>Psycho pass
>Thunderbolt puppets
He's okay.

You haven't watch any of his anime/puppet shows/sentai, since Madoka, so shut up.

/sci/ please explain in lay terms.

pyscho pass was meh thunderbolt puppets will never receive the standing ovulation it deserves

You obviously haven't even seen it.

>standing ovulation

>pyscho pass was me
>never receive the standing ovulation it deserves

It's like a hopskip. I dunno, just looks like they folded space. Not sure why they were just floating around for 20 years when they could pull that shit off.

>[DragsterPS] Godzilla Part 1 [1080p] [Multi-Audio] [Multi-Subs]
This one?

A hero for humanity

>voiced by Daisuke Ono
>Commanderor was it Colonel?

literally space Erwin Smith


Maybe it wastes too much energy?

This was a sound plan.

And Haruo is Eren. Wow. How fitting.


I'm moist.

Well I can guess Japs were licking their own and USA asses in the movie showing how much they care about people. I almost felt like watching some propaganda movie with monster.

>/sci/ please explain in lay terms.

It's like they took the numbers and applied a floor or ceiling function

Is there a single moment where he looks happy?

Who's that Pokemon?

It's Sudowoodo!

>standing ovulation

What was Touhou thinking?

Is Godzilla a Touhou?

She finally made it!

>Polygon Pictures are so much better than Graphinica!
>Rakuen Tsuiho was a hit
>Everybody on the board loves mecha. So do I.
>Casting Mamo-chan as the lead will bring us truckloads of $$$

Tell me, is the animation in the movie as janky as the trailer led me to believe?

Madoka wasn't even his magnum opus.

It was okay.
A bit disappointed that they didn't use some sort of remix of original Godzilla theme.

Godzilla enthusiast here, how it was?