Dragon Ball Super

Will kefla show up in the Manga?

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Why didn't she just move her arms up slightly?

>will the best character in the tournament survival arc show up

You tell me

So Um, why didn't his leg's get disintegrated?

>Jiren wins and wishes Humans never got involved with the Gods of destruction
>All universe are restored
>See Goku flying off with Uub
>This plays over the end credits

GT would still not be canon.

I don't recall seeing Dr Rota anywhere in the posters for the manga recently

soy marica

>Everything Super would be erased
>B...Buh GT wouldn't be canon

Not canon, so no.


tell me about the spics

why does he post bread


Spics are everywhere user. I bet you're a spic yourself

Because that would make too much sense for Toei.

Probably, i mean there aren't that many significant fights in this tournament. Removing any wouldn't be doing it any favors.

Unironically this
even if you hated her the fight itself was great

Careful, you might get banned being racist like that. Not even joking

>muh budget

113-116 was one of the only fights in the ToP that had actual choreography instead of just repeated "atatatatata" animation.

What is this?

why didn't adidas do a dbz collab with these sneakers? I am fucking pissed I hate everything

Because while it happened in slow motion, the real time elapsed from Goku entering Kefla's field of view and Kefla being blasted in the face with a point-blank kamehameha wave was seconds at best.

Haven't seen GT, but I listen to this all the time. It's a great tune. Sometimes I wonder if I would like GT, but then decide that I shouldn't spoil Dragonball for myself more than I already have.

>TFW mr CHADTAN is stronger than that soyboy

A spic meme.

Thats some shit quality bread though



113 and 115 not really. Most of it was ATATATATATATATA, but there were some good moments. 114 and 116 were great though, from a fight choreography perspective.

GTs opening and ending themes are the best in the entire franchise.

Note is Pure!

>114 and 116 were great though, from a fight choreography perspective.
Okay Pedro.

The show included Roshi and Tien as warriors, so I'd imagine power levels weren't everything.
Then Goku has 'fights with god of destruction' powers, boosts those, boosts those x20, but Jiren power level is still too strong
I unironically enjoyed Roshi's time in the spotlight more than Jiren's

>Implying anything other than angels are pure

what would happen if they fought in the manga?

By Super's standards it was.

CHADbba would tame her again

So the anime is ending after the ToP and there's a movie coming out at the end of the year... is the manga continuing past the ToP or is there a sequel planned? Because the series ending here is unsatisfying as fuck...

>is the manga continuing past the ToP
No one knows and Toyotaro said he can't say anything about this.


nice headcanon

>thread about Super
>doesn't realize we're talking in the context of Super
I mean sure advertise your stupidity.

No. Super is cancelled. Never ever coming back. Manga might carry on though. Hopefully if they ever launch a new series continuing the story, it follows the manga.

Everything is canon, kefla, SS4, Jesus being a dick as a kid, its all canon

goku is not human.


>great from a fight choreography perspective
>gets BTFO
>w-we're t-t-talking about S-Super s-standards
I accept your concession.

>implying vados doesn't use cabba as a sex slave

Yeah I'm a spic, also this is very offensive. Apologize and don't post crap like this again.

I would like it but the manga's faster pace probably means she wont appear. But to make up for it Caulifla will atain super Saiyan 4 before getting rung out by UI goku. Kale will fight Jiren

dude you're obviously backpedaling. your post was advertising the "quality" of the choreography in an episode and them some posted a webm proving you wrong. just stop.

>I accept your concession.
. Faggots like you who seek attention and catharsis through saying the same worthless words are the exact kinds of people who could be put to better use as dummies for a firing squad.

t. Jose Julio Pedro Paco El Salvador Sanchez Guadalupe Marques Emmanuel Carlos Crusez Lopez Ricardo Eduardo, Jr.

Not him but the webm posted wasn't from that any episodes he mentioned.

>and them some posted a webm proving you wrong
>it was from a completely different episode
Imagine being this retarded. Please, imagine it because I can't.

Is the "Jiren is stronger than the concept of time" canon?

Why does Goku look non asian compared to almost every character

>no argument
>being THIS triggered
Stay mad, Superbabby.


Champa and Vados ____

>n-not him!
Every time.

Nice headcanon.



Holy FUCK you're mad

spic rangeban when

Not an argument, El Spico.

>a-anyone who doesn't agree with me is a s-spic!

More like Vados and Whis are gonna dick each other with Champa gone



Kale is OP in manga

Mindless spicposting isn't an argument, nice try though spic.

You're like a broken record. Yawn.

We already know you are mixing episodes up, it would be better to just concede.

Post yfw when anything Gohan does in the manga happens offscreen, including his elimination

An argument that has no base. The webm posted wasn't from any episode mentioned to have "good choreography". If you disagree with him, post a shitty webm from those episodes. It's not like they're hard to find.

He's only stronger than hits power over time.

>not the canon version

I wonder why they, in-universe, chose Frieza over him.
They're both monsters, but I'd put Cell down as 'less likely to backstab'
I know it's probably due to Frieza being more popular in real life, but still
Also kinda irked no one mentioned Kale being Universe 6's Brolly in-show

Are you saying this episode had better animation? I'm confused.

>actually being this retarded

Super really needed to have the Salada arc BEFORE the tournament of power. That way, all the ridiculous insta-power gains we saw from U6 could've been spread out over a time period that wasn't FORTY EIGHT MINUTES

Not an argument

That's the episode Pedro was referring to, Paco.


>but muh evolving in the heat of battle

reminder that goku is a sociopath who cares about nothing but battle, and should be put down as soon as possible

What's going on in this thread...

hmmmm a Caulifla Giantess arc

Freeza is more popular
Cell is harder to animate because spots - Pinoy studio would be barely able to cope with those spots, and barely able to cope already as is
Fight against Cell supposed to be Gohan's moment of fame - Japan does not like Gohan anymore, and neither does Toriyama.

If you say so...


Cell literally only cares about himself and would probably destroy the whole universe just to validate his perceived strength.
Frieza is evil too but he has actual desires and ambitions that require the universe to stay intact. I'd say it's much easier to trust him with matters regarding the safety of the universe.


Unkown, no comment and silence is all you get from offical sources. Probably means the show will be getting a new title or something.



>Drawing the eye over the hair
this has to stop

>Super really needed to have the Salada arc BEFORE the tournament of power.
It didn't need a Sadala arc before nor after the tournament.