Violet Evergarden Anime and Novel

6 and half hours to go.

Today is the episode completely done by Fujita (as opposed first one which was storyboarded and directed by Ishidate), so should be quite different visual look and feel. Looking forward to it.

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tfw those scenes happening at end of respective episodes and songs start playing

>Someone dangled onto a long iron rope that hung from the low-altitude plane. The person stretched their arm to grab the battle-axe cast down to destroy everything in that spot, spinning around the holder several times before landing on the ground. Aiden inhaled deeply from watching such acrobatic body movements, but his breathing only became disturbed instead.
>“Forgive me for interrupting your conversation. I have taken the liberty to intrude from above.”
>Speaking so elegantly and bearing a dignified appearance, she could be either an angel or a reaper, leaving the men bewildered. That was only the expected – with a woman of that caliber showing up in the battleground, one would not be able to help but wonder if they were hallucinating.
>“Help… me…” he pleaded hoarsely.
>“Master, you called for me. You contacted the Auto-Memories Dolls service after seeing our advertisement, is that not right? The fee has most certainly been paid.”

>“I see. I might really be a demigod, by the looks of it. If that is the case, I can confirm many of these things.
>"However, I am now a domesticated monster. I cannot afford to be killed so easily. I am forbidden to fight unnecessary battles, but… my Lord once told me” she removed her black gloves, displaying her artificial arms, “to ‘live’.”
>“Challengers, come forward. I, Violet Evergarden, shall take you on.”

reminder that violet wants to know what is love

The port of Leiden is confirmed to be inspired by Genua, Italy.

Also, initially the setting was supposed to be less vibrant and more akin to foggy London - but Reiko Yoshida told Ishidate, that since Violet would not feel uncomfortable in such environment - it would have no relevance for her character, there is no point in trying to create such atmosphere, and instead the more vivid and lively mediteran setting for Leiden would fit better . Thus the palms, bright scenery, lively city as opposed to run down garbage pile which was London.

Iris and Erica are anime original characters, added so that Violet would have more coworker interactions and people to relate to at job, as opposed to only Cattleya and Benedict.

Given Iris background as native of a nation that lost the war, wonder if it`ll be shown in interaction with Violet.

Seems KyoAni will have endcard for each episode after they aired. Pic related is one for episode 1.

I thought she was a doll from the trailer and not a disgusting human

VEG Sakugabooru review:

I still don’t understand why author called a port city Leiden. There is no port in Leiden, call it The Hague for God’s sake.

Pic relatede what "dolls" actually are. Violet is not human either though.

Which kinda leads most anons speculating about story so far astray since they assume things about her. Like the whole being "child soldier" thing. Sure, she fought since 10 years old already. But the thing about "child soldier" characterization is being a "child" - Violet however hardly has anything what you expect from normal human child, even if raised at war. Everyone erroneously associate her with humans and project human and empathy at her - which is wrong.

>Japanese live German sounding words
>Japanese dont know german
>Use random words they google translated out of context and weidly
Litterally 1001th time its happening in anime. I dont have issue with town called Leiden, but the country name "Leidenschaftlich" simply does not fit.

Das Herzogtum von Lieden, would maybe made sence. "Leidenschaftlich" just doesnt sound good as country name.

I hope todays episode will have loli Violet flashback, though given how KyoAni arranges things not sure what it really will be about - might have new content focused on Iris, Cattleya and Erica since it is episode after she finally decides to start working as AMD.

New AD for first Blueray. Contains some new footage

Correct name to call Violet`s job is Amanuensis
>An amanuensis (/əˌmænjuːˈɛnsɪs/) is a person employed to write or type what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another, and also refers to a person who signs a document on behalf of another under the latter's authority.[1]

I've always liked the idea of having a non human waifu.

>so should be quite different visual look and feel
Does that mean that it might not look like utter shit? I won't get my hopes up, but I'll give it another shot.

No, for haters like you it obviously will be utter shit and worst thing this season or ever.

I wonder how KyoAni will handle a LOT of nuances and narrative details of novel. They did great job so far with episode one, but some things are still rather hard to express with visuals.

>‘It’ had showed up on a very blue day. The road was bathed in abundant sunrays of a beautiful spring. Next to it, the flowers that had started to bloom from within the thaw swayed in the feeble wind, their tips shaking. From her home’s garden, Ann was observing the way ‘it’ walked.

are these her official arm design?

This is a concept. Not sure it looks exactly like that in anime currently.

The image is from "Starter Pack" book sold by KkyoAni, so official, but not final.

Now that VEG set a new standard for TV animation, is there any show in perspective that year that can aim to reach or top that mountain?

This season is out of question already, but there are three more remaining.

Inevitable VEG movies.

They didn't do proper location hunting and relied on tons of reference photos instead. A bit of a shame since they did location hunting in the UK for the K-ON movie.

They didnt have time to really. At least as far episode 1 goes, they had to rush it for premier on conventions. In fact, first 2 episodes were. The rest had been properly done with all episodes being done in parallel by different people, thus giving them a LOT of time to finish them.

Is it bad that I like the dull gunmetal look way more than the shiny too perfect version we got?
They just look more fitting for the aesthetics of everything else whereas the anime version looks way too sci-fi

So she's a female Adam Jensen?

did she asked for it?

I thought it airs tomorrow?

She does not care about a hand or two

Netflix in good quality tomorrow, shot quality tv today

I don't get, she is some kind of robot or organic superhuman being who don't feel pain?

It looked like she can bleed and cry, her hands fall off like normal limbs and now she have some medicore prosthetics (which considering it look like WWI it's technological miracle)

Hopefully it is not as shitty as episode 1.
But I'm not expecting much.

>Reiko Yoshida told Ishidate, that since Violet would not feel uncomfortable in such environment
What a dumb thing to say. And of ocurse, that moron Ishidate took it to heart, because he's a garbage director with no vision.

This should be a bannable offence.

I think to not reveal her exact nature is the whole point.
She stopped a bayonet with her bones though.

>hear Sup Forums talking episode 1 was boring and music was meh
>it was beautiful

Every fucking time

God, those lyrics and that voice still make me wince.

How does it feel to have such shit taste?

VEG ep. 1 is easily one of the poorest directed episodes this season. It is carried by animation and photography alone.

>Is it bad that I like the dull gunmetal look way more than the shiny too perfect version we got?
Not at all. Everything in this anime is too damn pristine and overwrought.


Here is a pity reply

Feels pretty good, i can actually enjoy things i like.

This makes me happy

>dad came to the toy store to pick a gift for his child
whoa what a weirdo, don't look at him, sweetie

Typical KyoAni-drone.
>anime is perfect, any criticism is shitposting

You just don't understand KyoAni masterful direction and subtlety faggot.

I am mad at this anime. Now i will always think "I wish KyoAni made this" when watching anime.

Stop trying so hard, it's becoming pathetic.

Literally Nier.

yeah, we all know Violet Evergarden is kyoani's magnum opus.

I wonder how handjob from her would feel like...

It truly id

>set a new standard for TV animation
So the new standard is barely any animation and tons of blurry ass filters? Interesting.

Everyone, please pay attention to this poster. To protect his anonymity, lets call him "Hans". Hans is a german resident ANN autist with over 1500 posts there, and it would be incorrect to describe him as shitposter because his posts are genuine. He is just that mad, about everything. Being ignored on ANN, banned on sakugabooru, expelled from his school anime club - Hans finally found his calling when he first entered Sup Forums. Here, his autism is not out of norm and he finally can fully express himself, even though said expression is on a level of angry monkey with toy grenade.

Everytime you see him, say "hello hans!" to cheer on him and welcome in the friendly and passionate Sup Forums community of friends

Hello Hans!

She feels pain. However she does not care for it, like an observer looking at someone else. There are two things only in that really warrant reaction from here - first is Gilbert, with whome she is obsessed to yandere degree and second is attempts to sex her to which immediate reaction is always a brutal murder of attempted rapist. Other than that, you can order her to sew her hand off with a rusty saw, and unless it contradicts the orders given by Gilbert and her understanding of her purpose of serving him, she`ll do it without hesitation nor expression.

That said, now that we've made our acquaintance,
go back to ANN. Sup Forums is not for your personal vendetta against some user who hurt your feefees.


>Violet is not a kuudere but a yandere

Do you have an image that isn't made for ants?


Yandere is probably not a fit way to describe it since Yanderes are jealous. Violet is not. She is just obsessed with being useful to Gilbert. She woudnt care who he sleeps with or anything - her role is that of his weapon.

Her reaction wuold be that of Yandere - emotional exposion contrasting with her usual self if you were to try hurt him though.

>the episode completely done by Fujita
I swear on me mum, if this episode doesn't deliver either, you're going to see a level of autism never before witnessed on an imageboard.

Did she write the script?

No, Kanna.

Nearest to VEG thematically show is... KyoAni`s own Maid Dragon. The show deals with the theme of communication and cohabitation of humans and truly ALIEN dragon race. Dragons might look like humans and act like one (litterally emulating human behavior and manipulating lowly mamals), but they arent and are inheritely alien and not just humans with ability to transform. Violet is Kanna. Unlike Tooru, who looks down on humans and only cares about Kobayashi, while believing the rest being below insect tier - Kanna has no negative preestablished notion against humans, nor special value in them. She enters the human world in blank child`s state - being capable of both murder and destruction and empathy, but comunicating and understanding humans requires concious effort from her. She has friends while not truly understanding concept of friendship. She is percieved as cute little loli, despite being powerful dragon being because of her appearances. She is childish and inexperienced yet rational. She is Violet Evergarden, if Violet was a chaos dragon instead of demi-goddess.

>a level of autism never before witnessed
I have a hard time imagining something that will top this

--Year 2009 Munto
A girl discovers a parallel reality magic world on a brink of collapse. Is engaged into conflict within it, but ultimately fails to save it. The survival magical beings of that world find refugee on Earth, while large amount of magic power contaminates it.
--FAKE Year 2012 Chu2
An autistic girl with father issues experiening psichological trauma, hallutinates about seeing Unseen Horizon and recruits a guy to go on a quest with her to discover it. Occultic side of society is briefly touched, with kids not understanding they are playing with real dangerous powers. However, what they think of being their delusions and dreams - where they fight each other in ruins of other world as well the Depth of Field showing a giant mecha combat in ruins of Earth: are actually true. The real date of events is much later, and they happen to be copies of real person in Phantom World Matrix, while real them combat Phantoms and each other in real post apocalyptic world using Phantom powers and military tech.
--Year 2013 Tamako Market
First Phantoms appeared through contamination of world by magic power after Munto incident appear in the world. World starts to distort and people are influenced by magic, finding irregular occurances normal - such as talking bird phantom.
--Year 2013 Free!
Phantoms start to infiltrate human society and take human forms. Such, a fish, a shark and other type of phantoms that have trouble to adjust to human society and hide their nature act as humans. Gradually, humanity is being replaced by Phantoms.

>Year 2013 Fall Kyoukai no Kanata
Organizations fighting Phantoms hunt an extremely dangerous God Phantom. As remnand of Munto Incident, he got the power of World Byound the Boundary: a magic creating alternate reality world. During events of that year, due to death of his belowed his power goes astray and reality is replaced with Phantom Reality where she is still alive and all humans are in it are copies of real ones, meanwhile real world stars experiencing apocalyptic catastrophes due to use of that power and mankind quickly declines.
>Year 2015 Sound Euphonium
Taking place within the newly established Phantom World Beyound the Boundary, a girl enconters a strange girl who tells her to love her, and to follow her- Th world out of its shell.he world is our egg. If we don't crack the world's shell, we will die without ever truly being born. Smash the world's shell. FOR THE REVOLUTION OF THE WORLD!
>Year 2016
Phantom World becomes unstable, Phantoms run stray destabilizing it and many glitches appear. To append it, God Phantom creates a 2nd Layer Phantom World copying all humans there, while the reals are ejected out to the ruins of real world, where monster phantom roam and everything is in shambles and most mankind is dead. A hero discovers he is withing the fake world and tries to break out, just to see that the world outside is apocalyptic.

>FAKE Year 2017 Maid Dragon
Phantoms Dragon from ruins of real world and Phantom Shard realms traverses to Phantom World Matrix, fleeing from enemies. Eventually it attracts attention of other strong Phantoms and lead to giant apocalyptic battle of Phantom Dragon deities. In real Timeline, it takes place during year 2016 contributing to Phantom Matrix being unstable and need of rollback resulting in hero of 2016 finding himself in reality and starting his quest for revolution.
>Year 2218 Violet Evergarden
After destruction of Phantom World, the small remnant of surviving humanity tries to reestablish the civilization. However, most of technology and knowledge of the past is lost. Gradually, they only slowly reach stage around 1900 Earth culture and technology wise, however remnands of old human civilization and war against Phantoms still exist in world in form of ancient buildings, strange inoperable technology and other artifacts origin of which is riddle for people of that time who forgot everythign of past history. On a certain place during war, a girl appears - human in look, but ruthless as monster and strong and agile as machine: her past tied to past of mankind. She wants to learn of her real origin, but what secret of human past will it reveal?

What the fuck is this shit?

KyoAni Universal Century timeline

I want to cut off Baioretto's legs and replace them with robot legs!!

I'm a sucker for healing stories so I like it. Setting is nicely refreshing too even though it's normal, probably because of the tone of the story. Usually you'd have an isekai with a screeching teenager or stories with more battles in a setting like this.


>Violet Vergarden
I am sorry. I am so sorry. Drop it before its too late.

Time may heal all sorrows, but VEG pulls no punches. Before it`ll heal you, it`ll shatter you on multiple occasions.

The only story I read was the daughter dress one (Vol1 first chapter) and that was pretty comfy.

I don't mind that, I also consider 3Gatsu healing even though it pulls some punches. I like some bittersweet tragedy too, so that's a plus.

Is this post serious or bait?

Try the 3rd chapter with the soldier. Got pretty angsty.

Where's Yamada in this?

"lets call our country passionate in the anime all about finding out what love is. That won't seem hamfisted at all"

Best thing we have so far is from the LN, which implies she is an avatar of the Goddess of War from that world, since she looks extremely like her and this cult thinks so too and wants to send her back to heaven (kill her). She is definitely human flesh tho.

Stop spoiling the entire thing cancer.

Imagine being such a stupid fucking tard from such an unintellectual background that you'd sit down and read a shitty animeme novel titled "Violet Evergarden" and then go online to discuss it. When I was twelve I'd read Silmarillion ten times over and most works by Jules Verne in the school library, what's your fucking excuses for caring about this at the ages of 18 plus, which I hope to God you all are?

So when do we get fully working arm augments IRL that aren't shit?

>Inb4 nanomachines are better

What does nanomachines have to do with anything?


>What does nanomachines have to do with anything?

Right, your shitty Sup Forums memes have nothing to do with reality, nanomachines will never be the magic you want them to, at least not within anyone current's lifetime. God knows what things will be like 200 years from now.

>the episode only used 6 key animators
>4 of them also worked on episode 1
How does KyoAni do it?

>Same fag keep posting the same LN lines again
Don't you get tired of doing that shit?
>If you dont like something about kyoani's show you are a hater
Is this the state of kyoanifags now?

This sounds like some chuuni shit.
I wanted something about a girl soldier fighting PTSD, not some super special snowflake demigod garbage.

That's like the third time Ishikawa plays a kuudere turning into yandere on demand, and all 3 times her characters are obsessed with one guy beyond any reason.

Episode 2 was worse than episode 1. It introduces more characters into the story and their interactions are very much like those in soap operas targeted at bored housewives.

This episode was alright. That light filter was still annoying though.

Did Sup Forums stream it

Yes. The thread is a clusterfuck though.

well I enjoy it, idk, it's like we have our own opinions or sth right???

>that spelling
go away

So, soldier client fuckfest next episode?