What are your honest thoughts about Vegeta?

What are your honest thoughts about Vegeta?

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id suck his dick

Prince of jobbers


If TFS Vegeta was canon he'd be close to the top of my favorites.

I like Vegeta because without him we wouldn't have Trunks.

didn't those guy stopped doing stuff?
was it because of some dcma from funimation and or toei?

Well that Broly movie was only just a year ago. Last I heard they had to start doing Patreon or something because everything was getting demonitized.

things get demonitized for having the wrong opinion, youtube has really got down the shitter.

One of the shittiest shonen main characters ever. He pretty much turned good just because Toriyama willed it rather than feeling like a natural progression of his character and just like Krillin, randomly got himself a cumdumpster after a time skip for no reason and we simply have to accept without try to make much sense of it that somehow he both turned good and that there's a pussy that not only tolerates his autism but encourages it

girls love his type of autism, im actually not even sure it could be called autism.

it makes sense that bulma would go for vegeta.

>it makes sense that bulma would go for vegeta.
freking why?

he was the real insect, all the time

because he is alpha and girls love guys with that kind of asshole forceful strong personality.

she'd just grown out of her beta boyfriend yamcha, she wants a real man, along comes vegeta and wow, shes head over heels.

it makes a lot of sense its actually really realistic.

IMO, you can only understand Vegeta if you compare him to Goku.

Goku didn't even know he was a Saiyan until Raditz. Thus, his heritage and low class status never affected him. Hitting his head meant that he couldn't direct his aggresion towards merciless slaugter, so instead he became a martial artist. Being an alien, he never cared that much about interacting with society, so self improvement was all he had. Every enemy he faced was a chance to grow and get stronger. Every challenge was exciting because without challenge he'd have nothing to do. His simplicity isn't necessarily stupidity, but more like a subconscious form of solipsism. Goku had no roots, no values, no identity, so he built his entire being aroung his will to get stronger. And because he overcame every obstacle, he never felt despair or hatred, so he never had to harm others.

Vegeta, on the other hand was a typical spoiled brat, always praised, conditioned to feel superior and expect a brilliant future. Then, of course, Frieza happened. After that, his life revolved around two emotions: hatred and pride. Everyone above him (Frieza and his men), was a constant reminder that freedom and survival are earned by power and cruelty. Everyone below him (Nappa, low class Frieza men, Vegeta's victims), was a reminder of the consequences of weakness. With every kill, Vegeta saw a weaker version of himself in the face of his victims and learned to despise weakness. Fighting was never about improving oneself, but about survival and freedom. Fighting was always a tool for Vegeta, a tool to reclaim the things his father told him he deserved by birthright. He was a soldier, not a warrior. In this environment, his pride was all he could rely on, as his pride was the only piece of identity he had left, the only piece of his Saiyan heritage the world couldn't take from him. Unlike Goku, however, his fights weren't about overcoming his limitations, they were about dominance.

Vegeta never challenged those above him (the difference in power was far greater than the one between Goku and his enemies), and always destroyed those below him easily. He never learned to appreciate self improvement, so his self respect was a matter of push and pull. He was pushed by his disgust for weakness and pulled by his envy of power. He was a narcissist, requiring validation constantly.

When Goku beat Frieza, Vegeta lost his shit. Frieza was finally defeated by a Saiyan, which I'm sure Vegeta appreciated, but Goku care nothing about the Saiyan civilization, which infuriated Vegeta. If Goku had died on Namek, Vegeta would have probably been a completely different person, but Goku's survival meant that Vegeta could maintain the psychological forces that pushed him to the top, by replacing Frieza with Goku as an ideal/enemy to aspire to/destroy.

After Goku died, Vegeta realized that he was powerful enough to feel safe and that he could actually enjoy life for once. Even though he still wanted to surpass Gohan, I'm sure when he realized that Gohan didn't care much about fighting, that failed to motivate him much. Plus, he had a constant source of affection (and identity) in his family. Slowly, he lost his drive (and pride). And then, when Goku showed up, he reminded Vegeta of what it was like to improve yourself.

Vegeta YES!

because otherwise she would be raising Yamcha's child

Goku never stopped because Goku never needed anyone to motivate him. Goku doesn't need emotions or reasons to pursue self improvement, only willpower. And that's why Vegeta felt inferior, because he NEEDS to be pushed. Pride requires competition, willpower requires nothing. Of course, at some point Vegeta realized that he can't go back to what he was, that he does care about his family and Earth and that it's ok to be second best if the best is Goku (a Saiyan), so he sacrifices himself.

Now, Super kinda throws this character development out the window, but maybe you can argue that the Goku Black and ToP Arcs have awakened Vegeta's fighting spirit (by showing him how fragile peace is). I'm curious to see what Vegeta does in the future. Will he accept an ordinary life, or will he pursue greater heights (becoming the U7 Hakaishin or sth)?

he's a bad man

He is wacky

A relationship like that wouldn't have lasted more than a year. It is scientifically proven that while young women and girls loves bad boys, it is just for a short term sexual adventure or to cheat on their husbands because when its about a stable long term marriage, they prefer the so called betas who can provide for them both economically and emotionally as bad boys only are interested in a good fuck than in having a relationship.

So yeah, if something, Bulma should've grown out of liking vegeta once the novelty of this bad boy prince worn out. Hell, he's so much of a bad boy that it isn't until super flanderizes the personality of everybody that he starts giving a fuck besides sexual fucking for her. If this were any realistic, Bulma would've kicked his sorry ass out of her home once sex with him become stale and monotone

>A relationship like that wouldn't have lasted more than a year.
It didnt at first

>Goku had no roots, no values, no identity
He did though. Being adopted by Gohan was what kept him in check moreso than his concussion did.

They deserve it for making money off a franchise that isn't theirs.

in the end wasn't that what dragonball did?

True, but Goku doesn't define himself through his interaction wih Gohan. Vegeta is a SAIYAN, the last saiyan prince. Goku is just Goku.

They never monetize their DBZA videos. They can't. They only reason the can keep their videos up is that they don't put ads there.They only make money from their gaming channel, their anime review channel, their t-shirt shop, their twitch streams and their patreon. Which is a problem, because that doesn't exactly motivate them to produce more abridged content...

the only good anime reviews i come across are from people who dont typically do anime reviews.

Used to like him a lot when I was a teenager but now I think he is just a tool that jobs to a atrong enemy for his ku to beat. Pretty shit character but the little interactions with bulma, trunks and cabba still put him above goku who barely even has a personality now.

That thing isn't even human, so it would be interesting to know how it supposedly procreated with Bulma.

Better than Universe destroying Goku-Hitler. Sadly after good performance in Black Goku arc they made him a loser.

Flat and inconsistent piece of Toriyama's incompetence

Same way Goku did fuckwit

Goku fucked Bulma in the canon?

He is a faggot

we all saw what he did in that camphouse

He will never have the spotlight

essentially yeah
cool character but his purpose for years has been to job when it matters most, hopefully that'll change in the future but we'll just have to wait and see

He got lucky with Bulma
watch this as it explains how Bulma fell for Vegeta and vice-versa