Does Sup Forums like Eromanga Sensei for being normie repellent, or is it hated here for being shit?

Does Sup Forums like Eromanga Sensei for being normie repellent, or is it hated here for being shit?


It is true though. Normalfags hate this kinda shit.

I enjoyed it alot. Probably one of 2017's best

it was actually pretty tame

Dude it was a fucking normie magnet. Everybody and their mom watched it and Oreimo.

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>yet another manga/anime where the MC wants to fuck his sister but never delivers

Great, 10/10 AOTC

This. It attracted normies for being as anti-normie as possible.

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"Normie" is a word used by people Sup Forums considers far closer to real "normies" than themselves, I.e it is a false poser faggot word and you are not a real Sup Forums user if you say that. Sup Forums isn't persecuting you because you're too abnormal for them, but because you use a word indicating you are too normal for them. You ARE a normie if you even used that word, which is a bastardized version tweaked to be usavle around actual normalfags. The original and real term in the Sup Forums context is normalfag. "Normie" is the fucking whitewashed/SJW-approved version because the "fag" part is offensive to them and they want to be able to drop this term on places like Reddit, Facebook and twitter - which are pretty much the textbook definition of normalfag dens - without fear of getting reprimanded. Which defeats the whole fucking point.

If you are being careful to "fit in" on various shitty normalfag websites, you are actually as normalfag as they fucking come and just have some fucking ludicrous idea in your head that you're not. It's the same as these "omg I'm such a nerrrd XD" shitheads on those same sites only here it's "omg I'm such a weird unique person XD". In summation shut up OP because you clearly have no idea what you're dealing with and /r9k/'s whiny emo shit is not what Sup Forums is about.

everything shit is now normie repellent apparently, enjoy

>normie repellent
What the fuck would that even mean in the context of a single manga? And it's shit.

It's hated everywhere for being shit. there ya go,

The trobe subversion is pretty damn amazing, up there with HxH. Most people hate it just because they don't understand it

you got it wrong kiddo, its not normi repellent, it's sane people repellent

Fuck off to TvTropes and spread your cancer here no longer. "Tropes" are the single most useless method for analyzing any fiction.

Where do you think you are, and what current year is it? There are countless normalfags and streamers and other scum here, and there's far too many of them so it's impossible to even let them know they are retarded - normalfags own this site and they will stay here until they have killed it. Even if you could explain it to them, they wouldn't actually care. Being a normalfag is an inherently aggressive act, and they're perfectly well aware of it. They feed on your ideas, your memes, and your communities, and they despise you for having created it all for them in the first place because they are jealous normalfags.

Trobe subversion is literally the highest tier of writing for our industry. To appreciate it you have to be a long term fan with decades of anime experience. And you need to be intelligent enough to realize it is happening and figure out which trobe is being subverted

It was okay. The doujinshis are great.
tfw boring prostitution doujins

"Our" industry?

I mean if you aren't a serious fan to the point of being posessive of the anime then you don't deserve to post here

Not only is it a normalfag repellent indeed but it's also pretty good as long as you're part of its target public, which should encompass all of Sup Forums. So yes, it was a good show and if you see anyone hating on it, you can be sure that they don't belong here.

>posessive of the anime
Um, what?

Its a fun show, people freaked out because of youtubers, also this


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It was fun, nothing really outstanding. I don't understand the overreaction.

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