Prediction on which episode the Lizardmen arc will end at?

4 if they have any sense

I like vol 4 but there's no way to fit 5 and 6 well otherwise

Something new on Nigel's blog.

This is Suzuki Satoru-san, a salaryman in his thirties, hopelessly addicted to video games.

Say something nice about him.

He has excellent bone structure

>everyone likes the succubus more than the vampire

I will never understand you people

It will be episode 5.

The albino lizard is cute.

This. When will my beautiful Shalltear-sama appear again?

Aside from the chair scene? Season 4.
Incidentally, what would happen if Madhouse keep the lizard fucking but cut out the chair scene just to fuck with us?

find a flaw

Can't wait for another 4 episodes each with 15 minutes of lizards dialogue I don't give a shit about.

I know right

Traitor, needs to be converted via furious mating pressing

Too young to breed.

Female Dark Elf (Male)


Reminder that Ainz is a child murderer.

5 most likely.

It was Aura who mindcontrolled Shalltear.

NW have no levels. Only NW characters that were reviewed by Nazarick entity have levels on their character sheets. When Yggdrasil character appraises NWer - Game System shows him an approximation based on races and jobs that existed in Yggdrasil. When there is no corresponding job or race it tells you 404 data not found, as with Hamsuke. Tia and Tina obviously do not meet Yggdrasil requirements of minimum level 60 for Ninja job, meaning they don't actually have Yggdrasil Ninja job, system just chose closest thing to it that was available in Yggdrasil.

2 seconds aggro isn't mind-control.

No way they'll leave it out. They already did the scene where Albedo says she needs to be punished to get her out of the dumps because of her guilt.

tomboys are a stale fad

As soon as possible


Idgaf, I want more papa bones.

I wasn't talking about the likelihood, just what the reaction would be.

What a victim indeed.

I'd say Episode 4.
Then they have around 5-6 episodes for Sebas' arc, and another 2-3 for Yaldabaoth.

Was this ED a spoiler?
Also OP fucking when?

I love whoever made pic related, it's my favorite aspect of Overlord.

Not to my dick they aren't.

Renner being a straight up monster and manipulative as fuck is something they tell you like the second time she shows up, so not really

I want to work in Demiurge's farm, what should I have in my portfolio?


Poor Ainz can't catch a break

Healthy skin is probably a plus

it explains overlord pretty well

I wonder what Ainz was thinking when he gave Fluder this Ancient Egyptian occult fluff back from Earth. It's supposed to be a manual for Pharaons during their journey to Gods after death, so it has a lot of occult info on souls and the like. But how does that supposed to help Fluder uncover mysteries of magic? It's not like any occult fanfic suddenly turned real in NW right?
For those who still think that Ainz gave Fluder race change item - he didn't, even moonrunes for those two were different.

Gloves dont fit.


I thought they were using sheeps

its because the vampire is a loli and most people aren't homosex.

so most people prefer a woman over a boi

Why would he have a book about pharaos back from Earth? That makes no sense.
I have no fucking idea what is being used in Nip but it being some class change item to become a low level undead works perfectly in its context

As one of the most powerful liches I'm fairly sure Ainz wouldn't be concerned about death.

Nigel already translated it at the usual place?
Sasuga, nigel-sama!

>I want more papa bones.
He won't show up until like episode 8 or 9 user.

Design wise Shalltear wins out for me, but I don't really like either of them to be honest.
Their character just completely ruins it.

EE can probably defeat Cocytus by flying high above the battlefield, her bug spray does %HP damage after all.

He gave him an impossible task because Ainz is in over his head already and not prepared to take on disciples

Is there one for the maids?

He will show up again at the end of Ep 4 when the war is over


Nazarick library had a lot of literature back from earth and Tabula Smaragdina was a big fan of occult. Ainz also comments how the book is "tome of occult knowledge" and reads random passages from it, being surprised what that shit about souls and clouds even means. It's an occult tome back from earth rather than a race change item or Ainz wouldn't even bother to read it.

Despite the warnings from LNfags, I'm actually enjoying the Lizardmens. I think the traveler is a neat character and I'm liking the interactions so far between the lizards.

She doesn't have enough mana, even in the Entoma fight she didn't spam it but kept it as a counter to bug summons.

>gave impossible task to Fluder
>gave Yggdrasil bow to Neia, told her it's runic
>Told Crush she'd take Zaryusu resurrection away if she betrays him
Is Ainz a hack?

he's a fraud

Her level is probably too low to bypass his defenses. And it is not as if he won't do some bullshit air slash fuckery where he swings his sword so hard it sends shockwaves or whatever.

Why is papa bones purging lizardmen? Is he trying to make YGGDRASIL great again?

Thanks. I'll look forward to more Entoma I guess.

Knowing this series Fluder is going to do something incredible with the seemingly useless book and discovers an entirely new school of magic or some shit, everything always has to play in Ainz' favor after all

No way Cocytus doesn't have some immunity against it, or long range attacks like just throwing an icy spear.

>I'll look forward to more Entoma I guess
----------------I'm sorry.-------------

I hope 3 or 4. I did not like it

Best part of the series is Ainz doing awesome shit purely by accident and Demi subarashiing his pants.

All she will really do is get BTFO by measly adventurers so don't get too excited

Even in the lizardman arc where he is massively holding back, he dealt with the ranged guy by impaling him with a ton of icicles and at the start of the fight he erects big ass ice spikes to draw the line of engagement. His frost aura can go into massive ranges as well since he had to limit it to 25m to not hit any fleeing lizards.

>Fludder discovers how to disconnect the soul from the body by reading ancient Egyptian tomes
>transfers his soul into a cute young girl and becomes a permanent member of Ainz' harem
Make it happen Maruyama

What does user think of Valkyries (male)?

>Told Crush she'd take Zaryusu resurrection away if she betrays him
Well, he can use greater teleportation, divination and silent instant-death magic. In the end the there is not much difference

Of course he is, that was clear since volume 1.

This is definitely what will happen, but add some sasuga Ainz-sama.

>lawsuits incoming

I would enjoy it elsewhere. maybe in isekai shokudou. I tune in to overlord for oolong and over the top supreme beings stuff. There are not that many eps so it constantly feels like time is stolen from something better.

Well she won't die at least.
None of the major characters die in this series anyway.

Two main reasons:
He wants to see if the guardians are capable of growth/learning.
He wants to see if using lizard corpses gives different/stronger undead when raised.

The point is that there is no spell that ties his life directly to her betrayal. He'd have to find out she betrayed him and kill him afterwards which he can do easily, but the thing was a bluff to make her feel like he'd instantly die as soon as she betrays Nazerick.

Shalltear would be more popular if she lose the paddings and have pride in her delicious flatness.

Ainz notes that his defense against low-levels attacks is pretty shit, and anything that goes bellow level 60 is nullified. Cocytus will have better defenses and resistances. Also, since EE is a mage and Cocytus has great strength stats, he can probably just throw rocks at her and kill her without using any skills.

did Ainz ever revive lizardbros brother and the other tribe leader?

Ainz is all about different races living in harmony together.

Yeah, he pretty much revived all the named lizards later. They mostly just dick around and do nothing of importance though besides Zenburu I guess.

Well I don't think they could have skipped or shorten this arc anyway, could they?

Presumably yes, Smart Chieftan delivers Ainz a report in volume 11.

>To prevent a betrayal, I will cast a special magic on the resurrected Zaryusu. If I think you have betrayed me, I will end him immediately. It must be troubling for you, but the resurrection of Zaryusu is not something you can get in a fair deal, right?”
There is literally no difference, he needs to find out first (or suspect it). Ainz never said that it would be triggered by her betrayal, just that if he suspected it, he could end Zaryusu's life from any place, which he can actually do.

welp, that didn't take long. from neet teenager, to homocidal ruler. he really doesn't feel remorse anymore...


>It's a daily lifes in Nazarick story
Sasuga, Nigel-sama

He was a middle-aged salaryman, not a neet teenager. Considering he was a drone in a Japanese corporation, it's not surprising that he lacks both empathy and a soul.

I mean, they are pretty close to regular every day monsters in his mind. Lizardmen are something he must have killed countless times while he was playing the game, it's not like they have the form of humans.

>he really doesn't feel remorse anymore
Early in novels, Ainz himself comments on this. That unlike his human self, he doesn't feel any emotions when he murders people, be it individuals or thousands.

Aura is best girl and will win the Ainzbowl.

Wha the fuck am I watching?

>racial diversity
>God's chosen people = Nazarickeans
>false flags
>spying on world leaders
>above law and morale
Sounds familiar.

>unlike his human self

He's never murdered people in real life though, maybe he's been dead inside for a long time now and just never had a chance to test it.

the setup for something great

I don't like how smooth Crusch looks in the anime. She doesn't even look like she has scales anymore.
Originally they are just supposed to be very smooth and delicate, not strong enough to ward off even the sunlight properly. Here she just looks like she's naked.

autistic screeching

What's the point of having a mating call when you've evolved complex speech?

All hail Nigel sama

She doesn't know she's competing yet, she's an innocent child.