I expect nothing and I'm still let down

Episode 37: 我が母なる樹 – Waga Hahanaru Ju
(The Motherly Tree)
Playmaker uses his ace monster, Excode Talker, to counter Spectre’s Sun Vines. In order to finish Playmaker off, Spectre evolves his Sun Avalon into its ultimate form. Having driven Playmaker into a corner, Spectre delivers the finishing blow against him...

Script: 広田光毅 || Hirota Mitsutaka
Storyboard: 髙田昌宏 || Takada Masahiro
Direction:: 髙田昌宏 || Takada Masahiro
Animation Director(s): 荏原裕子, 横田明美 || Ebara Yuko, Yokota Akemi

Repeat it with me

Check the catalog

>that OP
Thats a shitty thread

People claiming that is now shit just because their waifu lost are retarded

It was shit from the start. Yusaku is an bland fuck, Go is nonexistant and Revolver is a joke


But it took all the girls being killed to make everyone realized it right? Aoi and Ghost Girl were mostly jobbers, and with them out
>Go doesn't exist
>Revolver makes Leo Akaba a threat
It was doomed since the start.
Also can you give me a link to 2ch? I want to see what are they doing and if they are bashing Yoshida

Nips are spineless as fuck so I doubt they are saying anything but wwww


For some reason Aoi's death triggered a lot of Twitterfags. Is she really that popular?

>the guy who got FTK'd during his first draw phase
nah no one can be as bad as that

YGO manga was a masterpiece
GX was shit
5D was good and then went filler shit after the first main arc
Zexal was shit, but became consistently better till the end.
Arc V kept flip flopping from very good to very bad to very good to very bad
and now VRAINS is consistently mediocre with bland everything.

>killing the only two female duelist within 5 episodes

Yoshida could have been more subtle with his irrational hatred for women

Funny, that doesn't look like blue tears to me

reminder boyos

Did Leo ever do anything besides react to things?

>wasn't ready to save me

That's a rematch flag

Yes. her deck is the highest selling one of the Vrains characters, she's the one we see in these vrains ops all the time and the nips really only care about her.

Man, Emma and Aoi's defeats were both humiliating and insulting. Didn't both of them lose because they suddenly forgot how their decks work,too?

the theme of Vrains is that Inet sucks and you should go out and enjoy nature and stop destroying tress

Why does Yoshida hates writing female characters to begin with? Does he really hate women in real life or is just like that only in his stories?

She didn't evaporated immediately after breaking her (digital) neck.
It's still something.

>Yes. her deck is the highest selling one of the Vrains characters
also the strongest decks because they can run max hand traps and still have good main deck engine

What the fuck is up with this writing.
Like holy fucking shit what were they thinking.
>we need a sad backstory
>no it's not sad enough, we need to go sadder

I think he said something about having no idea what to do with them or how to write them. Fucking it up THIS badly takes some special talent, though.

Calling it mediocre is giving it too much credit

I would say is just straight up disappointing now

>Didn't both of them lose because they suddenly forgot how their decks work too?
they both lost because BUY FLOD
>Trickstar has EIGHT new cards, rivaling the Yusaku cards

Yes, card dimensions, create a technology far better than SOL ever did, have a son that is actually competent, had a cute daughteru that split into four sexy girls (Serena being the better one), raise two semen twins that play extremelly hardcore.

Is there anyone else even in this show to job?

NINETEEN LINKS in 35 episodes

Screenshot please?
At this point I just hope is just bad writing

At this point Konami should have a writer change too if they could change the director, unless they hate money

people will still eat this shit up anyway because idol cards

Specter is probably the first ever interesting character in VRAINS.

How much this hurt?

Only if you have brain cancer



The only way Konami can ever make up for this is to have Yoshida publicly executed at the next jump festa





if this nigger is so important why doesn't he do something?

I think I even prefer not having female characters like many other shounen, having them just to humiliate them is pretty shit.

What the fuck happened to this show

It was never good

Fucking nothing because he was still asking some wannabe idol to save him


>GX was shit
Opinion discarded

It just got a dose of GX drugs.

I think this goes beyond not knowing how to write a female character. Most people just write a male character with a vagina and it works out better than this shit

>muh woman
fuck off if yoshida killed go instead you faggots wouldn't be mad

Fuck, I hope Go doesn't job too.
I miss having someone other than the protag and rival be competent.

>stopped watching for a few weeks so I can binge the episodes later
>read this thread
Fuck. Is there any hope for this show?

Goukis aren't selling, also Aoi was the most popular character, they can't be THAT stupid

Pretty sure there are a few Go fags, but of all the characters in here the only ones who are really interesting are the two girls that jobbed, Akira who is far more interesting that the fucking MC, and somehow the chess pieces have more interesting things.
It's not about just woman, they couldn't even develop Playmaker right and still go "MUH REVENGE MATTERS" shit, I seriously hope this changes otherwise I will only return here just to shitpost

meet nini nana 2277

I never get tired of watching this, what a joke.

His design is so fucking retarded

The threads have been kino since Blue Angel pissed the bed. I wish I could say the same for the show itself, but at least now we finally have some memes. That's something we've lacked a bit until now.

It’s steadily evaporating with each new episode

Of course he'll job, there's no one else to fight other than Revolver at the moment

Nothing, just waifufags overreacting
Ema and Aoi losing doesn't mean they will be irrelevant for the next 120 episodes

>37 episodes
>female characters never did anything dignifying
Just how easily do you expect the series to break the pattern and redeem itself.

If there was a god there do be a doujin of someone raping her while unconscious right now

if she log out... will the hymen restored?

As a Go fag I would have preferred if Go replaced BA instead because then he would have some relevance instead of not showing him at all for 3 episodes straight like he got killed off screen

For comparison's sake
By DM 35 Yugi had
Gaia the dragon champion
Black Skull Dragon
By episode 35 Judai had
Flame Wingman
Thunder Giant
Shining Flare Wingman
Rampart Blaster

By episode 35 Yusei had
Junk Warrior
Nitro Warrior
Turbo Warrior
Armory Arm
Stardust Dragon

By Zexal 35 Yuma had
Baby Tiragon
Utopia Ray
Melomelody the brass djinn
Muzurhythm the string djinn
Temtempo the precussion djinn

By Arc-V 35 Yuya had
Rune Eyes Pendulum Dragon
Beast Eyes Pendulum Dragon

Someone tell Yusaku to calm the hell down

>implying you can have a worse backstory than this

Aoi won against that red haired woman and saved a bunch of people

>blue angelu
>a virgin

there is probably an option to when making your character to make them pure or not :^)

And any development from that arc has just been flushed down the drain

Rinse and repeat

>literal whos

looks like a Kindom hearts nobody

>Dino DNA

About to watch Zexal. What am I in for?

They can't let the good guys win literally every duel and PLAYERMAKER-SAMA of course can't lose.

good faps, bring an extra few boxes of tissues

No respect for females.

>beat a woman
wow so good

I feel like Go is going to be the new Joey and get an unexpected win in this arc.

It was trash, and too much shit to get through just for one good season

More like Who, amirite or amirite?

b-b-but she also beat that bot

I hope these aren't mutually exclusive.

>up until now he never gave a single fuck about hanoi and their reasons
>all of a sudden he asks why they are fighting

Oh no, not at all.

>character in yugioh
>not being inconsistent

are you new or something?

fellow gofags, our time will come. we have to be patient.

>Akira who is far more interesting that the fucking MC

Imagine how saved the ygo franchise would be if we had a businessman siscon as the MC instead

but muh revenge

>Its fine as long as there's people flinging shit at each other over how bad the show is

Arc V fags everyone

What if he is? What if Yousuck is a red herring and Crazed Imouto Salaryman is the real MC?

aoi is so fucking shit

who hurt you?

>(Serena being the better one)
Admittedly none of them were good. Serena was a reckless idiot that caused more harm than good and never once improved in anything despite all the hype towards her. Rin and Ruri were literally side character despite the show claiming they were important and the only they they accomplished was Rin beating Yugo(even that that ended up being pointless), Ruri being confirmed Yuto's eyecandy and basically the only reason Shun had any relevance as well as a pathetic mercy win. Yuzu at least contributed something before getting lazily shafted.

theres nothing wrong with hating idol trash

>only saying the truth
>implies being hurt

fucking waifufags

>Samefagging this hard

Vrains is so fucking shit

still better than arcv