Kadokawa and Nico Nico Newly Launch "Another World"-themed Manga Contest



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It will never end till deconstruction of isekai genre exist.


"I Wake Up to Find Myself Reincarnated As A Dragon Dildo"

At least it's a competition, something good will come out at the top.

....what would your cheat skill be?

Square Enix beat them to the punch like 15 years ago

do you think what's floating at the top in a sewer is good

Cry about it faggots


I kinda want to do this.

Nothing to cry about. Sup Forums loves isekai anyway.

>Sup Forums loves isekai anyway.
The funny thing is that this is true. Almost every isekai anime in the last five years has been well-received on Sup Forums.

why actively look out for news about a genre you hate it anyway? it's not like you'll read it when it comes out


I hope it ends like this

I love it and this is the reason I live for.

This is the company who killed Kemono Friends, KanColle, Nanoha, and Armored Frame.


All of Sup Forums are tsundere 12 years old little girls.

>Armored Frame
You mean armored core ? If yes, didn't From already announced they have a project for it.
As for Nanoha, vivid and the reflection movie's art change happened because seven arcs' schedule is full.

Horror or sci-fi isekai would give them an advantage from the common isekai.

>market already is oversaturated
>still wants to dump more shit in it

>Kemono Friends
I am actually glad the furry supremacy was end.

No it won't since there's a lot of scifi and horror isekai.

Most of them are so shitty due to the shittiness of the genres when written with pseudoscience even MTL translators don't want to touch them.

The director actually got even more famous now. His next work, which was already confirmed, is guaranteed to be a best seller.

Possibly even break the original record. All without a raise in budget

Isekai where the protagonist(s) wake up in a world which looks practically the same as their home except they have never existed in this world. Their house(s) is just unoccupied, nobody knows why it was left vacant for so long nor why there weren't any For Sale signs.

The show / LN / VN is designed to depress the viewer as much as humanly possible, being the author's stated goal on the back cover.

You think that From is ever going back to Armored Core when Dark Souls is now considered essential to all gamers?

It was not really about killing Kemono Friends, but them kicking out the man who turned their dead franchise into a mega hit.
Then still refused to back down to their own costumers

I'm sure Bandai is laughing at their mismanagement

You are pretty stupid.

Isekai where the protagonist reincarnates into Sup Forums when?

Armored Souls
DS + more speed & emphasis on ranged combat + Garage Monkey Simulator 2020

they are working on multiple games and their contract with bamco is finished, that's why bamco is making their own shitty souls clone

>You think that From is ever going back to Armored Core
Yes ? There's no doubt about it even.

Nanoha died after they turned them into adults and added the overpowered Vivio

More reverse isekai when?