Nobunaga no Shinobi

S3 confirmed.

>Chidori crying already
I'm not ready.



O-Kichou best girl!

My body is ready.


Nobunaga best girl.


So they will animate the chapter where Chidori is tortured [\spoiler] and the chapter where is backstabbed and near killed [\spoiler]

Only 10 posters, why so few people like this series ;_;

Nice! After the break I was worried it wouldn't continue.

Americans are asleep.

Why is she crying?

Thinken about tenka fubu.

So this will be a ryona season?





Nice, wanted to see more of this show.



Nice, I like the show

Sup Forums doesn't talk about shorts.
This could be one of the busiest threads the shows gets.

Hell yeah!!!



>barren wasteland

I hope Master Onsokumaru gets added in s3

very busy


Hell ya fellas


woah what the hell. why is it getting dark?

Cool, one of my favorite on-going shorts of these last couple of years. How long until they run out of material?

Nobunaga is based, I hope he survives the war.


I have yet to see a single NotBased Nobunaga.