Flip Flappers


>"Are you collecting the sharts, too?"
>14-year-old girls sound like 40-year-old women
Why can't English dubbing studios do anything right?

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But Papika is a 40 year old woman.

Good to know Papika has the silky smooth smokers voice I always pictured her having

Popika was better.


I watch dubs for masochistic pleasure.

>sentai filmworks
Well, there's your answer.

Don't post anything ever again.

Are there only ~five female american VAs for anime? Because it seems like I am always hearing the same fucking voices unless it's always different people who all sound the same.

this, Sentai is utter garbage at their job, the fact that the nips can't understand English well enough to parse the good from the bad is the only reason they get licenses

rainbow dash :)

niuch niuch niuch
Expected it to be way worse and what the fuck is that Chuunibyou title

I just started watching this last night and am currently on episode 4. It's good and I remember seeing claims of AOTY all over when it was airing but how did it actually sell? This is impressive for a relatively no name production company with only 5 or 6 titles under their belt and I'm wondering if these are more former Gainax employees because it almost feels like Trigger without the edge. Between this and Princess Principal, do you think this studio will survive or fade into obscurity?

PriPri sold decently. 3hz will be fine.

But the most important thing is: how would you collect Papika's sharts?

>how did it actually sell?
One fractale

S2 when

fuck this meme

I absolutely 100% expected Brittney Karbowski to be voicing Yayaka... but she's voicing Papika instead. Not sure how I feel about this.

>Yuki's voice

lmao she said she was collecting sharts


That's what we call a cross between a shit and a fart round these parts.

Always sub
Never dub

>>"Are you collecting the sharts, too?"

I see it's being adapted for a primarily American audience

If they are looking for sharts shouldnt they go to walmart?

I will watch the dub because I am a spic. Since I am a spic, I am automatically dumb and a yurifag (male and ugly, jajajajajajajajajajajaja).


I watch the first time in sub and while im doing some other bullshit (ps4) ill listen/watch it in dub. Dub is only useful for multitasking unless its a really fucking good dub like cauwboi bebapuu or DtB.

why would you play your PS4 and watch anime simultaneously?

You're not supposed to "multitask" entertainment, you're supposed to focus and actually fucking enjoy it.

You should slit your wrists.

If im searccing for a matchmaking ill turn to anime, if im playing ill listen to it.
I did. I watched the entire flipflappers then on my rewatch it became background noise.
Your a big guy.

Fuck off, manchild.

you're a really weird person. if you want background noise just put on music

Don't ever watch Flip Flappers again.