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That dog is really fluffy


The end

So what's EverydayHeroes up to? Do they still have a place to upload now that batoto is gone?

This is a pretty epic page.

Tsukishima looks so fucking unimpressed, I love it.

Why does Tanigaki look so good with dried blood on his face. How does he do it.

I wonder if Asirpas group had to also fight this dude. Prolly not. Hope we get an update soon on them.

>that muscle fest
I feel Noda flirts with his wife with the manga

I know Tanigaki is hot, but try to controll your lust you manslut


What? Isnt the dude super gay? I mean I was convinced the author was a girl at first.

Finally a fanart of Tsukishima.

He is married, and some could give more insight, but I think she even helps him with some research.

Are you kidding me? Fanart of him's all over twitter.

She proofreads/makes sure the language is easy enough for readers, I think. He's said she has no input on the artstyle or story direction. He must want everyone to know that the bara is all him, the madman.

If the canon doesn't, why should I

thats the problem, at least for me

Artists post there first, and then pixiv. Maybe. Six months down the line.

It's time to take the plunge or rely on /cm/ for the rest of gk's run.

Noda was the assistant of Kubo Mitsurou who taught him the path of fabulousness.

Oh, so he was. Neat.

Ogata sleeps with strange men for free because he's an empty human being desperate to feel something and I think we should respect that.

Look at him go.

Do continue.

Ogata pleasing old men is the best modern AU.

That's all there seems to be, sorry. We'll just have to theorize on the rest ourselves.

I don't know, Nightcrawler AU comes pretty close. But yeah, it suits him well.

No nice modern AUs allowed, the modern world has plenty of sick outlets for him to be himself in.

God damn.

What does Ogata want in the end, anyway?

What are the logical possibilities?

Who knows.
Personally I want Ogata to live but severely crippled in some way at the end of the series.

>severely crippled
He already is. Mentally.

That'd be satisfying, because he'd be so unsatisfied.

It'd be funny if he had to live at the mercy of the gang at the rest of his days, because it'd infuriate him, but I don't want to inflict him on anyone else either.

There is a AU comic where all his limbs are amputated. Sugi and Asirpa take care of him. Its cute and sad but he deserves it.

Holy shit, links please if they're available?

Posting here as well if people are interested.





This is great, thanks user.


>it's no different from canon




>Literally the only pics of schoolgirl Asirpa on the internet
>Wasted by the fucking amputated psycho.


Thats it.

Nah, I've seen plenty. Artists who ship Sugimoto with her seem to like it.

Beats me as to why, in the modern world someone would call the cops. At least in gk's current era it's probably not illegal if he waits a year.

I even went and checked for you to make sure I wasn't imagining things.杉 リパ&src=typd

Be sure to look through here, too. I saw right off the bat.

Thank you, dear user. I never even knew I needed this in my life, but now I feel complete.

Oh, shit, I now get why Noda draws so based eyebrows.

>Nightcrawler AU
It actually fits him too good.

Right? I debated writing fic for a hot second but nothing would even change. There'd be no point. Just watch the movie and pretend Jake Gyllenhaal's character's called Ogata.

that's a fucking cat... And is kinda creepy but cute? Fuck Ogata, why you turn me into a degenerate.

That's Ogata curse. And it's claimed another.

My condolences, user.

I can see him as a character in Yuureitou. Actually, the entire cast in GK fits.

Go away, fujo.

Who likes Ogata in a romantic way?


I've never been more insulted in my life.

I think most would want to defile him with a gun bolt.

Who do the 7th division have hostage again that keeps Sugimoto and crew in check?


How can he look so unwashed yet so good at the same time

You mean the current arc thats being translated or after that? Not going to say any spoilers until you ask.

What I'm getting from this cikaspi/new ainu girl friendship is that either he decides to stay with her because he's horny, OR her grandpa dies and suddenly tanigaki has another child to adopt

He cleans himself like a cat. Not human at all.


We don't deserve this delicious bara fanservice.

We don't, but Noda is a generous man with a lot of love to give.

Danchou eyebrows still get me hard years later.


That’s not love. Ogata is not for love but to see him getting what he deserves.

Oh damn, he actually pushed back Sugimoto, he is no joke. I hope he joins, I like his design.

This user gets it. It wasn't until Ogata that I understood the quote "everything is about sex except for sex, which is about power."

I want to dominate this shitty little motherfucker into the ground until there's not a speck of smug left in his system.

I hadn't considered that, he looked like a oneshot character to me. That could be interesting?

This is what I want to happen to Ogata.