Does a more attractive anime character exist? I think this is as good as it gets

Does a more attractive anime character exist? I think this is as good as it gets

>massive 5 head


Megumi is a slut.

It's canon.

Billboard 18 is by far the ugliest girl im Dragon Ball, where none of girls are hot to begin with.

I love Videl too but c'mon

she has a 5-head.

Low test

Man they JUST made a better one

But she's pure, unlike Erina!


not anime

>tfw too smart to have anything resembling a personality

It might as well be



go to be thir wor in
mi I cery the bet toriy m , o ont be riucou



no thx


Yes, in the same fucking show.

Why did Torishit turn a cool spunky tighter into a godamn housewife, she is practically a diffirent character in Super. The movies are the only place she is cool like she was when first introduced.

thats the life they chose, they basically did the same thing to Gohan


Why is she green?

18head is ugly as fuck.

Except her

Got a better one OP

>NeoToriyama girls > Old Toriyama girls
Fight me
Bulma is the exception but I don't have the heart to fap to her anymore

Your taste is as shitty as OP's if not shittier.
Only the girls from OG Dragon Ball are pretty.

Turning spunky assertive girls into old boring housewives is literally Toriyama's fetish. I don't like it either, but what can you do?

obvious nostalgiafag

No, just not a shit eater.

t. shit eating nostalgiafag

thank god this shit is getting cancelled

Remember when Chi-Chi was hot?

t. shit eater who faps to actual skeletons

I think 18 is all time best blonde short haired character.

Yes but apparently you don't



You're all way off.

get out of here 17, i need some time alone with your sister

Yeah, Android 17 is pretty attractive.

>tfw no pictures of Android 17 seducing Krillin


You aren't wrong.

Plebs like this really exist on Sup Forums?


She realized no amount of training would matter because her husbando would always be a million times more powerful than her

Yes. It's unfortunate that people like the OP exist.

Toriyama slam dunking the girl-game until the day he dies

>embarrassing yourself with shit taste this much

You're right, finding someone with a forehead as huge as 18's attractive is a real embarrassment.

what is wrong with being a housewife? someone has to clean your shitstained underwear and feed you. Be glad your mom does it.


18 can't compete with Vivio

get the fuck out of this thread yamcha

18 is amazingly good, but something about Yui makes me prefer her.


Most attractive anime girl? Probably not.
Most attractive forehead? Yes yes YES.

Just use fill bucket on 18's hair.

You wouldnt dare.

>it's an Android
>but also somehow a Majin
That's one retarded character.

He said anime character, not videogame fanfic

that fucking forehead. you could land android 19 on that thing

i concur. maybe not even the most attractive but still way better than 18

The fucker is literally immortal, he does not care what happens.

Cell was an android and also a saiyan and a namekian and a whatever frieza is
The jap term used for them is jinzoningen, which means artificial person. It refers not only to robots, but also to clones, cyborgs, and people that have undergone genetic alteration

holy fucking based

young adult chichi from the world tournament in the piccolo saga is most attractive db girl.

whoa whoa whoa super is getting cancelled?

>not even best mono girl.
bat is a clear 2nd for me. would be 1st but I'm just not into lolis

my man, i didnt see your post before i made the same one. good taste

its ending in march. then there's a third movie coming out around november. after that toei will decide if they wanna continue it as a serialized anime or just do a movie every year or so.

doesn't get much better than her
if you don't agree consider yourself a gay. facts.

I'll just leave this here.

shocked this list was without goddess yoko also

Came here to post C.C.

Vivio can't even compete with her mothers.

Say that again

Vivio's moms are more attractive than she is.

You're so fucking wrong it hurts.


But she has that permanent scowl

I know Kuririn getting her is supposed to give us hope of striking way above our own weight class, but damn if there isn't still some jealousy a decade later.

Bitches know the androids are coming, once we gather the dragonballs and wish them all to have working wombs then the organic roasties are completely BTFO.

Someday, we shall have Thirds.

Hotpants wearing AI / robot gfs soon comrade.

for bullying


Based roshi