Shingeki no Kyojin

>Eren, come back home
>How is your husband Armin?

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>Have a timeskip and a chance to develop Mikasa
>First word out of her mouth is Eren

What's the point of making a thread, there's still 20 days left

What’s the point of posting if you don’t want a thread?

do you want her to present her college thesis in the middle of a battle you stupid faggot?

also, mikasa simply saying "eren" doesn't suggest she's somehow still obsessed with him.

I was under the impression that next chapter was supposed to be released late january. How can this be?

>ebin monkey didan hyped up for dozens of chapters jobs instantly to Levi
>aesthetic and thematic defining villain of the series is a sweaty boi who is btfo by two humans after falling for Armin's plan
>literally every titan killed offscreen in a timeskip
>warjobber btfo in 1 (one) singular chapter
>not even by world's strongest man Levi or by world's smartest man/walking nuke/god of destruction/guy the author modelled on his childhood love Armin
>btfo by Mikasa
This has really gone off the rails, and not in a good way...

>doesn't suggest she's somehow still obsessed with him.
Let's be real, she is still obsessed. And that's why she is the best girl.

Levi could not have done shit, if it were not for Erwin's sacrifice. Mikasa could not do anything alone, without SL provided planning and weapons.

>late january
Early February. Ch. 101 is january one.


>Eren... you're an uncle
>Jean is giving him a smug look
Fucking when


This meme is so fucking dumb.

I think it's endearing. There's nothing quite like having a bunch of tiny little retards following you around, clicking and calling you kween.

>Annie has shoulder length hair
>has to tie it up

>historia has longer hair
>doesn't have to tie it up
What gives

But Historia ties her's up on expeditions.

Really makes you think. Sad to see the manga fall like this. Muh nazis was such a disappointing reveal as well.

>not even by world's strongest man Levi
Mikasa is literally Levi, just younger and with boobs. Now that several years passed she should be on the same level as him

>walking nuke/god of destruction
I want to be called that one day.

nah Levi is far more cooler than yandere bitch

Levi has more boobs than her

>literally every titan killed offscreen in a timeskip
That's the only thing you listed that bothers me, the rest was just intentional or you're blowing it out of proportion. But even this was probably intentional, as soon as you understand the situation of the world, the story jumps and totally changes.

>warjobber btfo in 1 (one) singular chapter
>not even by world's strongest man Levi or by world's smartest man/walking nuke/god of destruction/guy the author modelled on his childhood love Armin
>btfo by Mikasa
I seriously doubt the WH titan is done for, she'll be back in the next chapter.

Please post more Fay.


Was Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou ever fully translated? I only found it up to chap 59 on goddess.

>only thing
Technology > Magic, what did you expect?

It's not that they were wiped out, it's that they were instantly wiped out in a timeskip. I said it was probably intentional, but it still rubs me the wrong way. There should have been like an entire chapter dedicated to that at least.

>an entire chapter dedicated to that at least.
I'm sure we'll have a ton of flashbacks.

Or spinoffs

Mikasa a shit.


>Edgefags got their grim reminder
>Gabi might become the new ragetard
>Eren got BTFO by the Warhammer in 1v1
It's not all bad

She is kill next chapter Jim

Reminder that Zeke last year will be full of sex, chains, tea and bamboo semen

>build up the WH hype
>lol kill it in less than a single issue
doubt it

The KINO levels of the story have already peaked with pic related
whats the point of going further

talking about Gabo there

What do you think will be season 3 unlockable in attack on titan 2 .

Endgame where?

right here

Anyone have that one fan art of long hair eren holding his hand out?

Keep dreaming fujo,Zeke will appear with a army of titan and kill 80% of the SC just like how he did last time
Until fucking Armin "3 cups God of Destruction Ultimate Master Tactician" Arlet appear,I really hope that's not the case

It didn't go off the rails, it switched the rails. It is just a completely different manga now. Time will show if this 'new' manga will be good or not.

>Not wanting the "CHARGE MY SOLDIERS!!!"
>Not wanting the "Shit! H-hayai.Is this Levi?"
>Not wanting the "Le Basement" reveal and see normies going full retarded saying shit like "Grisha was the leader of a outside society"
>Not wanting the "War is a bad thing" scene
>Not wanting a epic animated history of the "Great Titan War"
There still has some kino material left.

How is manlet and monkeyman kino? Literally the same boring shit as any other time he shares a panel with a didan. He BTFOs it and it isn't even close. Not kino at all.

>*dramatic closeup*

>mikasa simply saying "eren" doesn't suggest she's somehow still obsessed with him.
Well, she is still wearing the scorf

You mean the same cliche in every anime or cheap flick ever made?
Come on user that isnt kino.

It's really satisfying though, I can't wait.


The manga jumped the shark long time ago

I mean you can call it satisfying if you like. He gets his comeuppance. It was just another anticlimax to me. Oh, it's over in a single panel. Cool beans.

It went off the rails for over a year now

Eh, after the serumbowl everything afterwards seems like gold to me.

>Forgetting O MY OCEAN DREAM

>REMINDER Levi let Erwin to die because Armin's dream was more meaningful.
>Reminder this literally who got an even more heartfelt farewell

How are every Erwin scenes so fucking kino?

Because he suffers the consequences. He loses his soldiers, his arm, his life. He doesn't get asspulled back to life and ruin the kino.

Everything is gold to a fujoshit

Everything went to shit after Sup Forums arc and *koff*

The absolute state of snkfags


>muh nakama
What was Isayama thinking? That's some entry level shonen stuff right there. I thought he had pride as an author...

None of those come close to the Reiner and Bort betrayala

His love for Armong is bigger than any need to subvert tropes

It was surprising to see how many people were actually surprised by it. How come they avoided the spoilers? It's been years since R&B betrayal.

Because having it spoiled would completely ruin all of season 2

It was funny
>Zeke celebrates all the killing
>See the other titans dead
>Manlet appears suddenly
>Run away saying l-let's call it draw, Levi!
>Has ptsd
These two are funny together and I can't wait to see them again

Honestly, to me it was the only bad, or at least poorly written, scene of the manga so far (but then I'm an Erwinfag). Really enjoyed about everything that happened until now.

>Honestly, to me [x shitty Reddit-tier post]
Fuck off

When people ever cared about not spoiling someone else's fun? I remember people throwing spoilers around even back when season 1 aired.
It just puzzles me how it's possible at all? They must've been isolated from any information source for, what, 5 years?

When will the real queen of the world return in the manga?

Unless you aren't a huge asshole spoiling shit in facebook comments about the Season 2 trailer, there are little chances of spoiling people.

It's not like anime onlys normies frequently hang out in manga forums.

>It's not like anime onlys normies frequently hang out in manga forums.
You have a point.

Is that Petra?


*unless you are

>It's not like anime onlys normies frequently hang out in manga forums
I've known Reiner was the AT since the episde he rammed the wall
an the betrayal scene still hit me hard

Well yeah, the soundtrack, voice acting and visuals (aside from CG CT) were fucking fantastic.

Soon with her new husband. Reiner.

When she avenges her dead waifu.

Genki Gabbles is better than Jean, Sasha and Connie.

I don't think you can avenge a suicide.

She'll make a great wife for Falco

nice pasta, fag

Remove Falco. He isn't allowed to marry her.

You forgot the ER basement blind date.

Neither are you.

Armin had a good death that felt wasted with his resurrection, yes. But I actually enjoyed the shitty serum bowl drama that preceded it. The survivors acting like fullblown retards and turning on each other only made it better. And if timeskip Armin finally goes full Hitler it will all be worth it.

I should be because I love her and Falco only causes trouble for her. Falco should be dead but I need the new chapter to come out so I can see I think he will live.

Why did you expect Eren to act differently? He was still emotionally driven back then, and Armin just happened to be the person he cared about the most. Besides, Flocke pointed out how selfish his actions were.

Neck yourself you pedo

Uncalled for.

Having two pages of listing every one of Armong's accomplishments while showing a picture of Armin in the sunset was a little bit too much.

For fuck's sake what do I have to do to get Eren's fucking face recognized?

I want to impregnate Eren.

I want to impregnate Armin.

I want to impregnate Riener

I dropped this around the time Eren kidnapped by the armored and colossal titans. Is it worth picking back up?