Anime only fags reaction to their's fight and it's result must be hilarious as hell.

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First for White Queen a shit

Too easy.

I want all the inevitable doujins to have Shiage saying that Mugino is too easy, for a Level 5

In*nus soon

I don't think there is someone on Sup Forums interested in Index that isn't spoiled about how that ends.

You'd be surprised when the anime starts airing.

They’re probably going to be wondering how he managed to do anything when he got beat up so bad he cried by Kamijou of all people. They’re probably going to say it’s an ass pull in order to force Hamazura into being the rival of Kamijou.

You'd be surprised how many people on Sup Forums just watch seasonal shit and forget. Or that refuse to read LNs. Not to mention, we've feed new people a lot of fake bullshit over the years to fuck with them (Mikoto, Kuroko, etc is DED), so they probably dont trust us

But he's not the rival of Touma at all MP. I know nuance is hard for you, but come on now.

Exactly my point.

I'm confused. Does MP want to be double-teamed by Touma and Hamazura now?
What a slut.

Actually, its strange that Touma doesn't have a rival character (until maybe Kamisato). Considering it's still battle shonen

Sounds like the bait you will be spouting instead.

Your point is that people watching will assume dumb shit and parrot it well past the point where it's disproven? Well actually, you got me there. It's Sup Forums after all. I'll concede that.

That's what I think appeals to a lot of people about Index. It's battle shonen, but it avoids a lot of the trappings of battle shonen. No tournament arcs, no rivals, no training arcs, Power ups are largely temporary (most get nerfed rather than buffed as time goes on), and while the powerlevels have raised overall, the MC's hasn't. Touma has to rely on others more and more because he keeps fighting people that are beyond his scope alone. And the escalation issue can be dealt with at any time because of his power. Touma can be fighting some high level shit one arc and then be struggling against some low tier shit like Agnese in the next, and it's still entertaining. At least, that's what appeals to me. That and I'm a sucker for psuedo science and the magic mythos.



Nice try, person I've never seen before

This needs updated with the new relevant. Like Othinus's hat, Crowley's 2hu costume, Lola's hair

Uiharu is pretty cute on your pic.

That’s all the Railgun hair products

You’re always relevant in my heart, Saten

Why did Index dye her hair?

Mikoto looks so good with long hair


Why did you post a bunch of random accessories?

I want to fuck this shotacon

It's okay, Himegami. Being in the spotlight is overrated anyway.

What if in OT15 Kakine had become Magic God with 100% chance to fail but didn't recognize it?

>the first spring festival event will be live, play the game get red beans and exchange them for various rewards
>Fruit coupons will be back in dailies Jan 2
>Ys cards rate up
>new soap functions and achievements


Which is bigger, the power gap between Accel and Kakine, or the power gap between Kakine and Mikoto/the rest?

Batsu gameo!

Kakine and the others very easily, the top 2 are stupid strong.

I would wager on the latter. Kakine's retardation proved terminal, but hes way stronger than Misaka.

Accel & Kakine are in a league of their own power wise, but sadly Kakine is beetle and angel obsessed retard who uses over complicated methods to achieve victory when Dark Matter has literally every application possible from replacing organs for a period of time to hijacking nukes more than likely. Mikoto hasn't realized her full potential but I doubt she'd be stronger than the top 2 regardless.

Kakine can do shit to Accel, Mikoto and the others can't really stop Kakine

Depends if you mean Mikoto with the AAA or vainilla Mikoto, with the AAA the gap between Kakine and Accel is bigger, without it the gap between Kakine and the rest is bigger.
Though, the #6 could surprise us and Gunha already demonstrated he can go against the the upper level 5.

I've always wondered if Pseudo-level 6 Mikoto can defeat Kakine.

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AAA Mikoto likely wouldn't even be capable of having a extended fight with Kakine

Gunha's powers are unpredictable as all hell and he likely can combat the upper Level 5's, but I don't think Nuitkoto is the best example since that's a temporary state and not her full power.

And what there would be between Kakine and current Accel wouldn't even be called a fight.

Depends on the timeline. In OT 3 to 15, the gap between Accel and Kakine was actually larger than the gap between Kakine and Mikoto. It's only after Kakine gets beat up learns from Accel's black wings, and then learns stuff like making infinite dark matter bodies that he actually becomes op. It's also incorrect to put the rest of the level 5's as close in power to Mikoto. Gunha sure, but there is a huge gap between Mikoto and Mugino/Misaki.

What would bat-su gemo with Queen be like?

Stop bullying the #2.

Pseudo Level 6 could probably put up a good fight against Kakine but I don't think she'd win. Who knows though, I really wish we got to see her reach as close to Level 6 as possible before Touma whipped out IT.

In NT19, it will finally be revealed that I, Anonymous, am marrying Saten.

Misaki sounds way more dangerous to me than Mikoto or even Kakine. Sure, she isn't much good on a straight up fight but she could easily control the world with her powers.

AAA is good when
>Aleister fuels it
>fighting nerfed Magic God with Aleister fueling it
>a person with understanding of magic is using it
>fighting weak minions
Mikoto only apllies for the last. It helped her against Elements but would do shit against actual characters that are stronger than her.

More like 10 people at a time.

What a coincidence, I am Anonymous too. Does that mean I'll marry Saten?

It was a fight though, Kakine had the right plan in trying to outlast Accel.

Are we trying to summon Kakineshit here now?

>too easy, Level 5.
Can't wait.

Misaki a pile of shit

Speaking of which, could Misaki control Kakine and Mugino?
I understand why Accel, Mikoto and Gunha could be immune but what about the rest?

The last time only worked because clones PTSD, he is over that now.

he got over that in the fight itself, that's not a excuse

danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1443595?tags=kamijou_touma sex


OT Kakine probably but then he must know about her and must have prepared some counter.
She obviously couldn't do anything to NT kakine tho.

That's one of my most anticipated moments, I can just hope for it to be well done.

So, theoretically, how would a Raildex TCG work?

I can't tell if Kakine was sandbagging or not in the NT6 fight. He didn't dodge shit, he didn't do anything to no-sell Meltdowner beams (as in, deflect or neutralize them). He was more focused on regeneration and stalling.

Anyway, out of all the bullshit Kakine does with his Dark Matter, the thing I can't comprehend is how it gives him super strength, speed and durability/defense. I get the regeneration, and the 25000 types of energy and modifying things like sunlight and wind. But somehow the strength, speed and durability still confounds me.

iirc he was like
>Mugino is no problem so if I just waste time for Accel's choker I can just sweep them

He wasn't really durable in OT15. He just had his Dark Matter shield, which is why he didn't get 1HKO'd by Accelerator in the first encounter.

I actually had the idea some years ago that we could make some,especially when it's pretty easy when we already know the effects of what each card can have,but then I gave up because I don't know how to make those cards.
We could easily though make it now with something like the YGO rules for summoning and etc and have stuff like:
Touma ATK:1000 DEF:2000
Special Effect: Negates the effect of the card he is attacking, can not negate more than one attack if he is attacked.

It's just that it is so much work to think of balanced cards with all the characters in.

Index Crybaby when?

I've been thinking, what'll they have planned for the next big anniversary? I'm guessing a bunch of reboot movies.

>I can't comprehend is how it gives him super strength, speed and durability/defense.
Think about it this way: what gives ordinary matter its properties? Why is steel harder and stronger than gold? The physical properties of substances comes from their chemical bonds and how their electrons are shared and distributed. Now Kakine's Dark Matter does not have ordinary electrons, protons, etc. but it does interact with normal matter and so has particles and properties similar to normal matter. The hardness and strength of Dark Matter simply depends on how Kakine arranges its structure.

I dunno why but:
Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On (Manga) Volume (in Tankōbon) #01
will be released on March 10, 2018.
Total Pages: 130 pages (at least more than 4-5 Chapters)
Publisher: KADOKAWA (March 10, 2018)
Language: Japanese
ISBN-10: 404893774 X
ISBN-13: 978-4048937740
Release date: 2018/3/10
>until now, there no more info about this release in any media or twit

>Such misfortune:
perhaps next Round 02 (Chapter #02) is not free to read online anymore:

Why the hell do any of us still read this?

Index Brotherhood when?

The problem with yugioh mechanics is that so many of the summoning methods require some sort of sacrifice. Which isn't really very fitting with the theme of raildex.
I think aomthing akin to magic the gathering's land based system or a mana system like hearthstone's might be more fitting.

New season is coming, user.


At this point I'm not even 100% sure that's a good thing.

That reminds me that I made some Raildex cards when I started playing around with Ygopro scripting a few years ago. They were shit and I don't have them anymore, but if someone has actually decent ideas, that could be used as a testing environment to get the finer details like balance right.
On the other hand, I already noticed back then that YGO rules don't really work that well with the stuff found in this series, so maybe it would be better to copy some other game or even come up with completely original rules.

More seasons is always a good thing, if they do poorly then they just never existed.

Well you can always fuck off.

True. Truth be told I'm more excited for the prospect of a Railgun S3 down the line than I am Index 3 itself.

I just don't know why they took this long. More Railgun is also good. Either way, more art/doujin as well which isn't as affected by a poor adaptation.

Who's that on the left? Does she have a name? Will she be relevant?

If IndexIII sells well there will be railgunIII, Miki has promised us already.

It is a grand Japanese tradition to pointlessly stall the hotly anticipated continuation of a popular anime adaption of an LN until almost all momentum behind the IP has dissipated and nobody's quite sure why it's even happening.

Surely, Himegami Aisa.

They seem to be the other extreme of Hollywood which has too many sequels and reboots. Why can no one get the balance between them right?

>Its another I have no clue how economics work but If I were in charge everything would be better/perfect

Oyakodon when?

As soon as we can get all of her sisters in on it.

Dunno buddy, Index 3 is gonna have some hype scenes. I guess the good part about Railgun 3 is unless they fuck it up you'll have plenty of Misaki scenes

They wouldn't even be able to fit all of them in a room.

>is not free to read online anymore:
Kamachi getting greedy for his two mistresses Junko & Estelle

Meh, their whole arc was handled badly. Kamachi can't decide whether he wants to be edgy or not, so he had him kill her only for her to not die, then they make up in an unconvincing way.

Japanese production committees are greedy jews who want to gain short-term gains as cheaply as possible, which is why they focus on merchandise and pachinko more than making a sequel.

I think that kind of testing environment would be useful.
I was thinking of playing around a bit with the concept of removing cards from play, since there are so many characters that don't kill in the series.
I thought perhaps having both a knock-out and a graveyard zone would be something worth considering. You could have two or three distinct types of monster/creature cars that will either send defeated opponents to one of those two zones.


>can't decide whether he wants to be edgy or not
Or maybe stories don't need to have one tone black or white and no more. Which is why you can have shit like Accel brutally torturing soldiers with no regrets and then act all tsun with Last Order.