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Where were you when dragon ball fighterz just turned your waifu into something even better?

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This seems retarded.

Why is she a Majin now?

The only way I'd cheer for this is if they go all out, make her an android that becomes part saiyan with a golden saiyan tail and also has tendrils that burst from her body like Cell's tail to drain peoples life force and is also part Kaioshin to tap into divine tricks.

And then she absorbs those little Zeno bastards to become the end boss.

Superior Android Woman

Didn't give a shit about her until now

Majins are overrated once everyone started making them in the Xenoverse games.

Making her one no just seems like the designer is being incredibly unoriginal in throwing her this as a 'powerup'. (The majin characters only getting being turned into Kid Buu as their racial super form with a fixed moverset in that series were totally ripped off, at least it was amusing when as a human you respond to all that transformation bullshit by pulling out a stick and beating their ass old school)

Toriyama did design her right?

She actually looked really cool before, with her labcoat + checkered pattern design


If she proves popular she's apparently going to be added to the anime/manga.


Toriyama design both jer and Majin 21

Android 21 arc after tournament of power?

So when people say Majin Buu you think they should instead type Demon Buu?

Or are you saiyan the pink skin and red on black eyes in the OP are a coincidence and she's a demon demon and not a bubblegum woman?

Oh shit. Please happen.

Her outfit was fucking shit

What about Mazoku then?

She has actual hair, pointy ears and a tail.

Good, when she does make a thread here. For now it belongs to .

Christ, is Toriyama that senile he'd mix up his regular demons with his majiin buus and ended up colouring like one?

Literally who? Anyway, not anime / manga or canon. Kill yourself

>Kill yourself
You're really sad user.

>majin skin
>majin eyes
>majin clothes

Demon's in other Dragon Ball media are pink, and have funky eyes as well
Towa's father has black sclera with red just like 21 and Dabura is pink

Kill yourself fast pls

He forgot to give her the majin fuck holes in her head, arms and chest.

For fucking

She uses Majin Buu's sweet beam move.

Toriyama just can't remember his own series that well.

She already has a good hole down there. There is no reason to add more.

But her son has purple skin

>Majin skin
>majin eyes
None of those colors are exclusive to majin
>sweets and clothes
Not exclusive
She's a demon. Point to me where her steam holes, weird tendrils, and stretching abilities are at

>More Super shit being added to Xenoverse
>CaC Saiyans getting SSB

Christ I'm glad I stopped playing that awful game.

Yes Demons come in a wide variety of colors
Oh look, another pink skin


Part of her moveset is absorbing her opponent and gaining one of their specials, most likely via the sweet move.

Ah yes, absorbtion, another Making exclu-oh wait

Not only does she have the eyes, the skin and the outfit but she has Buu's finger nails as well, while the tail seems to be her adaptation of Buu's head tentacle.

Since she's a scientist android maybe she transforms herself into this state via SCIENCE! to better gather the power of all the other fighters which she seems to be obsessed about in her dialogue?

I want bio android.

Stop goalposting. The guy is right. Her ray is even like Boo's ray. Also the pink smoke

Yeah, toriyama being a hack as usual. He's mixing demon and majin traits because he can't bother to remember shit of the shit that made him famous.

Well if you look at the full body pictures, she appears to have Beerus' tail.

So it's probably not too far off from that.

Dragon Ball newbie here, Is Super worth it?
I watched like 10 episodes and stopped for some reason.
I checked now and there is 100+ episodes which surprised me, i thought this was going to be a 2-cour homage or something.
The animation was kinda bad and the purple cat bad guy wasn't that great. How is it now?

Fuck no.

Avoid that shit as much as possible.

The current arc is miserably slow. The Future Trunks/Black arc is...interesting.

Have you already watched all of DB and Z? If so, maybe watch GT instead of Super. Seriously. At the very least, it's way shorter.

Christ look at this demon fuckboy.

Thought his ultimate form was a big monster dude in XV1?

Heroes did it


Heroes is the same one where everyone having a SSJ3 form came from, no? And Masked Bardock who is able to go toe to toe with the SSJ4s or anyone else of the hero team due to being a popular minor character.

I like Bardock or Future Trunk's but when the hacks behind the franchise try to shill them it just ends up awful.
Like the animated special where Bardock ends up back in time and becomes the Super Saiyan Freiza's race fears, or the everything to do with the absolutely terrible arc from Super that was created solely to bring Future Trunk's back for a bit to shill to his fantards.

Well they have to come up with new cards from somewhere. They can't just make yet another 5 star rarity Super Saiyan Goku. So they make a bunch of shit up, and look at people who could in theory have certain forms but don't, and throw them together.

Like here's the second version of Janembuu, for instance. Oh and they also have Dabura's new form absorbed into them, as well.

Ehh.... think the thing that bothers me most about this design is that the green gem hovering inside the sword blade is a completely superfluous detail that appears out of place, looked better when it was just a plain sword.

Blame Dabura's sword for that part of the design.


Not totally opposed to Dabura getting some play, since he was given no respect for not being Saiyan in the show and quickly killed off.
Can't drum up any strong feelings about that look though, seems oddly pale for some reason? Maybe its just in comparison to all the added red in his design.

Yeah I'm not a huge fan of Demon God Dabura's visual design. But I was happy to see him be a significant part of the current DBH arc...until Kid Buu absorbed him, at least.

>toriyama constantly designing 10/10 waifus.
>dragon ball is barely has any girls and the few times they are relevant fightfag autists bitch and moan nonstop

I just want a harem series with all the girls designed by Tori. The way he draws eyes tickles my pickle.

>maybe watch GT instead of Super
fuck off

Honestly wouldn't mind some sort of sandbox Dragonball game where they basically gave you a choice of basically anything that's been in the series to make your player character as.

So Humans, Saiyans, Whatever Frieza's race is called, Namekians and Majins like we've had in some of the fighting games.
Then more new ones such as Androids, Bio-androids, Cyborgs (instead serving as a sort of subtype to other races you choose as your base), the Beastpeople that were everywhere in the original series, Demons, Kai etc.

Maybe even a 'custom' race to represent the likes of random aliens where you would get to choose a couple of unique traits out of a list.

ur waifu is shit op

Both designs are good, I hope both might be playable.

I hope everyone gets an unlockable lab coat costume.

and her brother has red skin...Also I still like Miss Buu better but 21 got a pretty good upgrade

Thought her name was Buubi

that's a nickname for her a cute one


Wrong. Fake news.

... I mean Mira does have both Majin and demon dna in him so...

Shut the fuck up or post a goddamn source before you get my hopes up

Now Cabba is that manly that he deserves to get Caulifla as his girl.

What's with all the faglords in this thread who think the le edgy demon shit is good? It's objectively trash and you're a manchild if you disagree.

Jesus Christ I would drag my dick through broken glass to make her canon.

What if the women from preAndroid Saga dragonball had been converted into cyborgs?

Cyborg (blonde) Launch
Cyborg Chi-Chi

or later on and we get Cyborg Videl/Great Saiyawoman

Actually being able to fight and not lose to some bald jobber steroid-fiend.

Or what about FULL ARMOR CYBORG 18

>Cyborg 18 Full Cloth

Same reason why the best girls are always stuck in fujoshit manga.


Cute Cult coming through

Cabba still looks like shit, even with some very very faint definition added to his string-like arms.

The saiyans of universe 6 were all mistakes.

What was going through the designers minds in making them so damned anorexic?

Wanna read my fanfiction?

Can't be any worse than Super.

Wanna see my created characters from Xenoverse?

Fuck yeah post them

>Where were you when dragon ball fighterz just turned your waifu into something even better?

They made a female Trunks from a different timeline/universe?

>Your father was a brilliant scientist

You know what I'll actually throw one out.
An albino mutant namekian that's extremely fucking tall and not nearly as edgy as he might first look.

His name is... Pail.

I thought the Guru hated the albino namekians. How are they still alive?

Wanna kill yourself?

I suppose then it was lucky he wasn't raised amongst his people on Namek.

Also TFS/DBZA is shit.

I'm surprised Minus didn't actually make Bardock a brilliant scientist, since it went all-in on ripping off Superman's origin story in basically every other regard.

>Ant version


>Also TFS/DBZA is shit.


>her appearance is that of Majin
The retard in this thread just got BTFO.

>The retard in this thread just got BTFO.

he got out at least and didn't die...


Neither are humans, but we don't all look like ridiculous noodle people.

>but we don't all look like ridiculous noodle people.
>we don't all

That's the point. Not everyone looks the same.

But all the fighter saiyans of U6 do.

They look like they are suffering from some horrific degenerative disease.

Its absolutely ridiculous, like the way the Boruto artist draws all the returning milf characters as bizarre flat-chested aliens.

>But all the fighter saiyans of U6 do.
You've just seen like 3-6 and you say all of them look the same. Can't you wait until the next arc? Stop bitching about it.

I dont't get it, is 21 an android or a majin?

The three major characters of their people so far have all had a terrible/ridiculous design and are some of their peoples most physically capable warriors, that in itself is a problem.

It doesn't matter if the next arc introduces U6 Arnold Schwarzenegger the Saiyan, it will just make it even more bizarre why these three, one of which is meant to be a military officer, seem to suffer from dangerous level of anorexia.


Djinn Buu would be a better translation


The real answer is "Wait until we find out in story mode"

My guess? Gero created an android with far greater absorption abilities than 19, 20, or Cell, able to take on racial characteristics of things other than preset androids, and gets a taste of Majin Buu early on that snowballs into getting a bunch of other powers. He just never got around to activating her, or deliberately chose not to because she'd be too much.

I'm guessing she is based on Gero's dead wife, how it ended up being decided long after the arc itself that 16 is based on his dead son who was a Red Ribbon soldier that died in Goku's attack.

This would be fucking great, if real but do you hava a source?

So, porn about 21 and 16 would be incest?