Saves anime

>saves anime

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Looks like a baker.

fucking who?

he didnt save anime the last 5 shows, how will he now?

>I'm here to save anime
>Creates idol show

The best guy in anime for the last decade plus.
-Mind Game
-Tatami Galaxy
-Ping Pong
-Recently Devilman
And others.
If you're unfamiliar with him it may be because you're a pleb.

>the last 5 shows
>Devilman crybaby
AOTS so far
>Lu over the wall
Critically acclaimed movie
>The night is short
Best movie 2017
>Ping pong
AOTY 2014
>Tatami Galaxy
AOTY 2010

He's making anime ugly. That's not saving

>your favorite anime is Kaiba
>accused of having pretentious taste
Why can't we all just enjoy good things?

The only people calling Yuasa pretentious are butthurt moe otakus

I feel he's long passed his prime but I still enjoy his works and will continue to do so so long as he stays unique

Ping Pong is probably the best anime in the 21st century


I think you meant
I'm glad you liked it user. I personally loved the first 5 episodes VERY much, but I wasn't so fond of the latter half.

Fucking boo hoo, you have to go a whole 20 minutes without jacking off to a generic waifu. Do you even like anime for any reason other than fapping? Kill yourself.

I really hope his studio expands and some other people get to direct. I just want to see something fresh come up in this industry. I love Yuasa, in fact he's my favorite director. But the medium can't stop at him and it kind of feels like that at the moment.

Your post tells me you do. Waifu does NOT mean girl you inbread nigger.

My third favorite and one of my favorite works of fiction in general. I really want to see Yuasa work with an original concept like this again.

What on earth are you even trying to say you braindead chimp?

>I really hope his studio expands
Honestly, I'd love to see Saru do a collab with Shaft. I think Yuasas direction has natural synergy with Shaft's artstyle, and he just might utilize all the studios quirks to the fullest potential.

Seeing a SHAFT anime with actual motion would be nice these days.

It seems so.

-Mind Game
-Tatami Galaxy
utterly garbage
-Ping Pong
-Recently Devilman

Have a random image from my Sup Forums folder.

Don't give (You)'s to baits, user.

I liked kemonozume, think I gave it an 8. A common argument I hear against it is that the plot goes apeshit towards the second half and that the main antagonist is irrationally evil. I felt like the bump in crazyness was foreshadowed enough that it's not too jarring of a transition. Thoughts on that show?

His best tv work

>All that fun wholesome drinking
>That theatre scene
>Johnny the cowboy returns

You sure impressed me with your special tastes

The people who want to save anime are no different from Shirou in Fate Apocrypha


Since Yuasa pledged loyalty to the netflix jews his shows should just be moved to Sup Forums from now on.
Ping Pong is the only good show he ever made anyways.


>Sup Forums fails basic reading comprehension


Sorry I don't like plebbit directors

>everything I don't like is from reddit

Even mainstream publications praise it. How does he do it?

Will they force him to add interracial romance?

The only one I liked was Tatami Galaxy, and no I don't mind the art.

Crybaby's legitimately an improvement over the manga. The manga's just about a fag in the closet and the fag who wants booty throwing shitfits at each other while every else suffers. The real moral of the story is that gays are terrible, selfish people who'd sooner ruin the world because they're filled with lust but Nagai insists it was about war being bad. Crybaby is more cohesive and well presented even if there are some useless characters, though you can't complain about that in comparison to the manga where literally no one other than Akira and Ryo had any significance at all.

So, what will you ask to Yuasa on reddit?

I want to ask him why Devilman no Uta is so underutilised in the show.

shits on devilman*


obviously peaked with Ping Pong
it's all downhill from here

>6. The quality of posts is extremely important to this community. Contributors are encouraged to provide high-quality images and informative comments.

You know where they make quality posts?

On Reddit.

So it's completely unacceptable here.


*tries to save anime*
*destroys anime*

>your anime is shit

Please go back.

What was yamakan even butthurt about again?

This happens when you make anime for gaijin
> Kurose said that assessing DEVILMAN crybaby as an "international-level anime" is a "domestic disease." Also, he said that the show fails to utilize Japanese anime culture. He described the story, script, and direction as "quite awful" and said that some late-night anime are of much higher quality.
>he noted that people criticized his mention of the "otaku vs subculture" conflict. He explained that he intended those comments to demonstrate how Japan's domestic "abundant culture" can inadvertently become overshadowed due to concerns about the "outside."

Is it me or does he sound like someone who eats up garbage garbage LN adaptations?

I like his work, but I feel that most people singing praises for him are retards that can only appreciate anime that barely follow the conventions of the medium. The guy literally does Sup Forums shit, there's no spec of originality there, as his work barely qualifies as anime. And the style he proposes is absolutely disgusting from an aesthetic perspective.

They kicked him out of WuG S2

But he was butthurt way before WuG was a thing

He does sound like a butthurt otaku

his life.

manga is on another level

Still bait, but a t least you tried.

Basically, Yuasa cucked japanese otaku, working with netflix

Thank you for pointing it out user I nearly fell for the bait

since when did matsumoto get into anime????

Yeah but now he's extra butthurt and on a mission to kill anime

No worries. Keep on learning.

>implying i didn't fap to the opening scene of ep 6

Is your autism on the level that you can't accept people having any opinion that deviates from your little hugbox?

This, 100% agree,

Otakus are so autistic and scummy its impossible to defend them
They do shit like harassing Seiyuus in their private life
They see anime only as a mindless wish-fulfillment and fap material tool and frown on anything that tries to have compelling writing and artistic merit

Are any of them mad that KyoAni cucked them by working with Netflix?

>people think he likes LN's and otaku cause he hates devilman

He probably hates them even more. Most of his writings are about philosophy and art.

Dude seems so salty that people look down on trashy otaku shit and dont consider it worthy of getting international praise. Hopefully more western stuff comes out that pisses him off. B the Beginning is the next one.

'Haha' what?

Kyoani still has their normal visuals and its still airing on japanese TV.

>They see anime only as a mindless wish-fulfillment and fap material tool
Like it should be

The irony is that the Netflix anime catalouge consists mostly of shounenshit, with an occasional seinen manga adaptation.

I've never actually seen kemonozume being brought up anywhere in the internet until now.

For you.

Satan trips confirmed.

Yeah maybe it should get a TV airing. It deserves that much.

You know

I watch anime as a form of escapism too.
I can't blame them for being worried about the industry starting to cater to foreign normalfags.

it's really hard to explain in English but the critic basically meant Yuasa's anime is “hipster” garbage and praising his work as “no need to be ashamed” anime is a serious problem

I don't like the critic but he is not a typical otaku, more like he's one of the most hated people by otakus

i wont make a quality post if some idiot come with some ridiculous lies about yuasa being a genious when his actualy a mediocre director.

Don't get me wrong I like me some escapism from time to time too but those people shouldn't act like autistic assholes when people want to use an artistic medium for different ends, if anime never changed then it would have always been just WW2 propaganda and kids shows
As long as there is a market for otaku anime than there will always be otaku anime

It's not Yuasa who's prententious - or at least not his anime - it's his fans.

Until the market is too small because it's being engulfed by everyone els

Is the translations for the tweets bing or something? It's stiff as fuck, and doesn't convey the meaning of any of the parts involved right. It's basically unreadable. Is there any charitable user able to read the original tweets?

>“hipster” garbage
Are old ultraviolent OVAs hipster as well? I feel flattered that watching M.D. Geist is a sign of my sublime taste now.

There is NOTHING hipster about Okouchi's original writing. He's as otaku-friendly as it gets.

original tweets were translated in an old thread...look in the archive


I think I get where he's coming from but I still find the argument stupid
Devilman crybaby is far from being the most symptomatic “no need to be ashamed” anime. Hell, most of the stuff that would fit that description like Miyazaki's stuff is hated by otakus too


What about Shinkai? I don't think anybody had a fit over Your Name being a blockbuster for being mainstream and readily-eaten by normies.

But what does he mean by that? Devilman apart from the artstyle which is way more conservative that most other styles Yuasa has used is pretty much just the Devilman manga. Is he really just upset about the fact that people praise it and then shit on normal otaku anime?

>Manga is about war, stipidity of the masses, mad science
Seriously dude? It was more like "don't make weapons because demons will take you over and use them against you". And humans didn't even lose their shit until demons started fucking SUICIDE POSSESSING humans in broad daylight and waged war against humans around the globe by the thousands. The demons are literally the ones that launch nukes in the manga and Russia's PM is even a fucking demon saying he wants all out nuclear war and launched nukes at countries all over the world only for God to step in at the LAST minute and then turn all of fucking Moscow to salt.

If anything Crybaby had more nuance about humans destroying themselves. In the manga the devils are pretty much responsible for everything bad including driving humans to the point of absolute insanity.

Again, Devilman Crybaby is a wild ride, it's so trashy and full of low-key black humour moments. This is what makes it great. But I can't imagine anybody associating the aforementioned qualities with anything 'hipster' or 'subculture'. Maybe the definition in Japanese is different.

Its the artstyle. Yuasa rejects or just chooses to not use conventional anime artstyles. He doesnt explain certain things and sometimes just leaves out exposition. Its completely different from how other anime work. And this rejection, I believe, is what pisses this critic off so much. The rejection of the japanese-ness of anime. Shinkai in comparison created something that was way more conventional and digestable. It looked like "anime" is supposed to.