this WILL be AOTY

Mark my words.

>heartwarming emotionally-engaging story
>rich unique character development
>phenomenal production quality
>excellent voice acting
>terrific soundtrack
>facial expressions

I promise you will cry

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I am actually legitimately surprised by how good this is. As someone who has pretty much put off watching anime for a long time due to how shit they've become.

What's the story about?

look at all these filler adjectives without any substance

I dunno about AOTY, but unless they fuck it up big time, it's certain to be AOTS

>muh plot

u mom gay

is this yurishit?


I don't get it. Why is 宇宙 being read as そら and not うちゅう??

No, it's yorigood.

im actually jealous by how carefree these dorks are living their lives since i wont experience it in my life ever.

Wow, you guys were right. This show feels like K-On except they magically reach Budokan, plus a hint of Hanayamata-tier melodrama. I don't mind it though. I don't expect it to be 10/10 AOTS, so I definitely won't be let down.


why do you think we're crying during every episode

It's Japanese, you can write anything and put whatever hiragana over it you want.

phonetic equivalent

But it's not, though...? On and kun yomi are completely different, and I'm not finding much in the way of alternate readings. There are a few instances of 宙 being read as そら in the proper names of things, but that still leaves 宇 unaccounted for...

Tell me when Cthulthu pops in

No Cthulhu, only shoggoths.

more like you will be dissapointed if you hype it so much.
what is this, your first anime?

i agree it's pretty good so far though.

Can we have at least one OP that isn't bait?

It's a shitposter who makes these threads hoping to attract more shitposters
which backfires every time since most people actually like the show

Are we there yet?

All you AOTY posters won't even remember this show come December 2018.

I see only truths in that OP, no baits.

true they'll only remember TRUE masterpieces like PTE, Franxxx, Devilman, or VEG, right?


Just write a fanfic if you want it so much.


No like every other year they'll remember whatever aired in fall or summer

Why isn't there porn yet?

>It's a shitposter who makes these threads hoping to attract more shitposters
No one even cares about the show user, stop being paranoid.

Yeah this will be my aots, maybe even aoty. It's been a while since I truly enjoy watching an anime.

This is at least the fourth thread since the episode aired, and all the others went over bump limit.

Let's take turns raping Yuzuki's butt.

let's take turns stabbing you in the gut

Only two of those hit bump limit and even then only with a handful of posters.

>and even then only with a handful of posters
all me

The only way I'll deem this good is if there's a twist where the girl's mom is actually dead and not in Antarctica.

Basing that off of what those two older girls were talking about in episode 2.

>muh twists
>muh plot

>someone sincerely enjoys something

sorry I forgot we're all too insecure here to have a genuine opinion

>plot twist: her mother died while sealing the demon of a powerful antartic demon and now she embarks on a quest to find her. She first have to find the 12 penguin balls and fight off a powerful race of chimera seals that have mastered kung fu

Soon we'll have the exams/tournament arc

Are you okay?

haha I wonder which one will die haha dude memes xD cthulu lmao

This should play over the ending credits of the last episode.

I want to see your laughter when MCs stupidity kills the entire crew in Antarctica.

user, I...

What's going on, user?


cute legs

>the scene where she wriggles on the bed moaning


My only complaint about this show are the lighting effects

Everything looks like it's made out of porcelain

>last photo of the team taken before their disappearance

Grandma Kobuchizawa looks chill as fuck. Excellent eyebrows game too.

10/10 would drink hot tea with.

Not even AOTS. Not even top 5. Forgettable drama with thin otaku-bait characters and a gimmicky premise.

Are you in the right thread?

why are you replying to yourself?

Is this the thread claiming the shitty Antarctica is anything but a forgettable filler show? Yeah. Just responding to the OP. I think that's still allowed.

>what is the IP count
Lurk more.

>what is phoneposting in your falseflag thread
right back at you

>Comfy SoL with a great feeling of adventure
>Character manage to be really likeable despite being stereotypes.
>Good balance of drama and comedy

I'll remember this as the season Kyoani got outkyoanied.

You seem pretty paranoid.

Why does she sits like that?

>Comfy SoL with a great feeling of adventure
Can't say I'd call melodrama comfy.
>Character manage to be really likeable despite being stereotypes
Do you like everything? I'm not a fan of poorly designed characters who are completely cookie-cutter, but I guess people who don't watch much anime might find them novel.
>Good balance of drama and comedy
The inconsistent tone has been pretty off-putting to me, personally.

Do you think Shirase hug that big teddy bear at night pretending that it's her mom after she's gone missing?

She probably rubs her cunt against it.

She's not Yuzuki.

What if she is?

>likeable despite being stereotypes
>might find them novel.
At least turn your brain on before shitposting. Don't even deserve a (you)

But then who is this?

A penguin.


What is this?

Some new nip meme.

Is it autism?

>implies that the other guy hasn't seen very much anime
>proceeds to criticize the inconsistent tone

What's your top 5 then, gay boy? And i swear if you say VEG i'm gonna

Why are you so convinced that op is not being genuine?

Is it because

>gais gais aoty aoty
>not a bait thread

not everyone feels the need to hide behind 7 layers of irony

>enjoying things
lol faggot


That was someone else attempting to be clever

Check the archive, op has been posting this silly thread since the first episode aired


it HAS a story, that alone puts it top 3 AOTS


>>Sup Forums

Even if all those are true
>yurifaggots shipping the girls every thread
Would ruin it all.

Unless of course yurifaggots aren't watching this, because I see a weird lack of them in this thread?
What's the go with that? Is this not yurishit after all?

This is literally K-ON!'s charm tied to an interesting story and end goal. Never expected the show would be this good.
Both this and Koi wa Ameagari no You ni are my candidates for AOTS.

it's not yuri