How the japs can keep getting away it?

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Because their primary school aged children have a better grasp of the English language than you do.

Hey be nice, user just had a stroke.

do you even know what thick is? on your picture is muscular type

this isn't thicc though
but its still good

these anons are correct. Honey badger is wheyfu not thick


She's awesome. Unfortunately, all that hair...

The right kind of thic.

>No pubes

Femdom doujins when?


>34 results on pixiv
Clearly they don't

Lethal chomps

but forreel tho, which animu

thanks user


lurk more

killing bites

If only the manga was this fit...
figures people didn't give a fuck until the anime came out

I want to fuck that bunny.

I love that she has muscles. Not too big but well-defined enough to be sexy as fuck.

Only thing thicc here is your skull.

Would help having a title that has less ching chong characters. "Kiringubaitsu" is too much shitty english for japs to remember.

Is she smells good?

Lethal snaps

How's that "thicc". She's the exact opposite of thicc, this is ufcking thicc.

Who would win? (in sweaty armpits contest)

How is this show already better than most of what's airing this season?

thats obese user

I bet she does.

Based Otochichi. It's weird he went from loli femdom to this.

mangas came today :)
got translations i can translate back to english up to chapter 30 now!

also... interestingly... the german manga is LESS censored than the english scanslation...

(you can see tits of porcupine, no heart shape censors...)

>Hairy ass

So is this actually good or not since all I saw are thicc meme and sceenshot of character half naked and no actually discussion at all...
Ok, eh, is it "watchable" then?

its fun.
so far the story is thin, its just hybrid humans with animal traits beating the shit out of each other, with nat-geo-wild explanations and real life examples that even work... like next fight vs porcupine has a cute video...

story takes a sharp turn at end of vol 6.

said video that seems to have been the base for start of next anime episode

Arachnid died for this. Still mad.

That's not thicc you uncultured swine.
That's ripped.

I read the first few chapters in the Monster Musume threads a few years ago.

Then translations stopped.

It wasn't good anyway

Hmmm ok so that's animal biographic but with cute girls instead, typical jap.

"I am the boss" "no I am the boss" "no its actually me" "I was the boss all the time"

let it rip

Dangerous Nibbles

"Thicc" means either "overweight to obese" or "inhumanly muscular." Take this barbarian for example, she's thicc. You newfags have to fucking spoil and dilute everything.

>Who would win? (in sweaty armpits contest
Between the two of them? it'd be me if i was referee

It's watchable if you like the fanservice.
Arachnid was shit and so's this.


Terra Formars.

>Arachnid was shit and so's this.
Yes, but this one doen't have Goki and Kabutomushi so Arachind is still better.

that's FIT you illiterate nigger

thicc was a mistake.

right answer

Is this bloody roar lite


>people didn't give a fuck until the anime came out
Actually, I was one of the 4 people that did give a fuck and was bummed that last upload was ~2 years ago. Hopefully somebody will pick it up now. Dog girl is cute. CUTE.

>"Thicc" means either "overweight to obese" or "inhumanly muscular."
No it doesn't. Thicc has literally never meant muscular in any way.

>You newfags have to fucking spoil and dilute everything.
The absolute irony.

>I don't think you can survive my Killing Bites
was that actually needed?

You chubby chasers are the ones pushing your fetish into everything.

That's not thick.

It's tomboy muscularity levels. The perfect combination of /fit/ and cute.

Go watch more anime and read more manga, then talk with me about thick.

Oh, just wait for her to insert Killing Bites into every other episode. It's pretty much her only flaw.

So you are saying that "chubby chasers" overtook the word "thicc"?

It wouldn't bother me if she said it in japanese desu.

Brute Ratel? More like CUTE RATEL

The MC of Killing Bites is some guido lookin ass fuck.

german dude here, should i translate ch10 or 30 first?

>girl is extremely fit
>posting a nigger meme
ooga booga

How are you planning to translate it? Just dumping the the chapter with english text or are you going to typeset it?

ill mark the jap raw with my incredible ms paint skills, and put translations in the post, so its easy to know which bubble has which translation...

Luaco is thicc. Thicc is slang for hourglass figure.

>i'll mark the jap raw
That's unnecessary. Just translate it as you read it.

"I wanna fuck the rabbit"
This is one more season, one more year I'm gonna have to suffer through reading the phrase "bunny cunny", isn't it?

She must fuck like a badger

It's not my fault that Inaba is so damn cute.

It has never meant muscular in any way, shape or form. thicc is african american vernicular for a woman with a very shapely body and high fat content. Large bootys are not required by definition but convention demands the opposite

That's considered thicc?

It's phitt.

Ch30 and on, please.
>ill mark the jap raw with my incredible ms paint skills
You don't have to use paint, just post raws and your translation.
We have a typesetter user lurking somewhere here, maybe he'll do all the editing later.

>Thicc has literally never meant muscular in any way
Thicc has always been used to describe all kinds of thick anatomies, even for example grossly dispoportionately thick thighs on otherwise non-thick bodies, or just weirdly proportioned thick bodies (mostly in hentai) that are neither fat nor muscular. The only requirement has been above average thickness. The OP isn't thick in any way at all.

Hourglass figures can't be fat, since they're defined by their narrow waist:chest/hip ratio. They can still be thicc, but thicc covers much more. Even pic related is an hourglass figure, but it sure as hell isn't thicc. And the barbarian girl in question that I posed has an hourglass figure, otherwise impossible anatomy aside, again because of the notably narrow waist compared to the hips and shoulders. Breast size on the other hand is completely unrelated to hourglass figures. I haven't watched that shitty anime so I don't know about her anatomy beyond your image, but it's impossible to say whether it's an hourglass body or just impossibly busty pear-shape body.

The Japanese have a habit of ignoring every girl worth paying attention to. You think all those harem MCs are fiction?

>I haven't watched that shitty anime
Lucoa is not thick. Just a little curvy whit a nice giant pair.

For a moment I thought this is the Killing Bites thread but apparently it's just people arguing about fatties.

will make a new thread later with translations, this one has too much OT stuff in it...

This is a THICC-thread, they're always about the correct way to use "THICC".

I find it hard to believe this thiccc chick can still have a thigh gap
>look at this woman and show me pics how I can be wrong

The one with the black pants is a skeleton.

>I haven't watched that shitty anime
Lucoa is not thicc. Just a little curvy whit a nice giant pair.

if that is the case then thanks user

I miss when this board wasn't overrun with newfags bringing their shitty terminology here.

How do you think "waifu" became a thing?


This show is bad but im worried I'll watch it just because the girls are hot.


That's muscle/fit, dumbass


What animes?

>OP being this wrong about the definition of thicc