Something will happen

>something will happen

It will probably be some event in the gatcha, but you know, a man can dream. maybe shaft will finally give us more madoka

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>something will happen

Madoka guaranteed!!!

>something will happen

They are asking to guess what's going to happen and the most popular guess is "さやかちゃんくるか…?!", so probably just more content for their shitty game.

It is Madoka season three user. Stop being a hater.

why would anything nice happen?

>season three
Damn, how did I miss S2, huh?

Not hater, just realist.

Isn't that literally the kusoge's name? Why would you expect anything not related to it?

Just look at Homura in the background of this gif. She's not as passive as she seems. That is the look of a girl who has been embarrassed to dance in public for her whole life only to walk in an arcade and see a Kyoko dancing like a ballerina in a colosseum of angels. It's as if her soul was literally stabbed in this moment as she remembers her mom telling her she will never be a dancer. She will never be Kyoko. She hopes to one day prove her mother wrong but she knows deep down she can never replicate the art Kyoko has made on the dance machine and like every other day she waits... and wants.. but ultimately will never have.

I fubbed. I meant season two.

maybe kusoge anime

I realized now I need a whole episode of Homura's ballet dance animated in great detail. Then my life will be complete.

>new madoka project announced
>it's TDS OVA

would you watch it?

>Rebellion was 5 years ago
kill me

>new announcement
>It's most likely gacha crap.

Shaft is probably holding back any relevant entries to the franchise until 2020 comes around so they can milk it for another decade.

If it’s anything Madoka I assume people will watch it.

Eh, TDS isn't too bad. I wouldn't care about it, but wouldn't skip watching as well.

Urobuchi is done with Godzilla now so why wouldn’t it be Madoka?

Don't know it was pretty big deal in 2016, but it was a mess so everyone forgot it almost immediately afterwads

I’m going to cry if it’s Madoka

Madoka is dead bury it

he's not, it's a trilogy, he's writing two more godzilla films

If it was Madoka would they announce it with some kind of trailer or would it be too early?

he has to work on puppets season 2

It's about the game not the actual madoka series.

This. The Madoka story ended with Rebellion. Now it is only about soulless games.

Madoka season two airing the same year as Violet Evergarden would be hilarious.

a new madoka film was announced in 2015

Lurked some more on their twitter. Can't read Jap for shit, but everyone's mostly talking about some features implementation for the game. Like guild functionality implementation, some sort of ranking implementation, new characters, shit like that. Pretty much no mention of anything anime-related.

Nips don't expect anything crazy, so you shouldn't too.

Why release concept movie if the story ended?

Did you completely miss Rebellions sequelbait ending?

in b4 its something totally off the walls and is S2, causing everyone to go bugfuck nuts.

What the fuck he wrote that shit.

It’s too good to be true

of course he did

>a new madoka film was announced in 2015
Why? Rebellion ending was perfect for the series.

Hopefully if it’s not another season or movie they release the mobage worldwide.

They wouldn't do anything like that by placing an event in Japanese and making japs guess what it is.

I want to play it so bad though.

homura needs to be punished for her hubris
also, any excuse to give Sayaka more stand battles

You mean rewarded for her amazing decision making?

No I’m trying to think of what it could be. It couldn’t be another outfit or character for the game or something because they do those all the time with no major announcement. I think It really could be the next movie or season.

Actually this guessing game with prizes is a good way to promote the game. I played some Korean and Japanese MMO's and they do this all the time.

Been away for a while, wasn't there some work done on a "concept movie" a couple of years ago? What happened to that, anyway?

After the release of the concept movie there was absolutely no new information regarding it or any sort of continuation.

It was like a trailer for what could happen.

>homura needs to be punished for her hubris
Actually, I agree. I actually wanted Rebellion to end with Homura committing suicide as a witch without Madoka ever being able to save her. A new ending where Homura is transformed into a pig and tortured in hell for all eternity by the efforts of Sayaka would make me pretty happy too. Homura is a piece of trash, anything bad that happens to her is deserved. The thing that she doesn't deserve and never will is Madoka's love, especially after her betrayal. I want Homura to experience absolute pain and despair without release, I want her to watch as Madokami tells her how much she hates Homura and will never forgive her for what she did, then Sayaka will sent that demonic bitch straight to hell with her own two hands with the permission of the true Goddess Madokami. Homura's suffering is a joy for the entire world, she is nothing but a worthless pig that would be nothing without Madoka.

>I want her to watch as Madokami tells her how much she hates Homura
Not happening, goes entirely against Madoka's character.

>what is character development
There is no way Madokami will forgive Homura for what she did and what she turned herself into. Madokami must find Homura disgusting as fuck now, and for a good reason. I can't wait to see Madokami strangling that good-for-nothing loser with her own two hands, then absorbing her power to become even stronger. In the end, that is all Homura is good for.

Then play it, its not hard.

Don't you see, you are just projecting your angry sperg self onto Madoka. Empathy, learn it.

Repeat after me: Homura did nothing wrong. There are few objective truths in the world, that is one of them.

>magireco in the URL
At absolute best it's gonna be a spin-off anime, otherwise it's a pachinko or something about the game.

>Empathy for the devil
>Empathy for a good-for-nothing backstabbing piece of shit
>Empathy for an incompetent fuck who couldn't even kill herself like she should
>Empathy for a waste of breath who travelled through countless timelines without being able to make any progress whatsoever
>Empathy for a girl who only cared about saving ONE person out of selfish desire, only saving others when she had no other choice
>Empathy for a girl who would attack Mami without a second thought just because of her paranoia and hatred for Mami, unable to ever show empathy for Mami herself
How about no? I have ZERO empathy to spare for garbage like Homura. Madoka's biggest mistake was trying to be friends with her, she is nothing but trash. Homura is like these "friends" who steal your girl in NTR manga, she cares about nothing but herself and that will never change. She is a sociopathic bitch who needs to be put down and beat with a rough whip until her entire skin is blood red.

Only Homurafags will ever defend that cunt.

Kyubey was right. There is nothing wrong with sacrificing the few, to save the whole universe

Work on that self-esteem and stop posting on Sup Forums, Homura.

You got your point across. Yet without Homura this whole quartet was completely useless and would be wiped off, half of them dead half witches.

It's through her will and determination that Madoka was ever able to become Madokami in the first place. So in the end she didn't really do anything worse than what would happen without her at all.

Homura did nothing wr...

She is the hero they needed

Learn Japanese. By the time you finish, the game will most likely still be there making them money and the movie still won't be.

>people getting hyped for a new anime
>tfw it's definitely just them adding Sayaka to the game

Isn't Urobuchi busy playing with dolls though?

I still haven't seen Rebellion. Maybe I will when Butcher finally gets off his ass and finishes the story.

You should totally watch it. That ending is infuriating.

>Gen Urobuchi: Busy with Thunderbolt Fantasy S2 and the Godzilla trilogy
>Atsuhiro Iwakami: Most recent work is budgetary contribution to Devilman Crybaby, unknown what he'll work on next
>Akiyuki Shinbo: Directs everything at SHAFT, doing Fate/Extra and Zokuowarimonogatari this year
>Yukihiro Miyamoto: Rebellion director, working in tandem with Shinbo on most Shaft stuff
there WILL be a 4th Madoka movie. but it won't be for years.

Rebellion can be interpreted as the end though, so you should just go see it. Plus the next movie may never come.


For real though, when was the last time Shinbo actually directed something.

I'm gonna wait it out a bit. If there's still nothing by 2020 then I'll watch it.

can someone explain this meme to me?

I'll make another argument for watching it now, but of course ultimately it's your choice. Full experience of Rebellion includes a very long lasting aftertaste. Watching it together with the next movie that will never come may in fact ruin part of the fun for you.

better that nothing to be honest

Why didn’t they announce when other characters were added in such a big way? Also making that big of a deal for a character release in a game?

record magica, the mobage

autism never fade

He literally just finished Godzilla. He’s not going to do another one the second this one is done and Thunderbolt Fantasy and Madoka can be made because Thunderbolt is in production right now and if the new Madoka movie or season is announced it would most likely be for later. Also Inu Curry isn’t working on anything right now. You make it seem like it’s impossible for Shaft to do more than one or two anime in an entire year.

>shaft finished fate and gatsu no lion
>Zokuowarimonogatari is already announced for 2018
>something is happening madoka announcement
S3 confirmed.

The hell is wrong with everyone calling the next Madoka S3 in this thread.

You're right, seems my data was old, although Urobuchi DID do three Godzilla movies in a row, the 2nd airs in May

S1 is about madoka being a god and homu suffering
S2 is about mami being a pedo
After that comes s3. Its pretty linear.

They aren't autistic and know that S3 is simply meant to be "the third installment" and don't throw a strop over it

But why aren't people autistic?!! wake ga wakaranai yo...

Fact: long, bushy ponytails are the optimal female hairstyle. You literally cannot disprove this.

>Go to shaft site
>Few days ago kimono wearing Madoka was plastered all over the site
>Nowhere to be found now

Magireco's new year event is over, which is where Kimonodoka comes from.


that explains it, thanks anons



アニメだと思った?ざーんねんさやかちゃんでした! #マギレコ #1月19日

Funny tweet. I made a picture of it.

ha, now that's quality

Fucking Sayaka, stop ruining things

>mobage shit
It ain't happening, OP.
Rebellion sequel never ;_;


better version

>tfw it's just shitty magireco stuff
>Sayaka ruining everything again

>Announcement is posted on the game's twitter and not shaft's or madoka magica's
we should've expected this

>Madoka's gem is around her throat, symbolizing the weight of her destiny choking her
>Homura's gem is on her hand, symbolizing her loner disposition and obsession with doing everything herself
>Mami's gem is on her head, symbolizing her pragmatic personality and utility-focused wish
>Kyouko's gem is above her heart, symbolizing the altruistic nature of her wish and the love of her family that birthed it
>Sayaka's gem is above her womb, symbolizing ___________

>we're stuck with this garbage fanmade-esque movie that is rebellion as the last installment of the series

worse than getting sayaka in a gacha mobage desu