Shokugeki no Soma

Chapter 247 spoilers

> “95 points”
>Before trying Eina’s dish, Momo grades it.
>Momo says if Erina had made a soufflé pancake then she would have given it 100 points, but her decision to make it a Dorayaki instead, ended up blurring the delicate texture and flavor.
>Erina maintains a calm expression and tells Momo that once she tastes it, she will understand why she was irritated.
>Reluctantly, Momo tastes the Dorayaki, and with the first bite, she gets captivated by the dish.
>Erina used a special Yoghurt for the Dorayaki. That special Yoghurt was mixed in the pancake, creating an even richer flavor. And this further complemented the brown sugar bean paste.
>She explains that if she hadn’t seen Tadokoro’s Doyaki, then she wouldn’t have been able to create it.
>According to Erina, Momo’s unique talent lead her to create 100points worth dishes one after another. She then saw an unknown light that doesn’t exist in the world she rules, so she wasn’t able to acknowledge that bright light.
>Even if it meant to abandon the likelihood to get 100 points, Tadoko’s fighting style to aim for 120 points is what caused Momo to get irritated.
>And this is the exact same experience Erina tasted with Soma.
>Erina then declares that she isn’t some Queen that just sits on her throne.
>Erina wins this battle 3-0.
>The remaining battles in the 4th Bout are, card 2 Tsukasa vs Isshiki, and card 3 Rindou vs Takumi.

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>Rindou vs Takumi
This kills the Takumi

>shit prediction
It's so stupid and cliché that you know I'll be right


Not that guy, but in your scenario I can only assume you're saying Rindou was secretly much stronger than Tsukasa.

>Rindou steamrolls Takumi
>Tsukasa wins against Isshiki

And then it will be just as the prophecies of old foretold
>Souma vs Rindou
>Erina vs Tsukasa

What? Where the hell does that come from?

I think the last round will be a tag match between the last two from each side.
>gives Soma & Erina more interaction
>gives the rebels a way to win against Central (because Tsukasa and Rindou’s teamwork could be terrible, or just worse than Soma and Erina’s)
>since Soma and Erina will both win, it is left ambiguous who is better, which can lead into Soma vs Erina shokugeki for the first seat right after

There hasn't actually been much ambiguity about that over the course of the entire series to be honest.


She'll stay alive in our hearts.

my thoughts exactly, it's too shounen a trope to have soma beat tsukasa

I dunno, I mean, Erina just beat the 3rd seat which is a greater feat than anything Soma has done yet, so there’s still a competition to be had there. Soma would obviously win from our perspective but not from in-universe I don’t think.

I'm not even sure what you're arguing since my point was the manga has never suggested Souma is better than Erina, and has suggested otherwise more often than not. It really hasn't been ambiguous.

Megurina is confirmed!!!

Oh ok, I thought you were saying Soma was obviously better. I don’t agree with Erina being straight-up better either though, and I definitely don’t think she would win if she battled Soma just for plot reasons.

Erina deserves better.

Why is there literally no tension in this manga?

Megumi or Erina?

She is and she would. For straight up plot reasons Erina will always win whatever their first match it. Souma can only win on a rematch.

>card 3 Rindou vs Takumi

I guess that would make sense if the manga is going to cover the next two years as much as it’s covered the first, but I’m not sure that will happen and I’m expecting all the main plots of this first year “saga” to be resolved before the second year starts.

Like if anything I’m expecting the elite 10 to be revealed as no more than big fish in a small pond so I don’t think they’ll spend too much time on that after this arc. But we’ll have to see

kek, even the nips know it was stupid.

>Rindou vs Takumi
A new ship will be born

The Titanic


Reminder that Rindou will drop out of the finals which will allow Soma and Erina to beat Tsukasa together.

Called it first.

not happening

>She explains that if she hadn’t seen Tadokoro’s Doyaki, then she wouldn’t have been able to create it.
Oh ffs when will the Megumi dicksucking end?

I'm with you

>it's too shounen a trope to have soma beat tsukasa
It's not shonen enough
That's why Erina will job to Tsukasa and then Soma vs Tsukasa will be the final match where Soma wins

Tsukuda doesn't want to diminish Megumi's efforts.

Yet he has no problem diminishing Hayama's and Dog's prowess
Fuck this biased cunt of an author

Soma will win against her and then Tsukasa will say that he will take both of them on at the same time if they want to

She's one of the main characters. But keep in mind Erina didn't had to use Megumi's use of dorayaki to overcome Momo's dish. She used the dorayaki to fullfill Megumi's win against Momo, otherwise she'd make a completely different dish.

Erina will beat Tsukasa
Rindou will beat Soma

Rindou vs Erina will be the finale

Swap Erina and Soma's matchup. The finale will be Erina vs. Tsukasa, not Rindou

>final match
>2v2 battle between Tsukasa+Rindou and Souma+Erina
>Tsukuda pulls another Autumn Election and they end up with a tie
>Charme votes for Central, Historie votes for the rebels, Anne can't decide
>Jouichirou suddenly shows up and challenges Azami to a 1v1 battle to decide who's the winner
>Azami accepts
>Azami tastes Jouichirou's dish and reevaluates his life, admitting defeat before they are even judged
>The End

That sounds gay. I hope nothing like that happens.

I don't understand what made many people think Azami vs Jou was a possibility.

Nothing gay about two healthy men taking a bite of each other's dish

They're dumb

You mean his dick.

yeah! How dare they throw faint scraps of praise to a character they've never let win or succeed at anything on screen!

>Hayama's and Dog's prowess

Literally who

>digging on your dick with those fangs

Ouch but also boner

Isshiki vs Eishi
Theme: Ginger

Rindo vs Takumi
Theme: Lobster

I'm going to marry Megumi!

The match was boring and predictable as fuck. Glad its over and we can move on the other 2 more interesting matches.

What kind of interactions between Soma and Erina you anticipate/ want to see in the final bout?

Rindou-senpai gonna be medieval in his ass

I don't give a fuck, I just wish it was Erina the one who gets Eishi but it's not happening.

You guys are setting yourselves up for disappointment.
Souma vs Tsukasa has already been set-up. It will happen, and it's unlikely anyone will beat Tsukasa before the MC does.

If Erina faces Tsukasa before Souma does, chances are she'll lose that match.

And don't say "MUH CLICHES". This is a shounen manga. They run on clichés, because that's what most of its readers demand.

What if Isshiki defeats Tsukasa and is then revealed to be the true final boss of the Regiment

why are they doing this bout separately? wasn't the rebels' strong point teamwork and helping each other while cooking?

Erina can take care of the pastry midget by herself, and there's no amount of teamwork that's gonna save Isshiki and Aldini

Because Erina helping the other two or the other two helping each other can end with all of them winning. You can't have that a in a predictable shonen manga, can you?

Isshiki vs Tsukasa feels so pointless.
They've been hyping up Isshiki as this godly cook for years but now the first time he fights anyone seriously and has a shot to show off his skills and specialty he's just going to get fucked up hard because Soma needs to have a rematch with Tsukasa.
I would have honestly preferred if he went up against Rindo, but I guess then we'd miss out on Aldini becoming flustered when she gobbles up his Italian salami and that wouldn't be any fun either.
The entire setup is just shit to be honest, it blows.

>Tsukasa vs Isshiki
RIP Isshiki ;-;

Nah, he's that cool and really talented senpai who acknowledges the MC, and serves to prop him up by the time a strong rival/antagonist shows up.

Anyway, even if he loses to Tsukasa, he's the one with the most options to take the First seat of the Elite 10, by the time this is over.

The outcome would still be the same but the other possibility that is Eishi/Takumi and Rindou/Isshiki is so much fucking better it's not even funny.

At least he's being treated better than Megishima. Dude is mysterious as fuck for most of the series and when he does show up, he loses his one real match ever. Yeah he beat Shoko but that shit was offscreened and no one cared about her. Isshiki had a decent fight against Julio at the very least.

when will this shit arc be over already?

No way, Eishi and Satoshi are the best chefs in school (that we know). Them having a shokugeki is the best matchup we could get.

Anyhow, I'm really hoping the finals involve pairs working on a single dish, rather than these 1-on-1s. That way Souma would get his match against Eishi, but Erina would get to shine just as much.

I'd rather they tie and get double KO'd and the final is Souma+Erina against Rindou who's secretly the Jou of her generation.

>Rindou who's secretly the Jou of her generation.

This shit again.

No, fuck you.

I don't worry about Isshiki's match, but what do you guys think of Takumi's match, like is it getting offscreened or what? Takumi vs Rindo is fucking predictable and Tsukuda spent 4 chapters on his match against Eizan so I don't see this match getting much focus.

Nah, Takumi will receive some modicum of respect, like Megumi did.

Don't think it'll be offscreened but it will most likely get the less coverage. Isshiki still has as backstory that needs to be told, so that most likely take up a chapter or two on its own.

We still need to see his training with Doujima, so yeah.

I don't think it will be offscreen, probably just a single chapter though. Enough to drive home just how powerful Rindou really is while giving Takumi a modicum of respect when she foodgasms for him.

hand holding

What are the chances Eishi and Rindou will take the jabrumis' place as the side protags of turn, after this arc is over?

They wiill graduate so who cares.


Cute keychains

One of these just doesn't belong.

You’re right, Hisako isn’t important enough to deserve one

Fucking flying tie.

I want the Rindo keychain. I wish Saito was popular so he could get some merch

What are your guys favourite chibis in anime.

Is that the new tsundere pose?

>The Food's Demon King's Blood Relative.
That's nonsense.
It should be
>The Relative of the Food Demon King

Do you think he can cook?

I wish Saito would get at least a VA.

I mean he is the head of a rich chef household for a reason.
That's like asking if Gordon Ramsay's kids can cook

How does this makes sense? Takumi vs Eizan was expected, but what relation does Takumi have with Rindou? They literally send him as fodder.

Since when you are supposed to have a relation to go fight an opponent.

there's 2 central members left to the rebels' 4. Soma's on break this round, Erina took out Momo. So Takumi has to take either Eishi or Rindou. And their strategy is that even if they can't measure up exactly, they have to try and wear down their opponent so the next round can win. So what exactly were you expecting Takumi to do otherwise?

They have to finish that exam that started 50 chapters ago.

Only Eishi, Soma, Rindo and Erina are allowed to have more than one win in the RDC. Everyone else either gets just one or in some cases none at all.

Takumi should have gone for Eishi to prove his worth, Souma's rival is Takumi's rival so the most logical thing would have been Takumi trying to beat the dude that beat Souma. And Isshiki would have made much more sense against Rindou, watching a Eshi vs Isshiki would be as interesting as seen a snails race.

Well, I guess that makes sense.

Top 3

1. Alice Nakiri
2. Erina Nakiri
3. Megumi Tadokoro

>Alice Nakiri

I could see that being in his character, but his cockiness has been reigned in ever since his loss to Mimaska- plus it's Erina leading the team and deciding strategies. Isshiki and Takumi are probably going in to this knowing they're just there to wear down their opponents- but what would be the better play here? Sending your highest ranking soldier to take a big chunk of stamina out of the lesser boss, and your lesser soldier to take a small chunk out of the main boss, or setting it up to try and take a sizable chunk of stamina out of both?

>grammar nazi

>better play

Sending Souma instead of Isshiki.

The best girl

Who the fuck are these people voting for Alice? She hasn't had any character development, nor has she done anything impressive since that one breakfast part. She's lost every single on-screen match she's been in.