What made you cry Sup Forums?

What made you cry Sup Forums?

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The shitty threads.

That small clip after the episode 9 credits. I didn't actually cry but I got close. It definitely invoked strong emotion.

That scene where miki is chatting everyone about what a devil is got me so worked up and when the kid ran in for the hug I completely lost it

That was heartwarming, yeah

Knowing there are people who like this piece of turd.

I'll cry for you user

It's fine if you don't like it but others enjoyed the ride. I just hope you're not one of those people who hate it and the people who like it simply to go against the grain on purpose.

The baton passing scene was what hit me right before Ryo blows Akira in half. Wasn't keen on the OP but the soundtrack in this was pretty amazing and carried scenes. Ryo's theme is straight up Hotline Miami.

The fact that it's not as good as Sora Yori

twerking and rapping in anime

I don't understand how you soyboys thought this shit was so sad. I'm not trying to sound like a tuff guy but wtf??

and gay sex scenes and donkey noises during a masturbation scene and close up of a boner and unnecessary sex scenes every 2 minutes and completely shitting on the source material

I thought some scenes were pretty sad but it was nothing to cry over.

When dad was hesitating to kill his devil son. Goddamm that was fucked up.

that got me too

Not a single scene in that anime comes even close to emotions manga invoke.
Crybaby is Aldnoah.Zero of Devilman.


My only major problem with devilman crybaby is how ryo is portrayed in comparison to his manga counterpart. They cut like half his dialogue. Everything else is not really that big of a change.

I was so disappointed Ryo's speech at the end of the manga wasn't in it or at least completely different.

>Not a single scene in that anime comes even close to emotions manga invoke.
but the scenes and the pacing are the same

You know exactly what.



Nothing. It's a shit anime for newfags with shit taste.
Go back to myanimelist.

when the kettenkrad looked like it was going to fall off the elevator in Girls' Last Tour

That was cheesy schlock.

It took me quite some time to figure out that the Rorschach figures inn the opening represent most of the main named demons.

>why am I the only one talking.


Yes, but the context (which is the most important thing in Devilman) is lost.

They've changed too much stuff around.
At first I didn't mind it. Most of changes didn't work, but I could see what they were going for and ok, not everything has to be perfect.
But then changes started to affect narrative to the point that it barely works as an adaptation.

Crybaby completely missed the point of Akira, Ryo, Miki and humanity's role in the story in general. Every new element it brings to the table is shallow. Some moments works better than manga out of context, but the whole story just doesn't work at all. New characters are boring and irrelevant, all added edgy angst like constant sex doesn't amount to anything (was there really no better way to spend screentime?).

With this mindset you end up fucking the very finale scene. In manga Ryo delivers a powerful monologue about his origins and understands that he's done the exact same thing as the God that cast him away. And with that realisation he gives up (after it's already too late to change anything) and mourns Akira quietly.
This is considered to be Devilman's greatest scene and show fucks it up, by moving exposition before the battle and changing its meaning.



Crybaby's end is just about Ryo's realisation of his love. And then he proceeds to cry over his dead body like it is some cheap soap-opera, completely killing the impact of the scene. You may think his love was the whole point of making Akira Devilman, but nope. It was for... JUST AS PLANNED, I guess. That's what this show did. It turned Ryo from a pure being motivated by his emotions to another edgy Kira-wannabe with KEIKAKUDORI. This is disrespectful to both him and Akira, since it doesn't even feel like they have any particular emotional connection at all.
And show does this shit over pretty much every element of the story, like Akira's character development aka deconstruction of a hero archetype, subtext of the story about God being the one and only villain (and who worships god? Do the math) and many many other things.

I have my problems with original manga, but it is regarded as classic for a reason.
Crybaby is just a hollow shell. A casual version stripped of any nuance.
Crybaby IS Aldnoah.Zero of Devilman.

Not to mention Devilman is supposed to invoke same existential horror as Ideon and Betterman, but Crybaby obviously can't, because it want to have its version of Lacus fucking Clyne preaching us about how cool and awesome humanity is.

Manga Ryo was more shallow than Crybaby Ryo.
>my father died!
>look weed lol
>maybe humans deserve death after all
>oh shit i'm satan humans definitely deserve death for ruining my earth with global warming
>oh shit i killed everything
It's even worse if you look at the deluxe edition with the added scenes, with time travel homolust adventures and beach ntr, both of which make him look pathetic instead of tragic.

Akira's death. I accepted everything else, but at least they could have made him live, even tho' i know it couldn't have ended any other way, even if he won God would have still wiped the earth. I hadn't read the original manga(i did it soon after the show and in my opinion the show is better) so this anime was a continued crushing of hopes. The manga is more straight-forward in telling you there is no hope anymore.

His immaturity was the whole point.
Crybaby just makes him generic "nah know love" villain, while in the manga he's passionate about everything he believes is right. Not to mention his unconscious attempts to stop Akira from defending humanity is probably Satan's memories kicking in.

I don't remember, does Ryo ever tell Akira in the anime that he made him a devilman(from Amon specifically, the strongest demon) just so he could survive besides him and not worry about survival of the fittest? As far as i remember the motivation for turning Akira into a devilman is never explained beyond "i used you for my keikaku".

fuck off pablo

That was stupid as fuck. The net causes people's autism to escalate, not the opposite. That scene was literally a waste of time


>The manga is more straight-forward in telling you there is no hope anymore.

There's nothing wrong with Manga Ryo, he was a terrified teacher who just saw his father commit suicide and felt like his mind snapped, that's why he did drugs. He took over the duty upon himself to protect humanity while analyzing critically too that humanity was getting more off rails (which Akira did too, by the way, and reached a similar conclusion).

teenager, fuck. the professor meme of crybaby got me.

At the end when they re visit the dead kitten scene

Made me remember my late cat who died two years ago

>Je suis un Devilman aussi

>Forgetting Jinmen
If you read the manga, you will absolutely hate this fucking nigger.

>yfw miki kept rapper kuns glasses

Miko leave


I couldn't resist.

>Devilman was one of your favourite manga series
>Yuasa's anime adaptation brought in a bunch of normalfags who have polluted the fanbase worse than Jojo

Why can't we have nice things anymore?

You know why

Its a fucking mess after 5 episode

Im just really upset about it

At first I had good vibes and a mood

...but to end it like this? Its like someone buttchered your favorite painting

Now Im fucking sad and miserable again

Fuck you

Would never watch your shity chinese cartoons goddamit

>Yuasa allowed Warp and Neiro to survive and be together in Kaiba despite both of them being responsible for assloads of grief and deaths
>despite having full creative freedom over Crybaby he just decided to make it a full adaptation without giving it his own spin

Devilman had a huge impact on me when I read it years ago because it had such a sad ending.
I don't think a Devilman anime would be good without animating the Ryo and Akira scene at the end.

>without giving it his own spin
He made Ryo a Sociopath, Miki a Mary Sue, and Akira to side with humans, how that isn't his own spin?

I think he should've gone with the same theme of infinite cycles and possibilities that was present in Mind Game and fleshed out the theme of Earth getting another reset a bit more. Possibly hinting that next time things may go another way.

Why didn't ryo just fuck akira


>it was a waste of time
Devilman army existed because of that appeal. being overrun by negative comments also made it widespread giving it more exposure to other Devilmen,

>coach ended up being a Devilman

The only thing he wanted was to admire girls running in the track.

this. Akira raped Silene and he got away with it.

That's because she wanted Amon's dick.

This qt gone, forever

i'm sure the rest of the christian mom group echoes your sentiments

from akira to mugen in 1 episode

Did you actually watch it? Almost every response she got called her a dumb slut and laughed at her. It's the post that caused people to hunt her down, kill her, tear her body to pieces and put it on sticks and burn down her house.

Does Psycho Jenny have more character in the manga or OVAs?

I kinda liked her a lot sor some reason

too far

I really liked the scenes where the 2 hip hop group guys betrayed their members at the end. At first I thought it was kind of goofy and thought they had just wrapped up in the mob mentality but then I remember those scenes of Miko keeping that dudes corpse, and how the beatboxer found his sunglasses in her purse. I thought all of that was done well, it really was the whole show don't tell thing Sup Forums loves to preach about when it comes to anime.

> but then I remember those scenes of Miko keeping that dudes corpse, and how the beatboxer found his sunglasses in her purse.

Wait shit that was the reason they betrayed the others? Holy hell I didn't realise that.

She literally asked for it
And that's probably just how devils fuck in general

This series was fun to watch and with good OST/animation. Why are some Sup Forumsnons so buttmad about it.

It didn't occur to me until after I finished the last episode. Even though it did like 3 closeups of the guys knuckles with the letters on them, the scene where the beatboxer finds his glasses in her bag was like 2 seconds.

She's basically there to unseal Ryo's Satan memories. Maybe in the side series, but there's not much to her in the manga.

Because ever since anime became more mainstream in like 2009ish or post-naruto the elitists had to move on to the only thing left that normalfags won't touch in order to keep their creds. Moe.
If it ain't cute it ain't shit.

>Silene was Akira's first and only
mixed feels

Anime elitists are a joke.

Realizing there was no episode after the 10th one, and that was really the end.
Fucked me up real good, I'll tell you.

>Seeing the baton falling over and over, with the music playing, and waiting for the moment where Ryo would finally pick it up.
But it never came.

Akira crying over the dead cat at the beginning got me for some reason.

For me it was the scene with Miki trying to convince the world over the net that Akira was a good person and when that kid came to hug Akira. God damn it was cheesy but really got a reaction out of me.

Nothing because the show had terrible control of the emotional tones presented.

Crying at the show says more about you than it does about the show.

Who's this supposed to be?

The thunder guy silene fused with



ohhhh shit, now I see it

Go back to you Violet threads

But Satan is the reason he and Miki died? Why did he side with him in Lady?

>I'll soak your tits for you WAHEEY

That might've done something for me if it didn't seem so random. He doesn't ride his bike often enough for it to be relevant in a poignant character moment.

All I could think of was how much it looked like the EP of Angel Cop