How come nobody wants to date her?

How come nobody wants to date her?

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Can't compete with the knot.

How come you make so many threads about her?

They realize she's crazy due to that weird and pointless hair pin she's always wearing, and you don't stick your dick in crazy

Dekomori does, and so do I.

Shinkaspamfag is PROPER mentally ill

I confessed to Shinka through email and am waiting for her reply

At least 1 user wants her. Probably more.


What's her email address?

>be me
>trans into a dog
>she still won't date me
Wtf you guys told me she's a dogfucker.

Ok so what's the hype with her. I watchet Chunni she was cool but whenever I see threads they are very often focused on her alone like it's her show. Also what's with the dog loving meme?

They're Shinka haters trying to slander her.

It's literally one guy obsessed with her.

There's a dude spamming shinka all day, everyday. That's about it.

Half of those list of Shinka threads you make every day were unrecognisable to me. There's at least 3 of us.

Shut the fuck up, Shinka spammer.

How come there were no shinka roleplay threads when OP was banned for 3 days?

You shut the fuck up you autistic Shinka stalker.

Kill yourself.

>being this much in denial

So that's for the first question. What about this dog loving joke that I saw many times. Some doujin or just someones perversion ?

In the show a dog really likes Shinka and licks her all the time. That's where the meme is from.

The mods shut down all chuuni threads after some fucktard spammed her last Friday.

I'm not talking about last friday though. Also
>The mods shut down all chuuni threads

>There's at least 3 of us
All trapped inside the same head

Here's the last roleplay thread

[email protected]

>after some fucktard spammed
You mean (You)?

Oh yeah now I remember something like that.

What exactly made Shinka and Rin the ones that got a respective turboautist fall in love with them? Toka and Makoto are way hotter.

He's probably a masochist, given all of the "I want Shinka/Shiburin to beat the crap out of me" and general femdom posting with those two girls.

I swear on Shinka's life that wasn't me.

It's the hairclip.


It could have been you trying to get her banned from Sup Forums for all I care, I'm not about that life.

>no u
Kill yourself.

shinka actually does not need to be banned from Sup Forums at all just you do

If you cut me off then you'll get the spam like last Friday more frequently, I'm the only one keeping her in check.

>I'm the only one keeping her in check.
Stop roleplaying, you fucking autist. You're the one spamming her and the only problem. No oen wants to ban an naime character from Sup Forums, how autistic are you? Only you need to die.

Honestly why are you like this? You gain nothing from spamming threads about her.

You're playing with fire here, cut off the hydra's head and 7 more will appear. That one particular imageboard on tor that I can't name is just waiting for me to take the fall, not happening.

>more roleplaying
Take your own life.


Is that a threat?

Her most well known doujins are dog fucking

You laugh now but you'll regret it when I leave.

>Also what's with the dog loving meme?

Fuck off, faggot.

>shinka spammer is a raid autist
where do we go from here

You can't tell me an adult makes threads like that.

I'm no raid autis, I keep them at bay. I should be a god damn hero.

No, you do nothing besides roleplaying and threaten to raid us with your other personalities.


I don't have any other personalities, they're real people.

Inside your head, now fuck off.

So, let me get this straight. You spam several Shinka threads everyday, so a bunch of fictional people can't spam several Shinka threads everyday?

I made a thread announcing her departure earlier this year and she still got fucking posted, she even had like 4 threads up at once. I had to take back control.

Because you made all of them. Just take your life and there won't be anymore problems.

>admitting to be the shinka spammer
just epic

I could die a million times and she'll still get threads.

Yeah, regular ones, not the roleplaying shit you do.

I like Shinka and her clones


What regular ones? You consider every Shinka thread to be spam don't you?

No, I consider yours to be spam, because they literally are.

I've seen you miss the target too many times to trust you, you just hate Shinka.

>I've seen you miss the target
Literally what are you talking about?

>you just hate Shinka
Boogieman more faggot.

>What regular ones?

First page is complete diarrhea, except . That's a regular one.

The autistic lists that you make, a lot of them aren't mine.

>The autistic lists that you make
What the fuck are you on about, you roleplaying faggot?

I hate these fucking pandas

I made that.


>I made one ok thread which justifies dozens of shit ones since then
I hope you don't actually believe this

Her Shinkas are not that big

But you said other Shinkafags don't exist, which is it?

>other Shinkafags don't exist
Where did I say that? There's one (1) Shinka spammer which is (You). I never commented on how many Shinkafags exist or not.

So it never occurred to you that one of the other Shinkafags could have made a Shinka thread?

I never said that didn't happen, where are you pulling these strawmans from? I said from the get go that you're roleplay threads are the problem, not people liking shinka.

Why did you reply to me?

Did it ever occur to you that I'm not the only one making them? I might have inspired them but still.


>Did it ever occur to you that I'm not the only one making them? I might have inspired them but still.
Yeah, but then I realised that you are the only one. No one else is as obsessed and when you do get banned which is very rare, suddenly there are no more roleplay threads. It makes one think.

Bullshit, there's no way you could actually know that unless you monitor the board for Shinka threads 24/7. We're anonymous.

Guys please stop, we are all Shinkas and we shall act as one

>Bullshit, there's no way you could actually know that
>several threads get made daily with the same cancer template about Shinka
>suddenly stops when one ban is given out
>there's no way you could actually know that

that's like asking how do people know about the rinautist, are you okay?

But apparently I'm you and you're me, we've become some kind of hivemind.

Absolutely impeccable argument.

Fate is a very popular franchise.

>Fate is a very popular franchise.
I wasn't talking about fate

>Absolutely impeccable argument.
Because it's true.

Tohsaka Rin threads?

why are pretending to be retarded now?

We may all be Shinkas but I am more Shinka than you.


What are you talking about?

who else has a dedicated autist like shinka for a character called rin, you retard?

Shinkanism is not tangible nor measurable

Like I said, Fate is very popular on Sup Forums and the old men joke are kinda a staple of the culture. It could be anyone making those threads, not my concern.

[email protected]'s rin, you giant faggot

>doesn't care
>shitposts for over 1 hour

>[email protected]'s
and why should I care about idolshit again? I don't know where you're going with this.