Come on, we're going to Antarctica

Come on, we're going to Antarctica

Lets go!

I'll grab the hot cocoa

I heard it's cold though.

your hair is stupid mari

Is it weird that the parents of these girls, tall girl excluded, are ok with their daughters going to fucking Antarctica?

I don't know. I bet muh parents would've loved to send me to Antarctica.

>Hinata is probably living alone
>Shirase mother is kill dunno about father
>Yuzuki is sent there by her mother
Only one whos parents might not let her go is Mari, but they might adress it in later episodes

They'd prefer to just drown you, much faster and cheaper.

seishun seishun

But I can't, because I'm a man and only the girls will be alright

This week's episode was so good.

Just like the two before it.

better get in the car

That cute girl with delicious ZR, what's her name again? I always forgot it

They're breaking so many character troupes and common clichés with this show. I love it. And the best part is they know it. That fucking scene where they got the ladder up to her window I just thought "No way. That's too cheesy, they've been so good at avoiding that." And immediately they're like "psych, it was a prank bro. We got this." Man.


Will there be penguins?

Shirase will go on a killing spree when she learns the truth of what they did to her mother.

Help, I can't stop staring at her legs!

Shirase's butt is a miracle of the universe.

Grape-kun, pls.

Her smile too.

You go on ahead, I'll be right behind you.

But I don't want to go to Antarctica.

Idol pengi

Going to antarctica isn't something you can do on a whim so if my kid somehow got the opportunity then hell yeah I would let them go. It'd be unforgettable experience for them.

>mfw since its Antarctica themed anime there will no beach or oden episodes


you sure about that


you mean onsen, right?

In a couple of weeks I'll be at 1200 Km from Antarctica. Should I go check if Shirase's mother is alive or let the girls do it?

yes, I'm sorry onegaishmasu

Aliens, hollow earth or evil gov?

gooks are braindead

An episode about eating oden in the middle of a snowstorm would be pretty comfy though

Man I was upset when they called her ugly.

It was just one old hag, and only because she doesn't have long black hair.

You get fox oden from kami only when you're dead, mind it.

Kimari subtly joked about it too.

Isn't this a huge waste of energy?
I live very well at 14° in my house.

This shit is proof that the industry has completely run out of ideas. Literally just pulling words out of a hat at this point.

Nah, that's the same temp that I keep my apartment, otherwise it'd be a tad too cold for my tastes, also it's winter and the cold comes in so we need to compensate a bit

maybe you should try watching the anime before speaking.
this could be the anime of the season if it werent for those shitty meme-series of netflix garbage and pop team epic

They have to go to Australia first, so the beach episode is not impossible.

That's because you're poor.

I just don't like wastes

I want to fuck the dork out of Shirase.

They're wearing short selves in japan. So I believe it's winter in Australia. I can be wrong tho

I feel you my man.
Tho the JC-aspect of Yuzuki gets me going too

Australia is still pretty hot during winter.

must be a lot of self-loathing in your free time

The expedition will start in December.

Then in that case they die of heat stroke during the beach episode.

It's the right thing to do, winter in Antarctica is extreme, they wouldn't last very long. Besides, the almost 24 hours daylight will help them a lot with the tasks they should do.

I was expecting it to be boring as hell, and I'm glad I was wrong.

Penguins are only on the north antarctica.

But every part of antarctica is north antarctica

Yeah a PROFESSIONAL old hag who is TRAINED to tell the difference between cute pure girls and ugly trashy sluts.


Do you know where Antarctica is...?

Why doesn't she just try making male friends?
Male friends are much easier to make, hasn't this girl read any shindol?

Why is her bowlcut so erotic?


Because your taste is shit

Thanks to the great forebear

These girls are pure unlike those dirty whores in Devilman Crybaby.

Now it all makes sense.


This show actually has all of them; Yui, Mio, Ritsu, and hell even Tsumugi on the latest episode

We don't have Azusa though

How to deal with Shirase

They will spend a few weeks on the ship until the boredom forces them to start fucking each other.

When will they get boyfriends?

Only after they get home from Antarctica, but they won't.

Thank god.

Will they show it in the anime?

The new girl seems like a cross between Mugi and Azusa

If I was one of the parents I would love to go too

They'll spend an entire episode on it. It will just be 24 minutes of pixellation, though.

Hinata already has gone through a couple. The reason she left school in the first place was because she accidentally got pregnant during a fling.

Please don't use her for your fantasies about being a slut.

and that user have reason, all coast and ice sheets are in the north of antartica

FACT: Shirase > Yuzuki > Hinata >` Mari > Megane

Foreheads are sexy

But Mugi is not a gloomy loser with no friends.

I didn't expect myself to enjoy this show so much. Every single episode is a blast.

Having actual banter inbetween the characters makes things so much better. Also like how the character that would be the "serious, ojou sama" type ended up being a huge dork. The scene where idol girl is crying and lets go of the door, which shirase then has to catch showed an attention to detail that I L I K E

Mari tried

which girl would be MacReady if they run into a dog who is not quite what it seems bros?

FACT: Mari > Yuzuki > Shirase > Hinata > Megane



I want to be Shirase's dog.

I want to be Shirase's penguin.

I want to be Shirase.

I want to eat Shirase.

I want to be Yuzuki's friend.

This was feeling like a Love Live scene but it was just a ruse, I like it

Cannibalism is illegal, stay away from the dork

The harsh working conditions and tightness of schedule for most expeditions mean you take all the comfort and safety nets against getting sick as possible in the few areas that you can.

Which girl do you think will lose virginity first?