This guy was by far the best MC from 2017...

This guy was by far the best MC from 2017. Why can't there be more anime protags who could be viable real-life role models?

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what's happening in the raws? I don't understand the kurt thing.

He's an incubus used by the police to catch malicious succubi or whatever. You could skip that chapter and literally nothing would change

So him being there is really throwing Sakie off her game?

I don't think Kurt was there for Sakie in the first place; he was just used for introducing Sakie's pseudo-dad

I'm talking about raw chapter 43, were you talking about the earlier one?


Couldn't be any more wrong.

>viable real-life role models
I can tell you're gonna do well in life.

Akiba Trip was a good anime.

Ironman is a fellow worthy of respect.

my B. I cant read moon runes yet so i'm only up to chapter 38

New chapters when?

every month?

>tfw he has more muscles than every vanilla midget in wrestling

I don't get it,isn't your father supposed to be your role model?

I think it says something about "do you want to see pictures of someone", might be the detective.

So to get chicks I need to get old and /fit/?

True men age like wine. Bitches love wine.

No, just fit

translation never because it got licensed

First you get the money, then you get the power then you get the women.
All those take time and working hard, this would give you age/wisdom and strength/fitness.
The last thing is personality which is an important factor if you want the relationship to last.
That's why those women are attracted to Ironman, he's wise, he's healthy and he's good natured person.
He accepted those women with their faults.

literally a contradiction
money means a reliable translation
vol6 in june

Only dulhan and succubus are interested.

>money means a reliable translation

In what universe?

boring anime.


I mean it will come out reliably
whether the translation is decent is up for question.

This was true back in the 1950s. 3D are literally only after extorting your money and nothing more. They drop you like a rock after they get what they want in the divorce

No amount of /fit/ will help you if you have autism.

Genuinely fuck off with your 3D bullshit.

dumpire is too dump to know what sex is.
yukionna is waiting to NTR one of the girls.
Invisigirl is soaking wet for the iron rod.

Funny how times change, few centuries ago women went after autistic people because they were better mate, provide more food, took care of the offspring and stayed faithful to them.

He got mad

invisible girl follows him home each night


I wonder if InvisibleGirl has to doge all the other people in the hallways since she's naked/invisible all the time. Problem would be solved if she just wore clothes and maybe glasses so people would have something to focus on when talking to her.

Succubus should wear gloves if she's always afraid of touching someone with bare skin with her powers.

>she just wore clothes
I don't think the world is ready for this level of eroticism.


She could just go nopan then.

Need more MCs that don't give too much of a fuck

rare breed

No they didn't.
Unless they were nobles.

Old people MCs is the answer.
Most of them don't have more fucks to give at the ripe old age of 30+

You sure?