So tell me, why does everyone love Rem?

So tell me, why does everyone love Rem?

I know she is perfect but, I just want to know specific reasons for why people like her.

Hey dynamic with Subaru makes her one of the cutest and most endearing couples I've ever stumbled upon in my 17 years of watching and reading.

She is the right amount of crazy that you find cute and scary.

Every thread until Rem wakes up.

I have never watched this, it's been in my queueueue for at least a year. Is it worth watching for Rem? From what I've seen, Subaru is insufferable as a character and I hate his face but am I just thinking he's worse than he is?

No anime is worth watching it for one character. Those are always shit.
Subaru as a character has sometimes the mental capacity of a brickwall, but it is enjoyable regardless. It's mainly the suffering of Subaru that's entertaining.

Subaru had a hard life. Then another hard life. Then another hard life. He can be insufferable but it's less of a character trait and more the result of what he's been through.
Rem is best girl and their dynamic makes them the best couple you'll see.
The anime ending is just something thrown in to make a conclusion since S3 wasn't happening.
Soundtrack gets really good.


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she's like a dog in human/oni form.


>Breaks down the door and announces presence anyway
>Refuses to fuck off
Tell me how it's different

Sounds like the average user of this site.

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Spot on

>mfw no prostitution doujins

Pure. Cute. Sexy. Kind.

>Rem is best girl and their dynamic makes them the best couple you'll see.
>I love Emilia
>I'll be your 2nd wife
Fucking lol no.

Newfags who started anime with SnK re:zero etc are weak to waifubait
re:zero is the new mirai nikki for ironic weeb

>Refused to fap to Rem because I respected her character
>gave in because of her top tier body
Am I slothful?

>Rem is best girl and their dynamic makes them the best couple you'll see.
Ferris and Crusch >>>>>>>>>> Rem and Shitbaru

Seems better than I expected. It's popular and all so it's hard to get a decent measured opinion here through all the shrieking about newredditcuksNTRshittier etc. etc. that happens if you try to discuss anything that even hints at being mainstream. Will check it out. I was thinking of making a Weiss Schwarz deck about Rem because someone is selling the cards for cheap so I feel like this should be the catalyst for getting around to actually seeing it. Cheers anons.

>shitposts this over and over again
>despite Subaru constantly calling Rem his first and only

>regurgitating secondhand information
Opinion discarded.

>despite Subaru constantly calling Rem his first and only
Citation needed.

>Envy: “IloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyou”
>Subaru: “...”
>Envy: “IloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyou—Subaru-kun.”
>Subaru: “—Don't, call me that!!”
>Subaru responds to the saccharine call with his fury provoked.
>That doting voice, behaviour, address, all of it infuriated Subaru.
>Subaru: “Who the hell permitted you to call me that. Don't fuck around. Don't you fuck around. Don't you fucking, fuck around!!”
>The closeness of being at his side.
>The affection in their calls to him.
>The sweetness of standing within distance to touch.
>The act of using that address for their interactions.
>Subaru permitted these of only one person in the world.
>—And that was assuredly not the witch standing here.
>Subaru: “Don't even fucking joke you grubby fucking witch. There's only one person that belongs to. I'm not handing it over to anyone else. Or, nope! Like I'm going to permit fucking anything to you. Do you think I'm going to waste even one strand of hair, one single cell, the grime under my fingernails in giving them to you—!?”

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The femdom


Best voice.

rem is smol!
rem is cute!
rem wants to have enough baby batter poured into her to have a whole soccer team!

We all are