Watch 90s anime

>watch 90s anime
>main girl voiced by megumi hayashibara

quality thread OP

>read Sup Forums
>OP is a faggot

What do you have against Hayashibara? She's still doing great work to this day.

>watch 90s anime
>or any anime in general
>character voiced by Midorikawa Hikaru

This guy's voice is just so fucking sexy like holy shit.

OK I'm not trying to start shit but what the hell?
I would prefer not to start an eva girl waifu war but what the fuck?
Are you fucking retarded?

The only reason that I can conceive someone not liking megumi hayashibara is that they are a eternally butt-hurt asukafag

I thought it was kind of annoying for the longest time but now I love it.

>op says megumi hayashibara
>idiot responds with evangelion and probably doesn't know of her other roles
What a shock.

>watch 2000s anime
>a girl is voiced by Hana Kanazawa

>Soul Eater millennial redditard
>shits on based Megumi Hayashibara
You need to go back

You mean 2010's right?
2000s is Rie Kugimiya terrain

Her acting has gotten a lot better in the 2010s but she still isn't good. Her acting in the 2000s was terrible.

>watch 70's/80s anime
>the next episode PV spoils the show

fcking american voice actors....seriously if japanese dvd/bluray came with subtitles i wuld pay more.

>watch 90s anime
>MC voiced by Hiyama Nobuyuki


black star is the worst part of soul eater

That man has a voice as smooth as butter and it didn't change over the years at all.

Soul Eater is a shitty Mankin rip-off

Should I have mentioned dragon 1/2 or pacific rim?

>implying I do think own both bertemu and fuwari

Not that guy but the first thing you should think of is Slayers not Eva.

>go on Sup Forums
>faggot OP starts a retarded thread

i don't see the problem

You mean
but this is disgusting nonetheless

Ayanami is her most important role
You prefer her role as female Ranma because you are a huge faggot

>What a shock

>Ayanami is her most important role
The fact that you actually believe this shows just how hilariously idiotic you are.

>watching soul eater in the first place

No I don't since her acting has gotten almost bearable in the 2010s. Her voice was eargrading in the 2000s.

You're not getting any (You)s from me, OP.

Her most important role was Anna from Shaman King
She even sung almost all the OP/ED's and some the insert songs for it

>dragon half
That was Mitsuishi.

There is nothing wrong with Soul Eater.

The manga, maybe.

It's pretty shit. It's the kind of show I'd expect to be popular on MAL for having a "strong female lead".
There's nothing that would elevate the show above mediocrity, if it wasn't for the unique art-style nobody would even talk about it today.

>Watch 80s Anime
>MC voiced by Furukawa Toshio

>implying that's a bad thing

Fuck off Mohamoud.

What's wrong with her? Don't like tomboys?