What makes Devil man so good?

What makes Devil man so good?
I was a afraid to watch crybaby for a long time since I was a fan of devil man back in highs school. But whenever I watch this series it honestly does feel a bit closer to art than most anime.

>shit budget
>inconsistent animation
>retarded characterisation
>finale even more rushed than manga
>completely missed the whole point of manga
>butchered both message and characters of manga
>constant sex for no reason

I don't know, looks like real art to me.

The anime is literally only 10 episodes long. Art has been tested through out the years many times and if "the foutain " is considered art or this picture of whores considered art I fail to see why this adaption is not.

Do you even study art bro?

having hardcore gay sex in your anime is now art

>sex is not art
You guys are LITERALLY Plebeians

Nagai works are mindless edge.

Not everything has to be anime girls. Dark stories can be really fun to read.

>I was a afraid to watch crybaby for a long time
What the fuck are you talking about? It's been out for a couple of weeks.

I mean I heard about it before the show came out no idea when it aired I originally was never going to watch it.

I see I should have posted on Sup Forums if I wanted legit anime discussion. I forgot this is a dedicated shitpost board.

>Art has been tested through out the years many times
But Crybaby hasn't been tested yet. It's just came out. So the whole argument is pointless. But ok, I'll indulge you.
Art usually have substantial meaning behind it.
Crybaby is "closer to the art than most anime" in the same way Aldnoah.Zero is "closer to the art than most anime". Just because it's different from 90% of shit coming this winter, doesn't automatically make it good.
There are plenty of "low-budget edgy attempts at depth" anime out there and since Crybaby removes everything that made original manga interesting and influential, it barely stands above these.
Betterman and Ideon have more artistic value and convey Devilman's essence much better.

>Not posting the Turkish homo circle

You have no argument you are some japanese media pleb It does not have to be out for years art is defined by the beholder. Hence "The fountain" I really hate dim wits who have no idea what they are talking about but then spout off on some fake intellectual bullshit.

It does not need to be better than every other adaption to be art. God damn i hate how dumb weebs are.

Sup Forums always shitposts like this when a recent show comes out. You just have to deal with it and wait a while until the shitposters go away.

You weak little thing

Every manga and anime is art. Even the shittiest, most stupid isekai.

This is the worst attempt at trolling I have ever seen, you literary just finished 3rd year of high school and try to show off with your "knowledge" to the point where you compare dadaism to a fucking shitty netflix adaptation with low budget animation.

>I'm older than you
Fucking pathetic no argument so you resort to this shit?
Every Sup Forums post usually goes like this.

You obviously can't form your own opinion anymore or even think of your own insults.
>Low budget
Art does not always have to be original or even perfect for example look at Picasso guitar. It does not work it has no function but you best believe it's worth way more then a regular guitar.

Also I'm like 23


Not only did never mentioned that I'm older than you but your own post is simply an opinion that you "think" that this adaptation is the best art piece which is really subjective considering that you are already comparing it to an art movement that in short sums up as "look at me, I'm so unique, I'm a special snowflake".
Which is fine if you like it, however you're arguing like your opinion is a fact when many people already discussed this to death that this adaptation has nearly nothing better when compared to either manga, OVA etc.
If those jewish netflix are such geniuses than explain it to me why did they not create their own original IP? Oh, right because they are hacks and totally missed the point of the original material and never really cared or even thought of making it "art" as you call it so.

>talking shit about "The Fountain"
kill yourself you retard

The fountain isn't art you fucking retard you missed the entire point of it, it's anti-art, it literally exists to say "wow you fucks will call anything art won't you"

It is fucking mocking you and you don't even realise

>your in third year of hs
So you are younger than this?

> that this adaptation is the best art piece
When did I say this? In my Op post I just said devilman is good I consider the original to be art as well

>That this adaptation is the best art piece
Point out one fucking post where I said this

There is literally nothing wrong with netflix picking up this series and does not make it worse in anyway.

Go shove that strawman all the up your ass user.

I was not talking shit?
The whole point is that anything can be considered art. He submitted that as user and still got recognized for it.

The point is that the piece can make you think and feel in way that would not without the piece.

Much like in norse myth even mockery and debauchery is part of the sacred.

How come theres so much fucking versions?

The point is that the piece is designed to say, specifically, "geez guys maybe we should stop calling everything fucking 'art' because its got some tits or looks a bit funny".

Which in this case perfectly relates to devilman, its not bad but it is flawed in the strange and not-always-very-good-looking art style and the modern edgier twist on an already rather 'edgy' story which puts it up to a level it needn't be at. But despite this it is still rather enjoyable and good in its own right if you're up for what it's laying down or willing to look past the flaws for an adaption of a classic with modern spin in tone. However, if you start trying to call it 'art', you end up looking like a fucking nonce and overhyping it which makes people want to put it down more to stick you and it back in its place.

fuckin art my arse.

I can call art whatever the fuck I want and if you think
>"geez guys maybe we should stop calling everything fucking 'art'

This is true then you are dead wrong this is one of the pieces that opened up the mind of the art world. At the same gallery most of the other pieces were rather tradtional. Just because he wanted to define art and do something new does not mean he said "fuck art".

You literally posted the exact opposite of the piece.

More evidence for my argument. I am so tired of weebs who like to pretend they know shit so I'm going to stomp you out and embrass you with various essays until you have no choice but to see your own folly.

>The society’s board of directors, who were bound by the Society’s constitution to accept all members’ submissions, took exception to Fountain, believing that a piece of sanitary ware – and one associated with bodily waste – could not be considered a work of art and furthermore was indecent (presumably, although this was not said, if displayed to women).

Obviously this type of art was not common and went against norms. They went against the typical standard to make art a more broad term. but it is not Anti art in anyway. unless you are some 1900s french artist.

Only relevant ones are Devilman, Devilman Lady and Devilman Saga. Neo Devilman and Shin Devilmang stories got included in Devilman and Devilman Lady latest editions, but online you'll find them apart.

Violence Jack is meme-tier. Go Nagai world is cute.

To quote philosopher Stephen Hicks on the piece, he suggests Duchamp was saying that 'art is something you piss on'. there is a larger explanation out there but this gets you the jist of it, fountain exists to take the piss out of art. It didn't open the mind of anyone int he way you thought, what you're thinking of is the dadaism movement that followed anti-art as a whole.

And if your thought process is that you can call whatever you want art but if other peoples interpretation of art is to say 'this isn't art, it's just a fucking fountain' then you yourself have utterly missed the point of art and interpreting it altogether. Go back to your fuckin' art GCSE and get that D grade so you can realise just how much you've wasted your time pretending to know jack shit about art, and come back when you're 18 and have a deeper knowledge on the subject that what your dusty old teacher and wikipedia have told you.


>It didn't open the mind of anyone int he way you thought, what you're thinking of is the dadaism movement that followed anti-art as a whole.

You literally contradict yourself in your own post user. It inspired no one but a whole art movement? Done here.

Also skip the age play it's pathetic.

>weeb with no counter points.


I could care less what you consider yourself.

it tells a story without pandering to smelly moefags.


They keep on coming.

Akira is retard moe. It panders to me.

>The franchise is back, but with extra sex and ultra-violence
That quite the click bait sure it has more sex than the OVAs but all the blood is yellow

I don't know. Arguing with your kind will be waste of time. Especially because you're 23 yo kid who trying hard and unironically using buzzwords.

Unrelated screen cap
user you have nothing to stand on simply don't comment if all you got is age play and some sad desire from other weebs for approval.

>Try to discuss anime
>Sup Forums crowd calls it shit and spouts on about other shit to sound smart

Is it literally anime girls for you guys or nothing holy crap.

Autists just need to be triggered more often. It's a good cure.

Yes you're kid. Just read your own posts. The way how you interact in discussions. You're from generation z. Do you even know what weeb means?

I had fun, but I wouldn't call it high art. Lacks enduring qualities. Nobody will remember this in a decade or two, let alone a century.

>I'm better than you kid!

Knock the the autistic shit off and come at me with an argument.

Okay. Define art.

Are they all basically a retelling of the original?

Whoever you all are, stop fucking up your spelling and grammer. Arguments are empty if you can't even present them right.

We're at 45 years and counting.

How about you scroll up and make and argument based on what is being discussed?

You are old enough I assume to make some sort of argument. Let me remind the threads main topic is devilman.

>Go shove that strawman all the up your ass user.
You should follow your own advice

>How about you scroll up and make and argument based on what is being discussed?
I don't know your definition for art.

When did i straw man anyone?
Why do you even want to argue with me then? I said it already in this thread. Just read.


>45 years
We're almost half way there pleb

>I said it already in this thread
"The whole point is that anything can be considered art"
This one? Well that means
>But whenever I watch this series it honestly does feel a bit closer to art than most anime.
doesn't make any sense because "everything is art". Mars of Destruction for example.

the absolute state of academia

>The point is that the piece can make you think and feel in way that would not without the piece.
Glad you actually read the thread but my point was right under that one. Anything CAN be art but not everything is. I would claim a fork sitting in a bowl while you eat plainly is not art.

>literally no argument.
Academia indeed

>I would claim a fork sitting in a bowl while you eat plainly is not art.
I claim it's art. That means it's art.

Well you better have something to back that up user as that is not a piece that moves me or tells a story. But yea if you can pull it off and let me feel unique emotions and a message from this I would agree with you.

>it honestly does feel a bit closer to art than most anime
That's simultaneously the most pretentious and plebian thing I've heard all week.

The spinoffs?
Sort of, Amon introduces a lot of interpretation by the mangaka about the lore, but isn't exactly canon with Nagai's lore.
Devilman Grimoire is a bit more connected to the original tv series with a new antagonist (Amon taking over Akira, features Miki as a witch and the main character, pairing is Miki/Amon like the TV series).

Read the thread if you want to argue against it. Be warned if you don't know your shit I'll slap you down like the last few weebs who tired.

I don't need. You literally cornered himself with "everything can be art". You didn't really studied art and art history. See formalism, existentialism, conceptualism etc. If Devilman is art, Tsui no Sora is art too.

>I'll slap you down like the last few weebs who tired.
All you do is proving your own incompetence.

>>butchered both message and characters of manga
What characters? Ryo's the only one with a real personality and motive in the manga

I don't hate Devilman, but calling it "closer to art" because it's something you enjoy is highly pretentious. Anything created by humans using skill and imagination is art by definition and necessity, the thing you like isn't somehow more of a piece of art just because you praise it. But making the distinction that Devilman specifically is "closer to art" shows how plebian you are about anime. Devilman has very basic anti-war, anti-discrimination themes and surface level symbolism. It's an amateurish comic made in a time when it was considered that all anime and manga were exclusively for children. Plenty of other series do what it is does better, seriously watch more anime.

user come on you are too old for this bullshit I said everything CAN be art not everything is. If you can provide an argument on how Tsuie no Sora is art we can discuss the subject and how it effects you and makes you feel. I could argue against that. Same situation with Devil man I could argue it has emotional relevance and meaning but you could disagree and claim it's quite shallow.

Also don't throw out random art movement names like that helps you seems more well informed. Do you want to argue Devilman is not art?
Are you implying that I don't think Stsui no Sora is art?

I'm not really getting your point here other than trying to seem like you know a bit more it does not progress the argument.

Drop the bullshit user get your point across.

>All you do is proving your own incompetence.
Ironic as fuck post user.
user that argument had no substance other than"I did not like the word you used" amateurish or not the series is like art to me and if you are actually reading something or watching something you consider less than art you are wasting your time.

Oh shut up nerd no one gives a fuck pay me if you want some properly written essays or don't come on Sup Forums.

Devilman: original. CLING CLING CLING.
Neo Devilman: An anthology that has two Nagai one shots which are relevant to Devilman and Devilman Lady. One shows the battle between Satan and Akira, as well how Akira and Ryo met and moments together and Akira's dying thoughts. Other one is Akira saving some devilbeast girl during Devilman Lady.
Shin Devilman: Ryo's and Akira's wild time adventures set between volumes 2-3, pretty neat, added in the Deluxe edition like the one shots.
Devilman Lady: the Sequel, follows the story of Ran Asuka and Jun Fudou.
Devilman Saga: Promises to be the last installment, the protagonist is a robot scientist called Yuuki Fudou. It's less demons and more power armors. But nothing is what it seems as simple sight like in Devilman Lady (like the Ryo there seems to be Michael, not Satan). Promises to mindfuck the readers eventually. Only one volume was translated.

>I'll slap you down like the last few weebs
You're seriously calling other people weebs while defending Devilman, which reads like some shlocky European comic? No excuse me, it's more infantile than that just like most manga and anime from the 70s. Its social commentary is at a borderline grade school level. It's good FOR being manga but this thread's conceit is that it's "art", not Japanese children's media.

>that argument had no substance other than"I did not like the word you used"
Yes. Use better words to express yourself better, and you won't create rabbit holes where you argue about arbitrary menaings you give to words that already have clear cut definitions. We could be discussing Devilman right now, instead of arguing about your special definition of art.

Stop reading there weeb you are on Sup Forums I'll call you weeb if I feel like it feel free to cry some more before i take you seriously.

Literally don't have autism and get over it?

I think Devilman was a wonder to look in motion at but what you posted looks like utter shit

Here we go again.
>I said everything CAN be art not everything is
Define fucking art. Or art is something you like only?
>Also don't throw out random art movement names
>Do you even study art bro?

>True Devilman

So the other Devilman was fake?

Art is pretty subjective user this is my favorite piece.

I mean honestly a much easier argument to have is whether or not the animation and drawing in devil man is good or not.

Even if I got over it, the other like 10 anons arguing with you right now would still be doing so. Just don't type in pretentious ways that defy the definitions of the words you're using, and people might want talk to you about Devilman.

I literally in the last 2 posts green texted you what I define as art. You are too old for this game user.

What is your point here? You seem to be arguing because you don't know what else to do.

Defy definitions not a single user has been able to knock down my def of art not a single one in this thread.

I can only assume you faggots are so dim witted you only think of million dollar painting when i mention art. Which is not the case it's not such a hard thing to achieve and should not be considered "pretentious" to call something close to art.

"He's going to ask if you think a garbage can is fine art," my friend said. I asked, "What's the answer?" and he told me, "The answer is 'yes'.

"I went to class that Thursday and Hogarth started his lecture about the muscles of the leg and before long led the lecture toward the question, "What is art?" My ears perked up as I saw an opportunity to look smart as Hogarth went into his rant about the meaning of art. Predictably, Burne asked us if we would recognize real art if we saw it. We all reluctantly nodded yes. He then forcefully grabbed a garbage can, thrust it upon a drawing bench, and asked the class if we thought it was fine art. With immediate confidence I raised my hand and answered "YES!" Without hesitation, Hogarth bellowed, "NOOOOOOOO!!!" Confused and humiliated, I asked why not and Hogarth yelled, "Because I didn't INTEND it to be!!!". The overall message of this and all his lectures was the same. Burne is always right. The rest of us are all wrong, less talented and not nearly as smart.

That has almost nothing to do with my point. But nice short story.

No, I think of anything created by humans using skill and imagination, as I said in my earlier post and is the actual definition of the word.

>I literally in the last 2 posts green texted you what I define as art. You are too old for this game user.
Where? Fucking where? Post it again. All I understand that you completely cornered and lost in your bullshit.

>Works to be appreciated for it's beauty or emotional power
So let me get this right you had no idea what my def is and googled it to get almost the exact same shit?

Then you posted it like you had something?

God damn user don't argue just to argue

I'll post it one more fucking time for you because as old as you are you can't read.
Again what is your point? You just seem upset now.



>BTFO weebs left and right
>arguments reduced to tatters
>Still crying and kicking
This is pretty sad anons get over that autism.

>Plenty of other series do what it is does better, seriously watch more anime.
No they don't

>art is something I like
Arguing with 23 yo twat is really waste of time.

Because stories are rarely ballsy enough for the good guys to lose.
Anytime the bad guys completely win it feels extremely fresh.

Those are not requirements for art, just things that art is "typically" used for. And almost all anime are also trying to be used like that anyway. By definition, all anime is art.
The problem with your post is that you aren't using the word by its definition, you;re using it as praise. You're using the word "art" just to praise Devilman because you enjoy it, which is a pretentious and unlikeable thing to do. It's also not something which actually says anything about Devilman as a work, or why you like it so much, which makes it hard for people to respond directly about the work.


Anything is art retard. I could glue some paper clips together and its art. Doesn't make it good art but its art. Art is subjective. There is no standard for art goodness.

Art is something that has some emotion substance. You can't argue because you have no point and nothing to stand on .
See hereYou lose thats all.

Naruto has emotion substance.