End of evangelion

Why did giant rei grow wings?

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Devilman reference.


She drank all the redbull.

because *~SYMBOLISM~*

I first watched EoE at a college party in '10 when everyone else was smoking weed and having sex.

I left truly enlightened and confused at the same time.


Don't hang out with normies, they will never understand your feelings.


it's from a youtube video

I know, user. I appreciate the effort the guy put into it

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For years now, I have wanted to make a post-apocalyptic comic book/graphic novel focusing on Y2K actually happening, and on Dec. 31st, 1999 someone is watching EoE right at the part where Rei's wings come out but then the power goes out.

Long story short, 90's references abound.

>all those comments from kids who have never seen evangelion and don't know how to process what they just saw

Oh fuck, I never thought of that scenario.

They must be confused as fuck.

seems, really well done but i refuse to watch more than a few seconds on principle.

Because Rei is an Angel!

No one cares. If you actually make it maybe that will change, but probably not.

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EoE is the perfect ending for literally any fictional work.

Because she is an angel, come on.

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