What were they thinking?

What were they thinking?

What is this generic harem #30529?


Isekai Jesus

Yumina best girl.

Nothing really, just a relaxing and comfy adventure

Otaku have no standards

Fun things are fun

>What is this generic harem #30529?

An actual harem end with no bullshit.

>God literally calls your phone just to say hi.

By the numbers
We could assemble this things ins a line now

With the cliffhanger ending, there better be a season 2.

The white haired dude was in every OP, but they introduce him in the last 5 minutes of the last episode.

Hello Steiner.



The sameface is serious with this one.

Good things.

you're not supposed to watch it seriously. it was a brain dead fun anime

the tiger was supposed to be the cute pet cliche but HOW can they fuck it so bad

>He didnt think kohaku was best girl

I could have more braindead fun watching a better isekai with good characters like Konosuba.

Small tits

It was a fun brain dead anime. Haven't had this much fun in years.

But Konosuba's characters are so tryhard. Its like 'look at my I'm trying to be funny!' type of stale comedy.

I don't remember this.

>Harem Ending
That alone made this a better anime than most trash.
Besides, it knew what it was doing. It was just a fun simple show.

The harems with no harem ending and the sole winner was obvious from the beginning got old.

>putting Reimu in haremshit

just means you're closer to her heart

I legitimately liked it. It was funny, the scene with the bikes still makes me laugh. Honestly, it wasn't trying to be a great isekai series, it's a comfy comedy with fun characters.

Likewise. I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would.

Sometimes a gentle sail in calm oceans is all that's needed.

>whats satire

I'm confused on the harem. Did the cousin of the princess get with the group?

Eventually yes.

I do hope if there's a new season, that they show off the other 3 girls who will join the harem.

Season 2 when?

How to make AOTS and they succeeded

This shit is good

"How can we pander even more to our audience to milk them of money?"

my favorite show.
fuck you

It was fun and didn't take itself seriously which is good but you're putting it as your favorite? You've seen more than 5 anime right?

Can anyone tell me how the other 3 girls in the harem are like?

just another brain dead anime made for the sole use of getting money out of dump people.

probably "it's time to make the isekai to end all isekai's"

Best way to teach how to use a smartphone.