So, everything came out, it's time to discuss what you are enjoying this season

So, everything came out, it's time to discuss what you are enjoying this season.

Is this a recommendation thread?

I'm still waiting for Spiritpact S2 to air next month.


Honestly that chanime was pretty bad, user. Are you that starved for BL animation?

This was better than I expected.

>homo thread on Wednesdays
Huh. I'm not used to this.
Anyways, I'm enjoying Ramens and Houshin Engi because I'm a shonenfag.

Boring season. Someone should sub Guda Men.

Honestly I was pleasantly surprised. Ramen looks it could be homo too.

I'll probably add some to the pile for when I'm in the mood for silly cute shit.

Some Chinese anime 2nd season are better than their 1st season.

It's already subbed by CR though.

>It's already subbed by CR though.
Thanks, found it.
Really bothersome name.

>Ramen looks it could be homo too.
Can't wait for when they're going to do the age-old "pretending to be dating" thing since the Kaji character is a crossdresser.

I'm aware what these threads are but I've just always wanted to ask: why this op pic?

>Trying to find decent Toya/Yukito arts in 2018
Shit shouldn't be so hard.

How does the guy on the right’s midsection work

>not It's time
Delete thread

Watching Ramens, sword boys, Junji Ito, Sanrio Danshi, Saiki and FranXX. It's already looking like a decent season, especially when compared to fall.

Can we please not OD on the swords this time? There's /cm/ and /blog/ out there if you can't wait for the episode thread.

Bretty good.

This just came out on Netflix.


The teal-haired guy reminds me a lot of him. Maybe it's the hat.

What's wrong? Too insecure?

Every show that can afford it's own threads should keep the episode discussion on them. We then come to the homo threads to homopost about the boys from said show. It's that simple.

>Top Deku
Pretty good fap

>Not on Ex
>Deleted on MRM
Fuck me. Did anyone save it?

Fuck, I read the first half yesterday and now I can't continue.
Why delete the translation but keep the raw?

That's because Toya/yukito is trash

Is there anything worthy outside muppet neet shit?
Sakura looks promising as always But I'm looking for a more traditional shounen with homolust

Some butthurt translator maybe? Thats why you always should upload stuff on ex too

>"I have shit taste and I must post"

FranXX feels like a more generic and more MORE heterosexual Fafner.

Not shounen but the miira anime has a cute MC and his friend.

The first episode of Houshin Engi was the biggest disappointment since Sailor Moon Crystal. I don't understand why Japan keeps doing this. Reboots shouldn't be treated like a chore, if you don't care about the source material then why even bother producing it in the first place? There certainly was no pressure from fans to adapt Houshin Engi so why would they pick it just to botch it in a single 25 minute slot?

I'll continue to watch it in the hopes it gets better (and for Tenka, since I want to eat his ass) but color me unimpressed so far. I don't know who decided it would be a great idea to stuff an entire volume of manga into a single episode but they need to smacked across the face.

It was pretty good. Bakugo was made for dicking.

I agree, especially if it's Deku.

The ones with Kirishima are good too.

I didn't like the first ep, but I want to give Trigger a chance. Kiznaiver was weird and I dropped LWA out of boredom, but I still miss their and old Gainax's animation style. If this manages to be even a dumb trainwreck with fun threads then I'm happy.

I was prepared for disappointment because of how long they withheld info of the staff, the studio and the number of episodes. Still it feels bad.

The pacing on the first episode was so bad that convinced me to never looks at it again.

It looks like a less fabolous Star Driver the /m/ in me still likes the outrageous mecha design so I will keep watching

I sense 02’s presence will be a disruption of the traditional structures presented by the show’s world. We can already see that Hiro is more the heroine than her. And the APE guys are clearly villainous, and they’re the ones pushing the heterosexuality the most.

FranXX could have been incredibly interesting if they didn't make the main "pairing" heterosexual. They could have kept everything the same but had the twist be that the main pairing be male/male as then it would have been interesting given the established world building.

>making heterosexual mecha shows
Trigger's biggest flop so far.

user it's not automatically good because it has faggots in it. Although it does make my penis happy

>had the twist be that the main pairing be male/male
Unfortunately they weren't going for the fujoshi audience.

The character designs are bad, the mechs look stupid, and the writing so far seems mediocre. If it had homo in it then at least it would have some redeeming qualities.
Surprised they didn't go for yuri bait either.

>If it had homo in it then at least it would have some redeeming qualities.
I'm with the user you replied to. Just because it has homo doesn't make it good.

I think it’s too soon to say what they did or didn’t do.

>Not male/male
>Not fem/fem
There's like a million harem shows this season to the point I can't decide which one is the worse.
At least they went with domFem and subMale, that's the one little thing to be happy for.

I'm not saying it would have been good if it were homo, I'm just saying it would have been watchable.
Watchable =/= good. I've watched a lot of objectively bad anime because it was homo.
We can only hope that they do.

Swords, Pedal, and a re-watch of Tiger & Bunny inspired by the recent announcement. T&B never gets old for me.

What homo-related figures are you all hoping for from the upcoming WonFes?

>domFem and subMale
Unless they go the shit-tier femdom doujin route and she becomes submissive because the MC is so special

To be fair homo (Even Yuri) could throw in some interesting dynamics, but of course franxx is mostly interesting to sell you magical girlfriend porn to the audience.

>doujin art looks good
>14 pages of set up
>2 pages of clothed fucking
>dicks and butts they do have are implied if not full censored

Gakuen Babysitters and Silver Soul Arc. Now reading some shoujo yuri and that’s about it.

No, Franxx actually has potential.
If you want the magical girlfriend porn for this season is BEATLESS.

He's honestly the cum dumpster of current shonen. The more bullied he is the better.

Yeah, to become the next guilty crow.

>Still not going full bara
That's your problem.

One can only hope, wildest ride I had until Valvrave

This. Deku/Bakugou, Kirishima/Bakugou, Kaminari/Bakugou/Kirishima.

The more people fuck him, the better it is. His body is pornographic and his attitude is made for bullying.

Literally perfection.

I'm not always in the mood for full bara man, there's plenty of otters and twinks who need dick

Is there anything going for the fujoshi audience this season?

>Kaminari topping Bakugou
>Kaminari topping anyone at all

I have serious difficulty picturing this but I won't deny it sounds fine.


I miss Valvrave, s3 never ;_;

It's fine if it both him and Kirishima double-teaming him.

Arrogant boys make the the best sluts. there's just something about then that make you want to force then to submit to dick.

Enjoy Pachinko.

I wish there are more Kaminari doujin.

Eh. Gakuen Babysitters, I'd say? Ramens, maybe, we'll see. VEG might go omnipandering, it also might not. Maybe I'm just watching the wrong shit this season though.

Could be worse. I was reading something and it cut out before twicest DP. It was a one shot too. The author hasn’t made anything since.

N-no thanks.

My favorite Kirishima/Bakugou doujin is this one. Bakugou was a amazing slut.

This would haven't been so bad if it wasn't for AOB shit. It ruining so many stories now.

Exactly. I'm normally not the sadist type, but arrogant little boys make me want to tie them up so bad. Have them beg, see all their pride shatter. Hnng.

Bara has the opposite problem, only few authors like Mentaiko can find the good balance. Also people bitch about Yaoi hands but less is said about bara bodies, the better it is.

You're trash.

There's no better felling than seeing a arrogant boy being turned into a dick addicted slut.

You guys know the academia boys are children, right?

>applying to 2D

>You guys know the academia boys are children, right?

And so is everyone else since we are all children of God. This is a Christian image board, user.

That's the whole point

If there's one thing that totally turns me off when reading doujins is when the artist draws penises as small, formless empty lines devoid of life and detail at all.

It's porn for christ's sake, and what's more erotic than dicks themselves? I want to be able to visualize them my doujins, not just a mysterious thin contour that suggests there should be something in there. The same way I want to see the characters with a nicely depicted body, their dicks should get as much focus. When was the last time you saw a meaty, tempting penis that made you drool in a gay doujin? They are so much more common in regular het doujins.

Yeah, children with abs and toddler faces, totally unappealing. I wonder what it is that people find so special about the characters and the show itself.

Anyway, moralfag you need to go.

>not liking shota
Here's your (you)

Straight guys love fat dicks more than anyone.

I wasn’t reading it for the story so I was disappointed there was no sex scenes towards the end.

Why is natsume such a slut.

You know, before your comment, I would've never considered Deku/Bakugou, since they hate each other. But now I'm imagining hate sex for them and I fucking dig it.

Trap Doujins are a pretty good compromise, that Nier Automata doujin with 9S getting fucked in the 2nd half mein gott

I know which one you're referring to, it was literally my fetish and I need to buy it.

Not him, but the characters in BnHA clearly aren't shota.

I think you might catch aids just by reading posts like this.

Reminds me of that RURI doujin in which Sosuke and Rin have absolutely thicc dicks.

God, so many god faps.

9s is such a cute. There should be more doujins of him. Especially one of him being violated.

>not liking the shota with abs doujins of BnHA
I don't even like BnHA but I can recognize a good doujin.

sharing huge veiny dicks is fun, sharing needles isn't

What are the shota doujins of BnHA? The characters look like 16-17 which it's way past shota ages.

When I think of shota I think of Killua or Laiton.