Both best pretenders for AOTS made for streaming service site

Both best pretenders for AOTS made for streaming service site

Face it Sup Forums, Netflix overlords barely touched anime and they already winning

If they use 5% of their annual budget for animu instead pennies right now, we will have fuckton of series and movies made by best people in industry, other japanese studios without Netflix contract will produce only shitty otaku garbage for Japan market and of course Sunrise shitting out more Gundumb

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I love Netflix now.

Don't have Netflix so I have to pirate it.

Shilling is welcomed on I suggest you go there

i have netflix and i still pirated them

Why, I don't get that?

They fucked up Devilman hard, I couldn't see shit in the last two episodes.

Fuck off Stanislaw

Who did? The animators at Netflix?

Netflix baitfest continues? are you people getting paid to do this?

Holy shit you children really love to broadcast your shit taste

What's AOTS according to you?

The people in charge of encoding it for streaming.

OP here, me too because this shit can play 1080p only on windows 10 with edge browser which I have only on my laptop and when you try to connect it to big TV you get black screen

Fucking crap only get you 720p on Firefox and Chrome

I'm paying for Netflix only because my parents watch it on smart TV via Wi-Fi

Eat a dick poorfag, it's like 10 fucking bucks you NEET scum, just pirate like others and don't bitch

>Sunrise shitting out more Gundumb
Keep them coming,i say !

Everything else this season is stale and mediocre.

Darling in Franxxx.What else?


>waifubait with an Apocrypha-tier protagonist
Opinion disregarded.

sure shill

There is a limit to ironic posting.

>being THIS butthurt at being called out for shilling Netflix
We get it, now go back.


Devilman is fujo garbage.That's much worse.

>Thinking he's a richfag for paying $10 to middlemen
And we at buyfag are laughing.

> Both best pretenders for AOTS
What? I didn't watch Devilman, but VEG isn't even in the top five. Yuru Camp is almost a lock for AOTS.

>fujo garbage
It's really not.

>aots pretenders
>not Yuru Camp, Hakumei to Mikochi and Colors
Nie oczekiwałem niczego innego od polaczka który płaci za netflix.

Please don't make this season's shitposting even worse with this bait

>trigger show thats somehow worse than lwa tv and kiznaiver
Keep telling yourself that.

Maybe if they had Darling in the Franxx instead of VEG you'd have a point, Janusz.
Reception of VEG would be much better if people could binge watch it like Devilman. It's way too boring a show to be watched on a weekly basis.

>all you niggas getting flustered by that post
>"op here"
What did you expect

LWA tv was great. Great!

>polaczek, którego nie stać nazywa innych polaczkami
Garbage taste and garbage opinions, a match made in heaven.

>not Sora Yori

I mean I know some people have shit taste but come on...

>Implying VEG is made for Netflix when it also airs on TV

How did I miss this? Looks pretty good desu.

I just watched Violet Evergarden not really expecting much and I must say, I'm amazed.
It looks really cinematographic and not like a cheap season anime, every frame is managed with care and it maintains the general atmosphere without boring jokes.
It became my second favorite, being Yuru Camp first and replacing Overlord after this lizard episode.


It looks like horseshit though.

Devilman Crybaby is AOTD. Face it. It's going to be the title that takes anime out of the shadows for millennials. It's got huge coverage thanks to Netflix and is being loved by critics. Its history as a monumental franchise and massive pop-culture influence in Japan is becoming common knowledge in the West and adding to its critical pedigree.

Thanks to Devilman Crybaby and Netflix, anime isn't just for kids and losers any longer. It's now a serious storytelling medium in the west. Devilman Crybaby is AOTD.

>let's take some elements from cooler mecha anime without understanding what made them so great!
>self insert protagonist meets super special girl while she's taking a bath and he touches her panties!
>their kiss really turned me on!

>It's now a serious storytelling medium in the west

I like the new shows they made but I absolutely despise that Sup Forums now has become a target for professional shills like Sup Forums and Sup Forums already were.
You can say whatever you wanted about Sup Forums, but at least we never were a target for big corporations because they never gave a shit about us. With anime becoming popular in streaming sites, this place is one of the biggest in the Internet to discuss anime.
And that's how Sup Forums dies, with half the posters here being Hank shilling for Netflix.
Me too. I don't want more Netflix meddling in anime. I will give money for the series I like through overpriced merchandise.
If VEG gets any, that is.

This but ironically

But both are disappointing mediocrities.

>If VEG gets any, that is.
Get an artbook or key animation book. Pretty sure they'll sell them, I like collecting that kind of stuff and it gives a bit of money to the studio.

>deleted his post out of shame
I bet you browse some shitty polish websites like kwejk or wykop.

>tohou poster
>kyoani fanboy

starting to see the pattern?

If there's one I will. Are they up for pre-order?

It's way superior to what I have seen lately

Stupid Pole.

Fuck off with your studio wars.
I like VEG and I like devilman and several other shows airing this season.

>tohou poster

Too much tearing issues with netflix's webplayer.
They sold stuff at comiket

>the title that takes anime out of the shadows for millennials
What year do you think it is? I'm the beginning of the generation after millennials, and the titles that "took anime out of the shadows" for my age group were Naruto and Bleach a decade+ ago.

>5% of their annual budget for animu
>Netflix Content Budget May Grow to $8 Billion in 2018

Japan wouldn't have enough anime studios to keep up with it

Touhou is dead. Lick your Kancolle waifu now.

*makes donkey noises

Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho, obviously.

>I'm paying for Netflix only because my parents watch it on smart TV via Wi-Fi

Yep, sure!!

The year only have 17 day, wait for more, fags.

That's even more dead, especially since China made a ripoff that's actually superior (in terms of designs) in Azur Lane.

Kiznaiver was great.


Certainly better and more original than FranXX

Purple Perennialcopse is truly taking Seibah to a whole new level.

Netflix put lots of SJW bullshit into their original series

Will they start ruining anime with it soon?

>retards STILL believe that netflix had any actual say on the production of Crybabby

Millennial lost all its actual meaning long ago. Now it just means "people younger than me who I dislike."

You're the only retard here if you seriously believe they didn't meddle.



How would they meddle?

Show me a proof.

Except Netflix is know for not meddling.

Nice joke.

By making series western friendly.

Hello netflix viral marketers! How much are you getting paid to shill your company here?

'bout three fiddy


I am not which one should be the better one.

>>shit they called me out for spitting bullshit with no proof
>>better call them shils, that'll show em

>people younger than me who I dislike
thats redundant

An episode costs 3 million, 50 cours of anime per season adds up to 600 episodes, or 1800 million, or 1.8 billion, which is how much money the studios burn through per 3 months.

Netflix will eventually spend 5% of their budget on anime, and the industry can definitely keep up.

Go kill yourself shill.

Go back to school and learn proper English instead of watching cartoon, Zbyszek.

Dude you need to chill

It's not weird people buy shit for their parents

When I was still living with them I just pirated everything on external HDD so they could watch it later

This is just easier since they can watch whatever they want without my help

In my shithole we don't have Amazon Prime and other alternative is buying satellite TV which cost 3 times more every month for worse offer with 90% of channels being dumb crap filled with commercials

are you retarded

Woah there. No advertising here please

They give Yuasa free hand after hearing him out

You don't think they just agree or scrap the project after first 10 minutes, right? This shit can take months before team start working on series

How is it western friendly? It's a modernization of a 1972 manga.

You have to go back.

>An episode costs 3 million
maybe if it's Game of Thrones, you can get easily 12 episodes series for it

26 episodes on GitS S.A.C. costed I.G Production around 8 million $

I get $500 + exclusive Netflix hooker per post

Go away!

>mfw "costed" is now the standard past participle for "cost"
When was this retarded form accepted as proper usage?

It means you're supposed to pretend they're your AOTS, because you're an anime connoisseur with good taste and your real AOTS is totally not Pop Team Epic.

When ESL-ers discovered the internet with their smartphones.

When will neetflix fund despera?

Hope never

You can always get the novels for collection, even if you can't read it.