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Ibuki vol 7.5 SS confirmed.
Ibukibros unite.

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First for Horikita and Kei a best.

Ibuki = Sensei > Ichinose > Kushida > Sakura > Horikita = Sakayanagi > Kei

Goddamn it. So one of the 7.5 stories will be taken by this annoying bitch. She better leave enough room for shiina


Horikita, Ibuki and Kushida are the bottom 3 girls.

Kei is garbage and used goods.

Whorikita is garbage and used goods.

So where's the preview today? You guys lied again.

Horikita > Sakayanagi = Ichinose > Ibuki = Satou > Sakura > Sensei > Kushida > Karuizawa

The remaining 7.5 SS are one or two.
There are only two vacant rooms at maximum.


Vol 7 and 4.5 had 5 SS tho, vol 1 had 4
But actually I meant one of 7.5 chapters, not SS stories. If Ibuki is getting a SS it means she also has focus in the volume, and I don't like that. I was hoping we wouldn't be getting her for a while. Hope that whatever she's involved with also has hiyori

Nip didn't say on 17th he said around 17th, and he emphasized that again later.

This. Also, the trial readings come out almost exactly a week prior to the actual volume release. 7.5 will be released on Thursday the 25th hence the trial reading should be out on Thursday the 18th tomorrow exactly one week before 7.5 is actually released. That's how it usually goes anyways so I wouldn't expect the trial reading until tomorrow.
Of course while the SS guarantees Ibuki focus in 7.5 that doesn't mean she'll be taking up a huge chunk of it. It could just be like half a chapter or even less. Hiyori got only a very short interaction with 50% yet she received her very own SS in volume 7. Ibuki could get the same treatment. Only short appearance in 7.5 but her own SS.
Like I said above that doesn't mean she'll get a lot of focus in 7.5. It could only be a brief appearance in 7.5 followed by her PoV in an SS volume. 7.5 will mostly focus on Karuizawa and the romance surrounding her given Kinugasa's statements in the volume 7 afterword.


look if you're gonna sudopost at least do it right. user you're replying to didn't write "suzune" so it obviously was not sudo in disguise


I've noticed hiyori's thighs are often emphasized, or are simply quite well filled. They're definitely her main selling point, body-wise
See pic related
It gives me hope 50 will see them too

and also here. butt too here tho

She's a traitor not your waifu

From 5ch





Dog more precisely just behind Ibuki.

And my bitch .

Sakura styling her hair in public never

So what they're saying is that the trial reading for volume 7 came out on the 17th a week before the actual volume released on the 25th and so they're wondering why the same hasn't occurred for volume 7.5. Honestly if this is a sort of pattern that's occurred for multiple volumes in the past I think the trial reading will still be released before midnight today or if not, will definitely be out tomorrow.

Only for Ayanokouji-kun. She left gravure idol world for him.

Shhhh, it's done. Stop being a tsundere, Ryuuen.

I can tell she'll have the traditional character development hair change

I'm so tired of getting BTFO'd by them.

Still no previews?

Cant wait to see what this monkey has in store. Her mental breakdown on the roof was comedy Gold, eXtremely eXcited for her SS. Dumb ape.

I'm eXpecting great things from her SS volume.

Literally the worst character, give us more ichinose.

Please Kadokawa drop the goddamn trial read before I piss myself.

Ibuki a shit.

Posting best girl.

Will Ibuki went tsundere on 50%? I mean, it must've caught her by surprise that he wrecked everyone else on the rooftop to save his girl. He could've looked cool in her eyes.

Posting actual, true best girl.

>The names of the chapters of volume 7.5 have dropped. Here are the translations of pic related as follows

Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e Volume 7.5


P011 My First Winter
P013 The Arrow of Love
P055 Ibuki's One Misfortunate Day
P125 Each Individual's Way of Spending
P179 The Stormy Double Date
P265 The Arrow's Destination

Hi! Sup Forums guys and all Youkosofags.

Right now, It has come out!
The trial reading of vol 7.5 has been released.
You can read 50 pages from the beginning of vol 7.5 on these official sites for free.

Direct links to the trial reading.

>P011 My First Winter - Karuizawa for sure
>P013 The Arrow of Love - Satou and Karuizawa
>P055 Ibuki's One Misfortunate Day - WHO IS X???
>P125 Each Individual's Way of Spending - multiple people
>P179 The Stormy Double Date - no idea
>P265 The Arrow's Destination - 50% and Kei for sure

Based 5ch.

I'm translating the trial pages of 7.5 now. I'll be posting live as I go along.

Horiii shitttttooo
Thanks TL user.

Nope, I am not 5ch.
random nip,nip user.

>The Stormy Double Date
It'll probably be 50% and Satou going on a double date with Hirata and Karuizawa. In the end, maybe switching partners with Satou going with Hirata while Kei goes with 50% and that leads us into the final chapter.
>The Arrow's Destination
That's when the arrow of love finally lands on 50% and Kei and maybe we see a confession or at least fluffy, romantic moments between them and 50% melting a little bit more towards Kei.

based anons

thank, I wish I can convert this to txt

From 5ch


>My First Winter

Outside, even as morning came, snow continued to fall. The 25th. The world was right in the midst of Christmas. Around the world, all over, will be overflowing with people spending time with precious family members or lovers. Even in this school, even though it's only a few, there are lovers like that too.

(Continued. Starting live translation of volume 7.5 trial reading. I'll be dumping as I go along so I probably will dump short bits like this here and there until I reach the last page of the trial read)

>no Whorikita chapters

As the promised time drew closer, I get my body ready.
"'s already been more than 8 months huh?".
The passage of time ever since I enrolled in this school, is really fast. I wonder if it means that I enjoyed this school just that much. As I opened up the window that leads to the veranda slightly, a cold wind blew in. At the same time as that, the laughing voices of girls also came into my room. It seems from now, they will be heading over to Keyaki Mall to play.
"I should head out soon too".

As I noticed it was already past 1:08, I shut the window. Today is the day of my promised date with Satou Maya.


Based user!

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5ch loser.

>As the promised time drew closer, I get my body ready.

>Stormy Double Date
It's likely Kiyopon, Satou, Kei and Hirata in a double date.

In this one day, whether something will change or something I don't know. But at the very least, I believe this one day will be a significant one for me. If not, I wouldn't even think of going on a date. To fall in love with someone. To think of someone as precious to you. Just by spending time with each other, to share happiness with one another. They become an irreplaceable existence to you. Those sorts of feelings and events, I wonder if I will be able to experience them too.



Where's mah boi Ken? I want to see him be a man and ask Suzune on a date.

I'm already hooked on the first words of the volume


>My First Winter
It's Kiyotaka since this is his first time seeing snow in his life.

This small story of the winter vacation, the curtains open on the night of the 23rd before Christmas Eve.

(Continued. This finishes off the first chapter My First Winter. Now the next chapter. The Arrow of Love will begin)

That's fucked up. He needs a happy ending.

Sure but maybe he'll be happy being the Prime Minister of Japan while stomping on all the lesser beings like his father wanted him to. I myself am firmly behind this development


For those who wanted to see Japanese phrase.
>外は` 靭を迎えた今もしんしんと雪‥が降り続けていた。
>世界各地が、大切な家族ゃ恋人たちと の峙間を過ごごす人々で溢れていることだろう。この学校にも、少なからずそんな恋人たちは い るはずだ。

>The Arrow of Love

The 23rd of December. Clear skies. Waking up in the morning was extremely pleasant. It was almost unbelievably refreshing, and even though I had just gotten up. I was wrapped up in comfort and it felt as though I were still in a dream.
It was the first change that occurred to me. So, what changed? If people ask me that, I would resolutely answer 'No'. But, it's not like nothing's changed. The truth is, there had been a change. A dramatic change. I, Karuizawa Kei, no longer have a horrible past chaining me down.

To be more precise, it's not quite that. I have gained a power that won't lose to the past chaining me down. That is, yesterday, the events of the closing ceremony that ended the second semester. I was called out by Ryuuen and the others, and received acts of bullying. It sounds lame when I put it to words like this but it is a fact that it happened. I hit rock bottom.

(Continued. The Arrow of Love chapter starts now. Karuizawa parts start here)

At this school I ran away to seeking salvation, I thought I would once again be dropped down into hell. And then, I heard various things. And amongst those, the shocking one was, that Manabe and the others who bullied me were in fact guided by Kiyotaka. At first I despaired, and even anger came out. the end I was saved.


Hi! Sup Forums guys and all Youkosofags.

I have finished reading the trial reading of 7.5.
I will give a brief explanation.
I'll explain in a range that does not deprived of the enjoyment of everyone.

The trial reading is recorded until the end of Chapter 2.
Chapters 1 and Chapters 2 are all included.

Chapter1. My First Winter = 50%'s POV
Chapter2. The Arrow of Love = Karuizawa's POV

>11峙30分を過ぎたことに気づ いたオレは、窓を閉めた。

Shit, made a typo. 1:08 is actually 11:30. Sorry. Ignore 1:08. It's 11:30

Unfortunately, part of that Japanese phrase is garbled.
The correct Japanese phrase is here.


Yo this is seriously 50%'s POV? Wow, that is unexpected from him in my opinion.

Waifu bless you, TL user. We've missed you

Thanks nip user.

Thank you for that nip user.

Shit my bad,It seems I need caffeine already.

By the hands of Kiyotaka. The ones waiting for me as I safely descended from the rooftop were the former student council president and Chabashira-sensei. It wasn't like they had anything to say to me, it was just their concern so that the eyes of unrelated people would not fall on me. Honesty, without their care, I doubt I would have safely made it back to the dormitory.
The only thing they told me was that those two were acting based on Kiyotaka's instructions. I think it's because they realized it was the only way to calm me down. Those events on the rooftop. The seeds that the me who was bullied by Manabe and the others had planted. If I had the power to shake off my past, I would have been more resolute then. It would have ended without what happened back in middle school being found, that's not it. Basically, I was in the wrong. To act tough, I continued to take on an arrogant attitude.


>Today is the day of my promised date with Satou Maya.
Yea it's his. What part is unexpected? He's been nervous about social interactions before too, because it's all new to him. And he's interested in experiencing new things, always has been, so this is also normal to me too:
>To fall in love with someone. To think of someone as precious to you. Just by spending time with each other, to share happiness with one another. They become an irreplaceable existence to you. Those sorts of feelings and events, I wonder if I will be able to experience them too.

>If people ask me that, I would resolutely answer 'No'.
It's 'Nothing'
I guess

>>P179 The Stormy Double Date - no idea
>P179-P265 (longest chapter)
Aw shit, this is where it's going down

I don't think so, he always nervous on dealing someone. As so far Satou doesn't have any ill thinking about him while Kiyotaka doesn't know how to deal it also his first time on white winter while he was expecting some snow probably this was his cute side.

Towards that, even if Manabe and the others feel displeasure it couldn't be helped. It was a method I chose to avoid bullying. And the demerits of that.
A sigh like that came out. But it's not a bad sigh at all. How should I put it? It was a sigh filled with emotion, no. I can't really put it into words well.
There's only one thing I'm certain about. That is, even when I'm asleep, even when I'm awake. Inside my thoughts, Kiyotaka is always there.


>P055 Ibuki's One Misfortunate Day - WHO IS X???
Oh Ibuki, did you really mean it?

In the raws, she literally said 'No' but you can interpret it as nothing if you want I suppose.

>That is, even when I'm asleep, even when I'm awake. Inside my thoughts, Kiyotaka is always there.

>That is, even when I'm asleep, even when I'm awake. Inside my thoughts, Kiyotaka is always there.

It is fucking happening!

>There's only one thing I'm certain about. That is, even when I'm asleep, even when I'm awake. Inside my thoughts, Kiyotaka is always there.

>この日一日で、 何かが変わる・・・・のかどうかは分からない。
>ただ少なくとも、オレにとっ ては意義のある 一 曰だととらえている。


Her honesty is charming.



I will introduce the rough contents of Chapter 2.
I will introduce only an overview to the extent that your enjoyment will not go away.

Sato consulted with Karuizawa.
About the date plan of Sato and Kiyotaka.
Sato has no boyfriend either now or in the past.
Sato is the love experience zero.
Sato suggests a Double Date to Karuizawa.
Double Date is "Sato&Kiyotaka" with "Kei&Hirata".
in short, the "P179 The Stormy Double Date" means this thing.
Chapter 2 ends like this.

Note:I am sorry for my weird English expression.

I see. Good job, TL user. You a best.

It is not even just this chapters. It is also the titles of the chapter


Thanks nip user!