I like pictures of ripped anime guys

I like pictures of ripped anime guys

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Me too but trying to read Sun Ken Rock for the boys was a mistake

If that is the case you will LOVE more or less everyone from Baki.

I stopped reading at some point and then it ended and I caught up, what a fucking shitshow

you are small time

>Not Oliva

Kinda gay

Oliva may be a giga nigga but he doesn't have the Hanma back

But he can be Pacman



How do I get this physique?

defeat the united states barehanded in vietnam, kidnap presidents for fun, fistfight bears, elephants and mountain yeti just because you can, stop earthquakes with your fists, etc.
also lat pulldowns and pullups youtube.com/watch?v=LVGnN2e6_IQ

Buff men always make the bst MCs, enough with the 13 yearolds with swords


Vegan diet.


Is Yujiro a human with insanely perfect genetics or is he an actual demon in the form of a man?




Beast Titan

>ripped anime guys

>he's not gay

step into my court small fry.

If Sup Forums is the little girl, then liking ripped anime guys cannot be gay.

>liking scrawny fagboys

Whenever an MC is ripped these days, it's generally hidden outside of a few scenes of fanservice. While I don't mind that, I still long for MC's that show it off a little more.

>anime guys
>posts manga guys