What do you think of her?

What do you think of her?

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i want her to beat me to death with her shovel

only decent character in the cast

Tied for 1st place


I loke Rize too.

I don't follow this, did the zombie infection come back and kill her?

I'd like to know this too.

She doesn't deserve the suffering.

That's the best part

The manga is actually addressing this right now

Pretty cute for a zombie.

Garter girl was sexier

the power of christ will protect you, always

4th or 5th cutest girl in the series

Whaaaat? Noooooeh.

She's one of them. Guess, who.

>tfw you'll never be killed by shovel-kun

How do I get a cute zombie like her?

Just ask her out nicely.

Why is she so smug?

Post best girls.

>the choker is the reason she's alive, by preventing the infection from reaching her brain
>shovel-kun becomes new character in kabaneri s2

She alive bc she stronk



It's slowing her down, but she's absolutely 100% going to be A-OKAY and become the cute bride she wants to be.

Is that all just to touch her butt?

She can't climb ladders anymore (and also has a walking stick)

She's voiced by Taneda Risa, that makes her the best girl.

Rize a cute.

best girl