How do you escape this situation?

How do you escape this situation?

What is the appeal of girls like this?

by sticking it in

Seeing them turn full dere and submissive when you make love on your wedding night.

>I'm gay

I dont

I want to dickslap Takagi's forehead!

seeing them try their hardest to not get beaten by cock when you get tierd of their shit and fuck them.

Smug 4head

Hug her and tell that her hair smells nice.

A gun

this is violation of the nap

I gently push her hair apart and begin to slowly kiss her neck and ears.

cum in pants

>Half of Sup Forums would say this just to keep their virginity.

Call 4 of your horny friend to come and proceed to gangrape her then cum inside. she will never know who is the father of her child.

I mean that's the easy way out if your are a beta sissy feminine boy like me she would believe it 100 percent.

Change classes or maybe schools. Never talk to her again. Ask a nice girl out.

I want to be tenderly bullied

It's Takagi, would she really?

Punch her.

I got a smoll penis.I don't think she want to fuck me after she saw my penis.

>bullying redoubles

She's Japanese, her standards are already very low.

Tell her that I will raise her daughter if she leaves me alone.

But I can't really cum that much because I fap everyday now there's like 10 percent of my love juice left in my balls.



That’s not how cum works

I'm don't know user,I studying law so I don't know how my body work.

This is so unfair...

why do girls do this?

What is her endgame?

Tell her to fuck off because I'm in love with Mina

>I got a smoll penis
Well sure it only looks 3 inches long, but it smells like a foot!

But I wash my penis everyday user and I don't think a penis can smell like something else that isn't a penis.

>in love
>a drawing
wow ok buddy ha ha

what does it smell like user

It smell like a penis user.


that doesnt answer the question though
how does a penis smell

what do you mean escape?

This is how things works here you dirty saiyan monkey

If you get caught, you are fucked for life.

Why don't you smell your own penis user.
I can't describe it so all I can tell is it smell like a penis.

it smells feminine.

no stfu bitch how about you smell my penis instead and tell me how it smells yeah?

Why does you penis smell feminine user
Hell nah user I'm not gay unless you are a trap then I might consider it.

no im just a girl with a penis
i dont know what a trap is

You are so fucking pathetic.

looks like we got a big guy here huh buddy

Yeah my friend tell me that too.

How can a girl have a penis user.

>only half

i dunno dude sometimes thats just how it is

With the power of science you can.

t. insecure teenagers

Are you sure about that user

Science nah I think thats some voodoo stuff.

How do you escape this situation?

other half will never be in danger of losing theirs virginity

i dunno im not actually that sure

i pull my dick out and run

Why escape? It's part of the quintessential japanese experience.

Can you post your penis pic so I can examine it user

no thats lewd im not a slut like that

It man to man way user not the lewd way

b-but im not a man

Lift her with my cock.

>these last 25 posts
The fuck is wrong with this board

Well if you are a girl with penis I consider you a man like me user.

but that doesnt make any sense user

im sorry its my fault ill stop now

Can I experience this if I visit Japan?