Would any anime ever top the originality of Rick and Morty?

Would any anime ever top the originality of Rick and Morty?

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Popteam epic

Fuck off

Already a thing.

>lol le randum
It doesn't even compare.

All of them.

Space Dandy my friend.

Nasuverse does something similar, except every route/spin-off is a lower-deck episode.

>lol le randum
..so... rick and morty?

Not really. Rick and morty actually contains thought provoking satires of current events and culture.

Did you know children are actually drinking bleach now?
This isn't a joke, that's a thing that's happening now

so... pop team epic?

Gintama is better in literally every single way.


as much as i dislike RnM, it's not "lol le randum", it's "lol le science randum" most of the times, and stays to a coherent theme. a 4koma like PTE does not have that coherency between each plot.

animefags don't want unpredictable and original entertainment, they just want moe shit and grorious japan culture to anesthetize themselves in

>contains thought provoking satires
If Rick and Morty made you think seriously then you need to delve in better fiction

So say that being coherent in this case is a good thing
Which RM really isn't when you boil it down.

XD pikle Rik so funny Xd

If the anime doesn't have a main character who burps every time he opens his mouth then it's already better, even if it's the shittest anime ever.

>then you need to delve in better fiction

got ahead user, post your idea of patrician fiction

Most people here don't know what they dislike about Rick and Morty because they've never watched it, they just know that they're SUPPOSED to hate it.
So just expect a bunch of anons replying with anime that is popular that they dislike.


you have to go back to the reddit board


Not saying it's the greatest thing ever, but I'm yet to see anime in the similar caliber. Closest I can think of is SZS. Still not there tho.

So which cancer breeding ground did you crawl out of? Sup Forums? /b? Sup Forums? Sup Forums?

Why can't westerners give their adult animation a good artstyle and designs? I mean I love Bojack Horseman but I won't deny that the visuals look trashy.

Sup Forums, probably



>implying Sup Forums isn't any of those boards in disguise

More or less this. Sad state of Sup Forums.

xavier right?