Dragon Ball Super

Leaks are coming and Gohan Bros risk their lives this Saturday.

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So much hand slipping.

I don't think the hands were all that slipped, user

Why is Krillin so happy to see Freeza?


He knows better and has realized Freeza has just redeemed himself and is going to be a fellow nakama from now on.

>anime: Gohan is being defeated next episode
>manga: apparently Gohan was going to be the focus of this chapter (going by the end of the previous one) but based Freeza and U6 saiyans steal the chapter

Poor gohan

Freeza was the first person to penetrate him.

>Gohan is being defeated next episode

Why is Alpha so based?

He's literally saying "Goku!", he probably don't even concive the idea of Freeza being there so needs a few seconds of processing why the fuck his best friend bring up the guy who killed him

>"Everyone wonders where Goku is. He must be having trouble recruiting Yamcha. If Yamcha won't come, Tenshinhan says he'll go get Chiaotzu. But then, of course... "

From herms

I don't see what's wrong with that.

Good time to remind you guys that Ultimate isn't a fucking transformation, Toei is just as retarded as it was for Tapion's movie.
The bang shit is ridiculous for a half saiyan (aka a person with hair that CHANGES its style), the only detail that always was consistent in the mangas, BoG and RoF is that when Gohan is under the effects of elder Kaioshin's magic and can use its full potential, his eyes got a more serious looking even when he's not making a fierce expresion (see pic related for example of Goten/Goku/Gohan's eyes and Gohan's eyes when he can use its full potential, similar to SSG Goku's eyes or UI eyes). No matter if Gohan is fighting studying or drinking (like is see at BoG of EoZ), every time Gohan had these serious eyes, he was able to use its full potential, the only time he lost these eyes after Boo arc was at RoF, when he LOST the ability to use its full potential. Basically every Gohan with serious eyes is "ultimate" Gohan because ultimate Gohan isn't a form, is just a Gohan that can use all his power without transforming.

Manga Goku didn't negotiate with Frieza. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole fight happened off screen.

Who knows, Maybe Yamcha would've done a good job in the tournament. You never know.

>Freeza is in hell thinking about killing Goku
>suddenly Goku appears and beats the shit out of him and kidnaps him out of hell

>Maybe Yamcha would've done a good job
Absolutely nobody would have doubted that in case he actually made it to the ToP, you know.

Hopefully he doesn't look as much like a weak little faggot after the timeskip

Even based Toyo can't draw a trainwreck of that character good.

Caulifla is so awful no one can make her look decent.

I think the bang is more to symbolize how much power he's putting into it. Remember when he tried to go super saiyan and while he didn't change appearance he did power up? I believe the bang is shorthand for saying "he's activating the power for SSJ2. So while he may be "Ultimate" in that sense he hasn't released "Super Saiyan 2" level power if he doesn't have that bang.

>On U6's Planet Sadala, Sadala Army soldiers pass through Caulifla's turf. Even the army can't handle her, so they typically leave her alone, but these guys just want to take a quick shortcut...

Caulifla bullies Cabba's troops and regularly kicks their ass. Based Toyo

Where are the fucking leaks?

And she is a bully in the manga

>On U6's Planet Sadala, Sadala Army soldiers pass through Caulifla's turf. Even the army can't handle her, so they typically leave her alone, but these guys just want to take a quick shortcut...

Gohanfags getting bodied left and right. I love it.

Toriyama draw his female characters too slim. We need to do something to get him to draw them thick again.

He would have done a Krillin or Tien. He would have had his own episode where he wolf fang fists one or two fighters from the jobber universes, then he gets eliminated in a kinda shitty way but Beerus respects what he did.

I mean, she's a gang leader in the anime. They just avoided mentioning anything bad actually done by her gang.

I honestly think she looks fine. I'm pretty fond of her hair. I think the only thing that bugs me is how overly simplistic her outfit is. There's nothing that really makes it interesting. It feels very...empty. Also, as always, It'd have been nice if she had some Early Dragonball level thickness rather than universe 6 tier string bean proportions.

Are those supposed to be veins in his cheeks?

>the city of Yamcha

The weak should fear the strong

we need arcsys to save us

Basil needs game and action figure representation.

C'mon Vegeta, you gotta keep tabs on your girfriend's exes.

I have faith that my boy will survive this saturday but if he's eliminated, then good because this arc is a bit shitty, but well, Cell Tournament arc was shitty too.

They were complete wimps too. Cabba waltzed in to talk with their gang and the bitch boys were then sent by Caulifla to go buy some juice for Cabba..

I don't mind her being a barbaric savage if she actually looked threatening but when I see a whore stop a car with her tits fully exposed I just want to ask her "how much." Her pose is awful and her gang are all a bunch of hooded sandwankers. She doesn't have a good setup for stealing shit either, she just walks up there. No ambush tactics or anything. Simply dreadful.

I'd settle for some detail. Look at her hands, and her pose, not even any belly or abs.

Her head looks like it was drawn good, yes, but the issue is with the rest of her body. The position she's standing in is terrible, her hands on her hips aren't detailed, her baggy pants should've looked so much better, and the "V" shape at her crotch is over-exaggerated and looks bad. Also the back shots in the other panels aren't that good either, all you can really see is her ass crack ("dimples") sticking out.

Agree that her outfit is trash though, I wish Cauli was drawn in Bulma's style in the pic you posted.

Y'know it's weird. This design is very "edgy dbz game villain" but I actually don't hate it. I mean she still looks like a filler villain but she still looks kinda neat. Although I will say that the tail is kinda weird.


>no porn yet

>cell tournament arc

I want her to absorb my semen.

She looks older than her anime counterpart.

I can't wait until they make porn where she turns your dick into a Popsicle and licks and rides you until it melts.

Yamcha could have done some cool spirit ball shit or even found a gf in the other teams but no Toei hates having to actually think about fights other than

>dey start at weak level and are losing den power up and win


He already knows that Bulma is a slut so he'd rather not know about her past.

I'm gonna have to ask you to delete this right now buddy

Why did they eliminate U6 so early? It's actually making me emotional ;_;

Not yet, have Bergamo in the meanwhile.

True. Maybe not the case for the majority of her two or so introduction episodes, but in the ToP itself she was mostly drawn in a way that shrunk down her torso and made her head look oversized thus making her look far younger most of the time during the tournament. Same for her fellow saiyans.

For comparison sake. Here's them in episode 111.

Is Freeza having guilty pleasures getting his butt groped like that?

Doesn't take him long to do something naughty anyway. How long did it take until he was balls deep?

Why was U6 so obsessed with taking out U7 despite the fact they were vastly inferior?

They shouldve given Caulifla a jacket to match her baggy pants better.

Let's be fair. This is dragonball. They made a TROPE out of non-threatening looking characters being threatening.
>Monster Carrot
>General Red
>Mr. Popo
>17 and 18
>Majiin Buu
At this point I could totally buy that Caulifla is a threatening individual.

Not very long after that.

Champa was ordering them to since the beggining of the tournament.
Later on he had the excuse of trimming down u7's numbers but that wasn't the case for everything before Hit's elimination.


Hit didn't deserve what he got

Typical sibling rivalry

>Gohan wasn't mentioned, it means he has been ringed out

Didn't about 4 years pass between this moment and the androids arriving? So given Trunks was a few months old when Gero showed up, it took him at most 3 years.

She only looks "old" in episode 89 and that design shouldve been permanent but for some reason Toei wanted her to look like a kid

God, All Bulma cares about is getting that deep dicking. Yamcha's body isn't even cold yet.

That's nothing compared to BROLIChan

Why would Freeza leave Gohan alone vs Dyspo?, he is going to make sure Dyspo is out.

Fucking when?

Kefla was taken out because she was a typical monkey like the rest of her species.

Super Kefla could have swept a majority of the fighters left when she appeared, but she was autstically obsessed with beating up Goku.

I wonder, how old do you think Kale and Caulifla are meant to be? Late teens? Early 20s? I'm certain they're younger than Son Goku and friends, all of whom are pushing or over 40.

Mass Spic suicide just 3 days from now.


He got pretty damn close to taking over the world. I'm certain Bulma and friends were scared shitless. The only reason that DIDN'T happen is because Goku turns into a gigantic ape monster during a full moon.

I figured they were teenagers but with the manga art I'd say 18-20

>Vegeta blushes a little at Bulma being straight forward
>holy shit Trunks from the future just revealed that his parents Vegeta and Bulma have been going at it like rabbits for a while now
Why can't Toriyama into romance?

Gotta be teenagers, surely.

Yes Freeza. I stand by it. He's fucking adorable.


user, women don't always get pregnant when you have sex with them

>"Romance is dumb and so are girls"

Toriyama, probably.

>the virgin walk

F playing in the tournament when?

That's why I said "at most". Wasn't Trunks originally just a fling anyway?


>u6 loser walk
>u7 half blood master race CHAD stride

Why the hell is everyone talking about Gohan all of a sudden?

>December 8 2015


Spoilers confirmed he's getting eliminated.


>Toriyama shat on me again
First he makes me watch my favorite character in such a pathetic state that he can't even turn SS1 anymore and he got almost killed twice by a nameless jobber and Freeza in his first form
Then I have to see him get ignored and cucked for 70 episodes and several chapters of the manga
And for once, when we are actually promised something good, and it seems Gohan will finally redeem himself from the fucking humilliation that was RoF, he gets bodied by fucking Dyspo, who got fodderized multiple times in the tournament.
Fuck Toriyama, Fuck Toyotaro and Fuck Toei, I will never EVER fall for their tricks again, I was expecting Gohan's final redemption as a warrior after Buu and I got jackshit

>all of a sudden?

This shitposting about gohan being eliminated happens literally every week he's mentioned in the episode previews


>Gohans father-in-law Mr Satan is more of a successful hero than he is

>I'll keep saying it every week til he gets eliminated and say I was right all along

Kefla is the best thing about this arc

>tfw Gohanfag
>tfw just happy he got Ultimate back and did some stuff in the tournamount

I never expected him to win or get a new form, so I'm happy he's actually got to do stuff in the ToP. Same with Piccolo.

>Why can't Toriyama into romance?
Gohan/Videl was pretty cute until Toriyama decided to beat the crap out of her and then write her out from the series.