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[Right side] Eiryou High School Student Council Vice President: Mori Nozomi (2nd year)

Uomi Voice

"Yuu-chan, no sleeping in the student council room"
"Sorry president"

"...oh, Mori-senpai?"
"You're really good at imitating the president"

[Sign] She does, she oes. That's why you'll be my substitute today, Nozomin.

Comic 1
Future message

Uomi-san will be expressing her handwriting through phototypesetting.
[sign] I caught a cold, so I lost my voice...
"Oh dear..."

"We do have the student council broadcast today"
"I'm the main personality!?"

[sign] Let's hear about your bittersweet romance stories!

"Ah, wrong page."
[sign] I'll bring out the sketchbook when I need to.
"I saw a really disturbing lead up [question] there, okay!?'

comic 2
Say this

Right before the broadcast
"Ahhh, I'm so nervous"

[sign] Will you try some vocal training?
"Sounds nice"

"Aomakigami Akamakigami Kimakigami" [Be free to replace this with a common English tongue twister]
[Same thing on the sign]

[Sign] When I hear "9 thousand pieces", I imagine something very tightly closed. [Note: In Japanese pronunciation, Kyuu-manko. Or basically like a tight vagina]
"Is that even possible express in words?"

Thanks for the tl as always user.

Oh hey we're back to big raws. Yay.

Comic 1

The president uses difficult words in her handwriting.
[sign] I would recommend a piece from XX-san's transcendent repertoire. [The joke is that she uses hard kanji, so I changed it to hard words]
"I can't read that"

[sign] My hand hurts.
"I'll write it for you!!"


"Hirose-san, could you please write this in a prettier way?"
"I can't read this"

comic 2
VA: Mori

We're done
We're done
"Ah Taka-kun"

[sign] Use your voice change from before and answer it, Nozomin. (I don't wanna make him worry)

"What's wrong, Taka-kun?"
In Uomi voice mode

"Mori-san, what're you doing?"

Comic 1

"Uomi, is your cold okay?"

[sign] Nothing to worry about.
"It has been cold recently"

"We couldn't use our air conditioner either since it was broken"
"Why did Uomi catch a cold when the Tsuda family's air conditioner was broken?"

Comic 2
Sudden thought

[sign] By the way, how you could tell that it wasn't my voice on the phone?

"I can tell right away when it's your voice, Nee-san"
[sign] Oh

"He also knew I was changing my voice there, huh"
[side] Oh yeah

"How did you know that?"
"Well, I won't mention it though"
[Bottom] Takatoshi can tell Uomi and Mori-san's voice apart in a flash! What great listening skills!!
[Right] Continued in issue 8!!

Thank you user, always happy to have more Mori.

Also, we're back to 1600 raws yaaay.

>Mori calling Tsuda "Taka-kun"
I hope this sticks and she continues calling him as that.


Well, just for this week at least.

I think I started too late, but hopefully edit user is still around.

>left pan 4 bub 1: How could you tell?

I missed last week's thread so here's chapter 455.




Fuck boys last time I checked SYD chapters we were up to 227 what happened



Looks like edit user isn't showing tonight.

Probably not. Anyway, let's try to get one last upload in before batoto kicks the bucket.

I should also find a way how to keep a record of all the chapters.

Did that imouto chapter I tried typesetting last month get uploaded anywhere?

you could add this one too?
shall I share it again?

Nope. Nobody uploaded it.
Uhh sure, if you have a DL link, I could just create a mini archive via text file.

uh. like...
three or four years happened?

Sup Forums sniped the series a little over 2 years ago and had been going at it ever since.

Are all the imouto chapters backed up somewhere?
what do you mean by mini archive via text file?

they finished petit-tan too

The translations up to vol 8 are on archive somewhere mixed in with SYD threads. I think volume 7 started last july. Or july 2016.

I was thinking scraping through the old threads about copying a few more of the scripts into a text file at some point.

God dammit Taka, stop triggering flags when you're gonna crush it anyway.

Really like the comment of something like Taka is living a peaceful harem life



she remind me of Minami Kana, the baka of Minami-ke

twintail oppaii baka?

DFC but similarly trouble seeking baka

I don't remember Kana having any notable oppai though. That's her friend Rinko.

she's pretty flat. most of the characters in that series are.

I miss the other one by the same author though.

Sonna Mirai wa uso de aru was comfy
I think translations were finished
I hope not-kana was able to let herself be happy

holy hotcake, which volume is this? The anime made Rinko breast bigger

Too bad my typesetters for minami ke keep offing themselves. I cycled through 5 and they all either retired or bailed.

Is that why it hasn't updated anymore? Damn, I really miss reading about those idiots.


cannot recall, sorry.

no matter, just tell me that it is Fujioka's boxer


I think those panels are from the author's other manga, not minami-ke.

Takayama's not Fujioka (that's the other series). It's chapter 75.

what the name of the series again?

Sonna Mirai wa Uso de Aru


wasn't that <
you're here too man
I used to reproof the english before teddy bailed he was going to retypeset it.


with Minami-ke I used to not ship Fujioka with Kana since he is Touma's future husband. but Takayama is only for Satou

Well he bailed so I’m back to looking for new guys again

Fujioka is managing a harem

She saw a harem end with both main girls.

how lewd

The best part were her secret conversations with Takayama's dad.


True ending soon.

she looks hot but her lust is too much for handle

New OVA is coming soon and last OVA isn’t even translated. This series should really get more attention.

There’s no new OVA. Next up is the movie DVD.

Is there any latest ova? Any links?

>The 16th limited edition manga volume will bundle the 8th OVA from Seitokai Yakuindomo* on March 16, 2018.

Unless Nip amazon is lying to me, it says 劇場アニメDVD will be on sale.

But then what's the 7th? Or is the 7th the movie from last september. Can't be the movie right?

I was experimenting with aria edits a while back

I was going to go with a smaller font and cram in more of a wall of text.

Just an opinion, no one really want to read the wall of text as the purpose is to make it deter-able. On the other hand, too much break-uping word with hypen is frustating

the idea was more not that anyone would read the wall of text but a joke that she was excited about their honeymoon and he zoned out to protect his sanity from the maelstrom.
I guess I could do the trick of cropping paragraphs to fit a text bubble so it cuts off parts of some words
mostly I just want to convey she talks a lot

But isn't it usually that she doesn't talk all that much? She's not particularly quiet sure, but it's more that every time she DOES open her mouth, something twisted this way comes.

Harem end is the ideal end.

Suzu a cutie.

that's the point.

A harem end would leave him haggard. and exhausted.

Doesn't sound much different from any monogamous marriage.

just add in more cat fights and emotional drama, firefighting everywhere.

While I love that picture, nowadays, that's missing Nozomi and Kaoru.



for the normal smaller pages
you could upscale by x1.6 with waifu2x and remove some of the jpeg artifacts not perfect though. and you will get a weird size

Mori Nozomi
Toki Kaoru - at least according to the movie.

But Toki hasn't fallen yet.
The massage doesn't cut it.

I don't know if this is a good place to ask, but are there subs for SYD movie?

in march we'll have decent raws maybe after then


How many times did he nut inside her?

mfw they look the same but with different hairstyles

most look similar at that profile that's his style
her face is smaller, her ears are different, her eyes are different, her nose is more acute, her neck is thinner, Ujiie does put a surprising effort into differentiating his characters.

Suzu looks a bit different here


best girl when?




Scared Suzu is so cute.

reminder that sho-bitch was a better show but nobody watched it

>sho-bitch better than SYD
>better than SYD
nah, I tried it a few times, didn't like it that much