Onegai Twins

Can you imagine the shitstorm on Sup Forums if this aired today?

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Does Sup Forums not like it? I liked it.

How did it end? I don't remember.

I don't know about a shitstorm, but it would be best OP of the season.

This looks like it's based off a VN. I don't know why, I can just tell.

Should I watch this? I remember seeing the name when I searched for onegai teacher back in the day.

Is this the only harem anime where the MC is actually a competent chad who can fucking finance his own home and school expenses?

One of the first scenes in the anime is one of the main girls getting grabbed by the pussy.

Early 2000s anime was hardcore.

Why would there be a shitstorm?

Red head wins.

Onegai Twins > Onegai Sensei

twins > teacher

Sounds good to me.

Maiku >>> Kei

The premise sounds like boring melodramatic shit, there will be no shitstorm because nobody will watch this or care enough about it.

>nobody will watch this or care enough about it
I highly doubt that.

>He's living a comfortable life until the day two very different girls show up at his door, both in possession of the same photograph, and both claiming to be his twin. With no way to prove who is a relative and who is a stranger, Maiku allows both girls to move in with him until they know for sure.
Oh, who will he choose from two girls that both have hots for him? Who will be his sister, who will be his lover? Oh what a tragedy. I can already picture the shitty plot for 12 episodes ahead.
And I remember for sure seeing some other anime with the same exact premise. And faintly remember another anime with the exact same premise, but I didn't watch that one. This is so generic it's painful. Nobody, NOBODY would watch this today.

That's one way of confirming you're an underage newshit.

So on top of being new, you're also massively autistic and retarded. Makes sense.

I only remember I dropped after few minutes of first episode.

>It's a work of art, you're just incapable of understanding its brilliance!

In the manga one girl is twin, other girl is cousin.

In the anime, it's reversed.

It's pretty moot, since they still live together and it's pretty much a threesome.

This, nowaday people would be invested more on Onegai Teacher for Mizuho alone

>nowaday people would be invested more on Onegai Teacher for Mizuho alone
What makes you say that?

You can name another anime where sensei wins the MC bowl?

Who ever said it was a work of art? I was correctly pointing out that you're an underage newfag, and you very clearly are.

So what is your point, Onegai twins will be the hot shit of the season if it airs now.

Why you think it's so special? I agree with this guy . It looks generic, like hundreds of other boring harem shows.

No user, you don't get it. It's old, therefore it can't be generic or bad or anything negative.

>It looks generic
So you didn't watch it.

I didn't. You could've convinced me to watch it, but so far it's only been "it's hot shit, trust me".

Nobody cares about convincing you to watch it, idiot. This thread is for people who did watch it.

You might as well hold up a sign saying you're underage.

Nobody here, OP included, has even hinted the show was good, yet you seem to be under the illusion people are calling it a masterpiece. Such is the nature of morons like you.

You know what I might just rewatch this. Its been like 7 years since I first saw it.

>You could've convinced me to watch it
Well for starters mc is not your typical obnoxious beta harem faggot.

Not to mention the amazing Soundtracks.

>One of the first scenes in the anime is one of the main girls getting grabbed by the pussy.
I don't remember this.

Then rewatch the first episode.

This would scare a lot of people away from watching it if this aired today.

The characters have the agency to air their thoughts and feelings no misunderstandings.

Did you mean the car scene?

Same happens in Chobits
Dropped it right there

>a computer
I bet you ask your mom to switch on your computer if the whole chobits thing got to you.


I don't have to finger my pc to turn it on

>Dropped it right there
Grow a pair

How do you know? Did the computer tell you what the part the off/on button is located on it compared to a human?

>tfw watched this before onegai teacher
>that fucking magical voodoo shit that implied a genre shift that never fucking came
>all those unanswered questions
Fuck man. I wish I hadn't watched either

You dont?

Reminder that there are tits almost every episode.

Name a single anime that has no tits in every episode


GJ Club

Delusional, the anime never really got a proper end. Red looks like winning for a while, then NOPE they go back to threesome hijinks again.

I think nowdays Sup Forums would be more buttdevastated with Kimi ga nozomu

It ended nicely if I remember right


Boku no pico.