Why do some people rewatch anime instead of watching new ones to clear that backlog?

Why do some people rewatch anime instead of watching new ones to clear that backlog?
Why do you rewatch some shows?

Usually when I watch a new show it's bad.

Some people just run out of good anime to watch and nothing 2015 onwards is good enough.

To chase that feeling of watching it for the first time

I sometimes rewatch some shows just to remember stuff about them, i have a pretty shit memory. 12-24 episodes long shows dont take that long to rewatch anyways

That feeling will never return, sadly

To understand something new about the series, for example Lain never ceases to surprise me, I always find something new out of it.
Also just because some series are that good, and I want to feel those feelings again.
Now I have been rewatching the monogatari series since I kinda stopped it in the second season after it came, and now I want to get in to the flow and remember what has happened so far.

>nothing past (insert arbitrary cutoff date here) is good
How much lube do you need to use to fit your head that far up your asshole?

Because they like them and aren't trying to fill some quota for their MAL, faggot


I'll rewatch random episodes of Samurai Champloo for the cool vibes. It never really gets old.

I get rewatching stuff once, but there are people who actually rewatch a show 5+ times.

I rewatch a Christmas episode of one show I've already watched every Christmas.

Cuz I enjoy doing it. Wait like a year, remember show, smoke a joint and get some genuine laughs all over again

Maybe not too strange depending on how long you've been watching anime. There are some shows that I've rewatched 3 times because I saw them as kid then teen then adult and then again for discussion purposes.

only time I rewatch shows is late at night when i'm trying to fall asleep
or when i'm drunk
either way it doesnt matter if i'm actually paying attention to it because i've already seen it

I'll only rewatch something I remember being great but I forgot most of what happened, which isn't usual.

Sometimes its comforting. Sometimes its been a few years, and you want to rewatch a show you realy like. Maybe a friend or family member wants to see what you like in Chinese cave paintings so you show one that you know is good instead of seasonal isekai harem #104736. Maybe its for your waifu.
Unrelated, ive rewatched all of Malcolm in the middle 7 times.

I rewatch old series that have a new and better release, or series that I just like to watch a lot.


If I have the DVD/BR I'll throw something i've seen on while multitasking and pay very little attention to it.

Other than that though I have enough attention span issues watching NEW stuff as it is. Couldn't pay complete attention to something I've seen before.

While I enjoy working on my backlog, if I think I would have more fun rewatching something, I do. It's about fun.

Some series are enjoyable to rewatch multiple times because of character design, music, action and other stuff.
I do this as well.

I rewatch shows that I enjoyed. Good shows are meant to be rewatched anyway. Instead of watching anything from the current season or completing my backlog I went so far back that I watched Area 88 and Gundam 0080 instead.

I'm not in a hurry or some sort of competition to complete a back log, add anime to a list to get to 1000 anime, or watch every show then s season to get episode reviews on YouTube as if it's a job.

brain problems thats why

Should be

>or watch every show this season to get episode reviews out on YouTube as if it's a job.

I rewatch most animes when I watch it with someone who hasn't seen it.

You can record exactly how many times you rewatched something though

Because clearing a backlog isn't as important as enjoying yourself and most things you'll read/watch hover around decent-enjoyment level, meaning you'll end up forgetting most of it 2-3 years unless you have very good memory.

Rewatching or rereading that one thing you love to death often offers better enjoyment value, provided you don't do it so often enough that it doesn't become as fun anymore.

Ideally you should watch an anime as it's airing, and rewatch it when BDs come out.

There is no time to rewatch shows unless is an iconic episode

My brain sometimes doesn't wanna take the risk of watching something just... horrible.

>Boku Dake ga Inai Machi
>91 Days
>Made in Abyss
>Houseki no Kuni

wow user, you sure showed him by posting all trashy shows

Huh. Usually people with shit taste like Houseki no Kuni. I guess I'm gonna watch it now.

It will if you have Alzheimer's!

>Not taking the risk to discover something you might like
I discovered many of my current favorites by taking risks and watching it while disregarding others opinions.

Maybe people just enjoy things enough to see it again?