Dragon Ball Super

Do you think Goku will react as strongly to Gohan's elimination on Saturday as he did to Vegeta getting hurt?

Manga leaks soon


Pretty sure order of elimination was leaked as: 17, Gohan, Frieza, Vegeta, Goku

Yeah, he reacted really strongly when Gohan died. Goku is unironically worst dad and Gohan should confront him about his neglect. Chichi was a horrible mom as well for putting up with the emotional torture Cuckarot inflicted upon his own son.

So Jiren wins

Isn't it weird how Vegeta is more of a dad to Gohan than his own son, he praises him, feels proud for him, pleads him to train, apologizes to him, always mentions him?

Why are Saiyans so weird?

Leaks when bros
I don't know how much longer I can hold on.

Vegeta is royalty so he actually has invested interest in a stable family. Goku is a lower caste warrior with brain damage to boot, of course he's autistic to the max and doesn't understand family ties well.

>Isn't it weird how Vegeta is more of a dad to Gohan than his own son, he praises him, feels proud for him, pleads him to train, apologizes to him, always mentions him?
Excepted he isn't?

>Manga leaks soon

Leaks when?


Seriously? They're still not out?

Gohan will survive!

Cursed image

Gohan will be eliminated this saturday.

I have faith in Calvo Blaco



Name the last time Vegeta talked about Trunks (present) and the last time he talked about Gohan.

These spoilers have a history of being bullshit.
It may mean Gohan's eliminated but it may just as well for example mean that he shot at Toppo from far away and Frieza/17 are running at him the moment he begins to power up or some shit.

Probably not.
He'll be too busy talking to Jiren about why he wants to be strong and listening to Jiren tell him how noble and good and honest he is and how none of this is his fault.
Gohan will more then likely be crest fallen as he remembers the face of his wife, his baby girl, his mother his brother and feel like a failure.
Piccolo will put his hand on his shoulder smile at him and say "I'm proud of you son. You did your best and you fought with everything you had. That's the best that anyone can do". Gohan will shed a tear and he'll say "But it wasn't enough".


They were supposed to be coming yesterday you cunt.

Why did you lie?

Or Gohan is simply unconcious at the time...


This is a year old you cunt


This isn't a year old though

When is the best boy coming back?


wtf was toryiama thinking

>B-but you w-were lying!!! You c-cunt!!!
Retards underage BTFO once again

Freeza is gonna get raped again very soon. Are you guys ready?

New form -> larger fighting roster in games -> ??? -> profit
Super is basically an exercise in testing new characters and forms for the games.

The man who knew how to deal with feminism

So I haven't watched this since Kefla fused mostly out of laziness. Is it okay to pick this up again or is it still trash?


which one of you did this


That's Android 21 isn't it? Or is a lazy new design?

better then shitlifla

Why is she pink and wears Buu-esque clothes?

She absorbed kid buu or some shit.

What about the tail?


Damn, so no Vegito after all

She's also performing Solar Flare. She's supposed to be Cell 2.0 I suppose?

Jiren playable

how the fuck do you absorb buu?
he would fucking absorb you from the inside out he's literally living bubblegum

Okay, now I really want to fuck her.


Spopovitch know how to smoke a bitch.

Dang, there sure are gonna be a lot of smugs to add to the collection.


These side games have the worst OCs

Dragonball is nearly forty years old and has hundreds of characters why are they still making new ones?

Do you not see the picture

i see bikini

>Solar Flare


>lingerie Videl and 18
erect binoculars man looking at computer screen.jpg

Absorbing has always been weird. Like, we're supposed to believe that 17 and 18 were just chilling unconscious/comatose inside of Perfect Cell until Gohan gave him a big ol' punch. Or that Gohan/Piccolo/Gotenks were all made really tiny and somehow taped onto the "walls" of Buu.

Pretty much, shut up it isn't real get over it.

Maybe she absorbs all 3 of the main villains?

But they weren't

Purists please fuck off, she's far better than the likes of Bardock or Raditz, wish they'd add 1-2 more OC donuts with cool movesets.

>Everyone thinking she did some shit to buu just bexause she is pink but there is no MAJIN
her attire and tail point out she absorbed beerus

>out in three days

New dragon ball game for pc


So they're getting lazy and making 2D games again?

Tori's art is so bad.

Toriyama designed both.

>Kid Chi-Chi on the far right


DBH gameplay rip off


>gohan chapter
>no gohan

>Toriyama isn't that diverse with women

woah no way

Manga leaks are out?


Toei destroyed only with one page again.

>Gohan out before 17

Toriyama really has no creativity left in him.


cutegang leader looking good

>the state of gohanfags
caulifla gets his chapter moment

>this is unironically somebodies waifu

Who leaked this?



Her final design doesn't even look like that.

>Based Toyo humiliating Toei with only one page
Here we go again lads.





>leaving of last chapter ambiguously about gohan
>start it off with caulifla gang

Pretty Bulma.

>Gohan already in CHADHAN mode
This is going to be great.