Sup Forums, why are you so tsundere for yuri?

Sup Forums, why are you so tsundere for yuri?

Insecure homosexuals who like looking at dicks.

I don't hate yuri, I hate the people that like yuri.

I'm deredere for yuri

If miyuverse Shirou impregnated Kuro, could they create a bloodline of fakers?

it's mostly one autist



Newfags came here in 2015 saw all the antiyuri shitposting and thought Sup Forums actually hated yuri (when it was just a couple of very vocal autists) and started imitating them so they could "fit in." Though the shitposting has died down recently.
Nice trips.

>i got here in 2015

People who vocally like yuri are some of the worst posters I've ever seen. And I say that as someone who loves yuri.
Maybe it has something to do with yuri doujins being amazing and yuri manga usually being terrible.

We know.

Who's we?

People who vocally like lolis are some of the worst too, yet lolis are a lot more liked in Sup Forums

People who like lolis don't go into anime discussion complaining like retards about some particular anime not having lolis, but you have /u/ retards shitting every Fate/Extra thread and other anime where femMC was a possibility.

trolled hard

You have no one to blame but yourself if you fall for obvious reverse trolling.

It's Sup Forums trying to claim it's gay when it should be gay to want to look at dicks.

Yuri is the most boring shit ever.

not an Sup Forums regular but I'm not really a fan of yuri
overrated tbhfam

There's nothing tsundere about it. Have been by your local Citrus thread lately? Have you been here long enough to remember YrYr threads that would go on for so long they'd literally never die until a new one was made out of necessity?
Fuck I've been here long enough to remember Madotsuki/Poniko shipping threads enough though it's technically vidya.

The fact is anonymity allows people to appear vocal about things they don't like whenever they want, as often as they want. This easily obscures perceptions, just as easily allowing anyone to believe a majority exists when it may in fact be a minority, or even a single sad and lonely indivual.

>Sup Forums
the simultaneous rise of trap posting and anti-yuri autism is the visible face of a campaign by the gay agenda to convert Sup Forums's teenage users to faggotry

"Oh Spirit of the living yuri
Thou Light and Fire Divine

Descend upon Thy /u/ once more
And make it truly Thine

Fill it with love and joy and power
With righteousness and peace
Till /u/ shall dwell in human hearts
And sin and sorrow cease

Blow, wind of yuri, with wisdom blow
Until our minds are free
From mists of error
Clouds of doubt
Which blind our eyes to Thee

Burn, winged fire, inspire our lips
With flaming love and zeal
To preach to all Thy great, good news
/u/'s glorious commonweal"

>I don't hate yuri, I just hate yurifags
Regular yurifags are fine. It's the spics and man-hating dykes/trannies that need to die


Anyone who prefers women to men is engaged in folly. Read Plato. Read Aurelius. It is now more than ever before completely obvious that women can never truly love men. Study the Renaissance. The male form carries with it the entire history of love and power, the female form is empty and vain. Come home, young man.

Fucking faggot.

>Pairing my pure, sweet daughteru Illya with that fucking degenerate slut
That's why

is not yuri

So (you) love man?

I dislike faggots who cling to yuribait shows, I also do not like how /u/ shitters interpret every interaction between two girls as yuri subtext.

hurr a girl talked to another want, they obviously want to fuck.

It's a hard line we walk, my friend.

>faggots who cling to yuribait shows
I would rather watch an anime that's good and might be yuri than watch something that's canon yuri and shit like what Yuri Hime keeps pumping out. I figure that if people are allowed to talk about how much they want to fuck certain lesbian characters, then I should be allowed to engage in similar delusions as long as I'm not obnoxious about it.

No, you have /u/ and tumblr for your shipping and any other delusions you want to submerge yourself in.

I might like yuri if it was written for actual lesbos by actual lesbos instead of being vapid fapbait for neckbeards by neckbeards.

/u/ is an image dump board that is not intended for discussion. I'm not saying that waifu posts shouldn't be allowed, but discussions on the characters relationships is more on-topic than "my wife X and I" posts. Furthermore, Sup Forums has always been a place where people discuss their anime fetishes (through dick unity after all). As long as I'm not:

>engaging in shipping wars
>getting into fights with waifufags
>complaining/shitposting about male characters or heterosexuality
>bringing up LGBT cancer or other 3DPD topics
>doing it in every thread or making a general

I don't think I'm the one being unreasonable if I half-jokingly describe the various lewd acts two girls who just shared an intimate moment together may or may not have engaged in afterwards.

That already exists; it's the trash the west pumps out every year.

I'm not. Who said I am? I love yuri and het equally.

Too many falseflags

>but discussions on the characters relationships
When there isn't one?